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Lilly L
I am a red head and redheads burn really easy.. is there any possible way to try and prevent sunburn??
i love to be in the sun and it sux everytime i get burned pretty bad then blister and peel... and burn all over again.. any help?? much thanked....

I am a redhead also. Use 30 Sunscreen and reapply often.

Redheads and fair-skinnned people should cover-up or not stay in the sun as long as others do.

First, make sure your skin is moisturized, always. After showers, at night, morning, always. Then find you a good Sunscreen with the highest number. Like 50, and make sure it is waterproof, so if you sweat, it will stay on a little longer.

If you want to enjoy some sun go out early between "8 am and 12 am" avoid being out from "12am to 5pm" after 5pm is o.k to be out in the sun . If you want to be out from 12-5 Use dark glasses a hat and sunblock even a white,cool cotton long sleeve shirt please protect your skin. Think about it you only have one body don't expose your self to a lot of sun is not healthy. is OK to get a little sun max 30 minutes but don't over due it especially if you have super sensitive skin.

wear P20 Sunscreen its all day and waterproof follow the instructions and be sensible with your time in the sun. To peel and then get burnt again on top is a second degree burn and is damaging to the skin. I'm a red head and white as a sheet and I wore this when I was in Barbados and venezuela without burning

rub cat urine on your skin before going into the sun. I do.

Outspoken but Honest
As you are most at risk to contract skin cancer I would say always cover up.

math9Bhonors**all over 2AMAZING
sunscreen duh

Taylorr <3

Wear a hat or a visor. Wear plenty of Sunscreen, SP-15. Don't wear clothes that a light-colored, because they have a higher tendency to attract the sun. Where dark colored clothes. Maybe even carry an umbrella if need be. Not only are you liable to get a sun-burn, you can also develop skin cancer.

yer, us redheads have in hard in the sun.

from years of holidays the best thing i can recommend is simply not to stay in the sun too long, a day on the beach is nice, but hell the next day as I'm sure you know.

no Sunscreen i have used has been strong enough for that (the ones that don't make you bright orange that is), although it does help. Thats the trouble i guess, the really high factor ones discolour :S

so unless you want to be bright orange theres nothing we can do!

oh, and too all of the dumb ****'s saying "use Sunscreen duh!"
go get some redhead friends, they don't tan and they burn super easy.

tonnes of Sunscreen!! you will still get a tan and get a foundation with Sunscreen in it, think of skin cancer and you will keep the Sunscreen on, hats, long sleeve calico shirts, sarongs, etc

sunscreen waterproof every 15 minutes... use as much clothing as possible ex a body suit if at the beach and long sleeves if outside for any reason



stay indoors, dont sunbathe, and alway, wear very strong Sunscreen outdoors

[email protected]
just always use Sunscreen.......especially your face. Use a moisturizer before u apply make-up that has an spf of at least 15. wear a floppy hat.

do you use sunblock?? or wear a hat, or dont go to the beach when its sunny.. ! maybe you can see a doctor, they know better :) good luck

Get screen and watch what you eat, some food or fruits makes you more sensitive to the sun, never ever use Key Limes, that is the worst, take an umbrella, and stay put , get screen after you go in the water, even if it says waterproof, every time, have a guy do it, more fun.....

I'm a red head and I wear Sunscreen often. Also when I am outside for long periods I wear a long sleeve white shirt. I have heard that Sunscreen prevents burning but not skin cancer. I am not an expert but feel that It is more healthy for me to be out excersising than to not be.

Everyone mentioned Sunscreen but no one mentioned skin cancer.

People with fair skin especially if they have had 2+ episodes of severe sunburn with peeling and/or blistering are at increased risk for skin cancer. Which can be fatal.

In addition, all tanning is is damage to the skin - when the skin is exposed to UVA and UVB light, it becomes darker to prevent burns and damage. Over time all that tanning will result in age spots (lentigo) , skin cancer, actinic keratosis and seborrhic keratosis. All of which will make you look older than you are.

As a fair skinned red head, you need to wear Sunscreen (at least 30) each and every time you go outside and reapply every 4 hours or after being in the water. If you are vigilant about protecting your skin, you might be able to get a light tan and you will look fantastic as you age.

Use the highest SPF sunlotion you can possibly find.
Its specially made for fair fair fair skin.
I think the highest i have seen is 50 i think and just apply a thick layer the first time you use it and reapply after 2 hours (thats how long it takes to burn) or when your skin is feeling really hot.
go buy some from a local pharmacy or somewhere like that, like boots.

maddie 51
all red heads should wear Sunscreen cream and hats. you are causing damage to you skin everytime you burn. i have a niece with red hair who when she was a child went to the beach. the weather was warm but very cloudy so her mum did not put on any Sunscreen. my niece ended up with third degree burns to her arms and she was only on the beach for an hour

Sunscreen with an spf of 50, reaply every 4 hours.

chrissy s
Try infant Sunscreen. It's got a higher SPF then most.
Make sure to re-apply often!
After swimming, washing your face ect.

David J
A strong sunblock seems to be the obvious solution.

Wow, you have to be careful. You just need to use a higher SPF, but try to not burn if possible. When you start to reach 40 you'll be really happy you did. Your skin will look fantastic.

Essay Expert
Get a very high SPF suntan Lotion.


isnt that obvious...

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