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I am getting married on Saturday and a have a huge zit popping up on my chin, what should I do?

H L Mencken
It's a warning from the gods. Call off the wedding.

dont shave a little five O clock shadow will cover it up

Go to the paint department of Home Depot. Have them color match your face near the zit, and get a gallon of face colored paint. Go home and paint over the zit. If it's a really BIG zit, get a three-inch paint brush while you're at the store.

Depending on whether your face is dry or oily, you will have to get either flat, satin, or semi-gloss paint. I doubt if you'd need glossy but have them check it just to be sure.

You might want to get exterior house paint in case it rains on your wedding day.

oh my ...origins has a zit creme that works wonders....also...try a tinted concealer or pop it and put tooth paste on it at nite.

if you are getting married then your fiance should accept you for who you are and know that it will go away in time

call off the wedding.

buy the marx product from avon, worked for me and i am not a avon fan!

put some rubbing alcohol on it
you can buy some proactive,and by saturday it will be clearinng up

I'm not sure how it works, but you can try to get it professionally popped. I think they do it at most facials. Since its your wedding day, you'll probably have a make-up artist (professional or otherwise), so you can get them to conceal it.

In the meantime, don't touch it and drink lots of water because its good for your skin and it speeds up the detoxification process. Water in, pee and toxins out.

Good luck and CONGRATUALATIONS! :)

Don't worrie about it . If the groom don't see it. act like you don't. Just get married and work on the zit later.Be happy.

If it means that much to you go to Walgreens and buy a Zeno. I think they are $150 but they are supposed to get rid of a zit relitively fast. Or go to a dermatologist tomorrow and ask them to take care of it... they inject it with something (wish i could tell you what) that makes it go away fast too. If you are broke, and with planning a wedding I would assume this might be the case, try putting plain tooth paste on it and leaving it overnight. Good luck and congratz.

Since your wedding is such a big day for you and there will be a million pictures taken, you should go to a dermatologist. They can actually inject the zit and it will be gone faster than any other method you will try or ever hear of. It should be gone by then. It will cost you a little, but it's your best chance at getting rid of it in time. Congratulations by the way!

DO NOT do cortizone shots... they leave you with craters.

What a nightmare, sorry to hear it!

try a poultice of mild ivory soap and table sugar,,stick it on with a bandaid or a piece of gauze & tape,,,,,,,make a salve of soap and sugar with water,stik it onto the nasty liddle bump.....its pm thursday,,,,might take it till fri pm to break/pop,,,,,,,,good luck ,,,no duis,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Congratulations!!! Take an Aspirin, crush it to a powder, add a drop or 2 of lemon juice to make a paste and apply. I read recently about it in magazine and it should disappear fast as the acid in juice and something in Aspirin makes it disappear fast. Good luck.

MaMa G.
toothpaste works wonders :) put on a dab with a qtip before bed...it should go away in time :)

I know you're probably freaking out about it, but do your best to not touch it (dirty hands + sensitive skin = more zits).

I recommend On-the-Spot acne Treatment by Neutrogena. You can probably buy it at WalMart.
For me, it works overnight!

I've also heard toothpaste works (apply a dab of it, and let it crust over overnight) but I've never tried that.

The important thing to remember is that you're getting MARRIED and through the course of your life far more embarassing things are bound to happen. Don't sweat it.

PS: Congrats! :D

don't scrub and don't pop it!!!! use a product with salycylic acid (and use it frequently for the next few days). before you apply make up, ice the area.
it will be less of a bother to everyone else, so focus on the postive things happening as you will enjoy your day better.

romantic princess
Congrats on your marriage :)
Well try buying Clean and clear acne spot treatment.
It's gurantee to clear your zits in three days.
I have tried it and it works really great.
I love it.
You can buy it at drugstores and wal-mart.


p.s. a acne spot treatment is meant for clearing zits in a short matter fo time. Unlike cleansing gels and scrubs.
Also drink water.
And get a facial done before the day of your wedding.
Dont be nervous either.
Good luck with the whole thing.
I wish i could be there to see the wedding (:

try popping the pimple with a sterilized needle (or cleaned with rubbing alcohol) then when you pop it put oxy (it kills all the bacteria in the pimple) and Neosporin (to heal it) both over night, it goes away, ive done this nights before my own birthday party or other special events, it works, good luck & congrats! :]

belligerent assistant
hi, take white paste toothpaste & using a QTIP wipe it over your zit.

Let it dry overnight & use a really hot face cloth (wet) & lay it onto your zit, and then after a bit, rub GENTLY off!!

Use your coverage makeup to cover it up. Or if you are a guy--try the paste thing & cloth the next night & the next.

Toothpaste really works for me. Or you might want to get some Tea Tree Oil. They also make a Tea Tree Oil toothpaste. I use that all the time for my pimples and it clears them up in like a day.

get a facial... if you can get into a dermatologist they can give you a cortizone shot in it which should help a lot

I always use alo vera

Ask your family doc to give you a steroid injection under the blemish. Or you can use a topical steroid cream. It's okay for once in a while use, but shouldn't be used every day.

patricia w
Put toothpaste on it the white paste kind not gel,before you go to bed. It will dry up the zit. Trust me it works.

lots of stuff ok tooth paste dries it or noxema or a mask then like ice or something to make the swelling go down and dont mess with it or itll get bigger

Jennifer H
DON'T TOUCH IT!!! You can bruise the skin, making it worse. Find a local skin clinic/medical spa, and they can inject it with Cortisone for about $30-$50. It barely stings, I swear, and will be a little sore all day afterward. It should dry it out in about 24-48 hours. Worked for me! Good luck!

Lori K
dab it with toothpaste and leave it on overnight. It will dry out the zit. (Sounds looney, but it REALLY does work.)

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