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Alexis E
I have this horrible sunburn that hurts really bad, what can I do to reduce the pain, or just make it go away?
I was at the beach, but I didnt put on that much sunblock.
bad mistake I know!

You should buy Noxzema - Orginal. And put it on your burn!!

Bill C
Solar Cane stops sunburn Pain.

Also Calamine Lotion will help.

As the sunburn heals, watch out for blisters.

Hope this helps,

put aloe vera on it. it feels so good!

Aloe Vera lotion, chill on ice or in the fridge first for best (instant) results! A few beers will help too (taken internally)!

Not much. You can use aloe lotion for healing quicker.

Noxema will soothe the burn and moisten the skin.

Buy some Noxema skin cleanser...the kind in the jar. It's super cool and feels sooooo good on your skin, plus it moisteruizes it..

Aloe Vera is also great and feels good on your skin. keep it cool, you have burned it....

if your scalp was burned - try to use a UV After Sun Shampoo ( I recomend Redken)

if you are burnt on your body - you may want to use an Aloe Gel or Spray.

I recomend Banana Boat Sooth-A-Caine or look for a spray with Lidocaine. Its good for cooling.

If you don't have any of the SKIN stuff, try to use baby oil for hydration.

To prevent irritation, TAP your skin using little pressure to 'scratch' the sun burn in a way.

Hope this helps!

aloe lotion

use aloe vera lotion or straight from the plant. you can get it at many places, they'll have it at like walgreens or cvs or duane reade

Holly Golightly
Take Tylenol or Motrin and use Solarcaine. Solarcaine has a numbing agent that works like a dream.

Thomas M
Don't let anyone slap it. And put on some after-sun lotion.

My buddy always puts a wet towel over his sunburns and instead of peeling, they just turn to tan. Other than that, the aloe vera is soothing

If you want something you can make your self, get some egg whites and mix in some baking soda. Put the mixture on a towel and place it on your skin.

The protein will relieve your skin and the baking soda will take away the egg smell.

Abdulhaby a
put a cold cream for skin at night and open a window or activate the AIR conditioner yous the cream for a week and then you well be fin

In the sunblock section of your local store, get the aloe vera with Lidocaine. It works so good to numb the pain. I keep mine in the fridge, so it's super cold when I put it on.

drink a lot of orange juice to re-Hydrate yourself so you'll feel much better, and use after-sun cream to help cool your skin down, i hope this helps

The best thing you can do is put aloe vera on and keep hydrated!! You could also take an asprin to help with the pain. It's going to have to heal, so give it time. Oh, wearing loose, comfortable fabrics like linen will help reduce the pain too!

Go to the store and buy you some complete Beauty Lotion and put it on your sunburn it helps.

Aloe Vera. Not the stuff you buy in bottles, but the juice from the actual plant leaves. Slice open the leaves and scoop the gel out and rub it in. You may have to apply it again, maybe twice a day. But it should make the skin feel better in no time,

Scott K
aloe vera works pretty good. I've heard that vinegar works good.

honestly, rubbing alcohol. It sounds strange and like it would hurt, but it doesn't and it will take the burn away faster then anything else. my sister picked that tip up in spain!

Any aloe gel or moisturizer is good (alcohol-free, though). Drink lots of water to rehydrate and prevent sunstroke/heatstroke. Wear loose-fitting cotton clothing until it heals.

Next time, use a higher SPF sunblock (at LEAST 30) - if you're going to the beach, use a "sport" one so you don't sweat or wash it off as quickly. (Also be sure to drink plenty of water while you're there, too.)

You can get stuff from the store for it but it hurts to put on unless its a spray like solercane. I just take a cool shower with the water just Barley flowing out and try to move around as much as possible after u get out and work out the pain. works for me.

emma b
What I would do is try not to touch it that will cause lots of pain. If you put some Aloe it will hurt when you put it on but then it will sooth is and reduce the pain. I hope this helps!
<3 emie

noxzema skin creme

it makes the burn cool down

use aloe vera lotion on it.

Aloe vera gel will really help a lot. They also sell this blue gel stuff usually at Rite Aid or CVS or some store like that, that is specifically for sunburn pain relief. Either of these should help a lot.

you cant just make it go away but you can for the pain put some aloe on it but put the bottle in the freezer first but dont let it get frozen and take it out when its really really cold and get somebody or you put it on where it hurts really bad and it will cool it down and make it not burn so much it works all the time for me
hope it helps=]

Jezurae Williams
put on aloe vera gel, it is natural and it helps to fade it and reduce the pain. Although it isn't immediate, it works adventually.

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