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 Why are my lips always chapped?
I always have chapped lips, whether I work inside or outside, in the summer or in the winter! I use lip balm every day. I try and use natural stuff without petroleum, but sometimes the stuff with the ...

 Why do people only get chicken pox once?
What's the medical reason? Please include links!...

 Is it better to tan or wax first?
I am planning on going tanning and getting my face waxed tomorrow.

Is it a better idea to tan first, or have the waxing done.

I know when I tan I can shave easier, but I am ...

 What is a REALLY good body lotion?
The last few years my skin is awfully, horrible dry. I need help!...

 What should i do?10 points for the best answers.?
i am starting to grow pimples on my face. i was my face everyday 3 times.i went to the doctor they just says that is just a teenager problems. they did nothing to help.and maybe my girlfriend will ...

Off to Turkey in a few days anyone got any good tried and tested tips for keeping the dreaded mossies from biting and keeping the apartment free of them if possible? Have heard somewhere that ...

 How to get rid of lice overnight?
i have lice and i reallllyy want to go to school tomorrow.
how can i get rid of it?
are the shampoos the best or are their home remedies that work better?
thank you <3...

 If I'm allergic to latex could I use Saran Wrap and a rubber band for protection?
Well, could I!?...

 What do you think about dimples?
I have dimples and know quite a few people who also have them... in your person opinion do you think dimples are attractive?
Additional Details

 I have a zit on my butt. How do I pop it?
I can't turn around to see it, and It's quite big and peach colored, and it hurts! What shall i do?...

 What makes acne appear plz answer plz?
i just want to know wat causes acne so i can do the oppissite or if you want tell me wat causes it and a better solution to that other than doing the oppisite of the cause of ...

 I heard toothpaste helps cure acne but?
how long should i leave it on, and what other home product helps?...

 Body odor at 6yrs old????
My 6 and 1/2 yr old son has strated to develop a strong body odor (arm pits). He is not overly sweaty, just stinky. He is tall for his age (52inches), solid (65lbs), and more mature than his ...

 No silly answers please, but Why do I have Itchy Palms?
I'm not sure how long this has been going on, but my palms are generally very itchy. I notice it most when I'm typing on my keyboard at work, and when I'm driving. It's possible ...

 Why do mosquitoes always go for me and not my girlfriend?
Whenever I come back from holiday – I am always covered large itchy mosquito bites, where as my girlfriend is often returns unscathed (even though we use the same products – i.e. shower gel, ...

 I got sunburned??
on my stomach really bad and my chest area, its not that bad cuz my arms were too but now their brownish, how long do u think it will be until im tan, and not suburned? cuz im meeting up with this ...

 Do u know any home remedies for killing head lice?

 Does anyone know how to lose a tan??
I got really tan this summer to find that i look much better pale..
Does anyone know a way to quicken the process of losing a tan?...

 14 years old and i still haven't had chicken pox, What shall i do?
Im gettin quite worried, All my friends and other people i know have hade chicken pox.

Why haven't i?

Shall i contact the doctor?

Or just forget about it

 I Have Terrible Acne?
I have terrible acne.

I was my face all the time, I use proactive, clean and clear and store brand products.

I even went to a dermatologists and got 100$ acne removal thing ...


Dr. Acula
eww yes please.
do you and the world a favor


Tracy Terry
NO! Just walk through a freaking car wash once in awhile :)

yes definitely.

only when its reached 3 weeks should you shower.

any more often is bad for you hair.

Super ★
no, i bet you smell great!

Forever young
Why ruin a good thing? I hope your following the same dental care.

Susie Q

Deep Thinker
As long as you don't get like dirty and gross then you should be fine. buuuuut i wouldn't go to long specially if you smell!! Plus if no one notices then ids the big deal.

Chiamaka O
you seriously have a problem
doctors say shower twice and u havent in two days
it is very unhygienic take a shower

♥[Megan M.]♥
yes! what kind of a question is that?!

Jasdeep G
No, you shouldn't be a conformist...showering is what the government wants you to do..so they can steal your socks while you're in there.

gross i shower every day duh!

Duncan Frost
I once avoided showering for roughly a month. It was definitely not a pleasant experience. I highly recommend showering at least once every couple of days, and you should certainly shower now.

no! you're obviously not bothered about smelling a bit funky so why not go for a world record? i'm sure there's one for the longest time gone without a shower.

jenn H
no duh
u should shower everyday

yee u should! u dont want a horrible smell around ppl lol :P

Carolyn O
WTF?!!...... that is nasty u should shower what is wrong with you? l0l???

have a bath

Strawberry Shortcake
no. everyone loves to smell their own stank.

Jami C
dude u smell - yes

xXx emz xXx
EWWWW YES you should...

What is wrong with you

I'm glad we don't have smell avision lol !!!! are you on a strike

are your parents hippees??

no....go for the world record!

Just once a week on Saturday night

Whether you need it or not

People in Europe shower 3 times a week.
I wouldn't let it go for too long though.

i didnt think 3 days was that bad? these people are silly, how on earth is it disgusting not to shower EVERY SINGLE DAY, its not like you can get smelly in 3 days! unless you roll about in mud.
besides isnt it bad to shower everyday cos it washes out natural oils. not to mention having constantly fluffy hair

You might feel better and have better social relations if you do but it's not mandatory. I went for a week once when I was camping and there was nothing around to shower or bathe with.

No, wait until little things start growing out of your skin like when a potato has been sitting around for a couple of weeks.


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