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 Are there certain foods that make you break out and certain foods that prevent it?
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Robert G
How many times should I wash my face?
To get rid of acne, to what extent should I wash my face? I know that too much can be bad on your skin.

wash it morning and night no more then that. your skin will dry out making your body produce more oil creating acne. use a Gentle cleanser and facial moisturizer, toner also helps. cleanse twice a day and do the others once 9before you go 2 bed).

Use a facial wash solution once in the morning and before you go to bed at night

what does wash mean?

Jamie J
In the morning and at night. If you have greasy skin then half way through the day.

twice a day: when you wake up and before you go to bed.

Twice a day, once in the morn and once in the eve. Make sure you use a Gentle cleanser (fragrance free) to avoid irritating acne-prone skin.

Its probably as important to ask what you should be washing your face with. Start with compounds containing benzoyle peroxide once Daily. If you want to wash a second time, begin with something like Cetaphil cleanser or Neutrogena. If you tolerate once Daily with the Benzoyl Peroxide, then increase to twice daily. If this does not help within 4 weeks, see your doctor. There are some other types of acne treatments that are prescription only. (Metrogel or Clindamycin gel, for example.)

Vickey L
Unfortunately, just washing your face isn't going to take away acne. It's typically hormonal. Washing your face can help, but won't get rid of it. I think twice a day is good, once in the morning, once before bed. If your face is very oily, you might do it once more in the day.

Acne comes due to internal problem of the digestive track,your body is not able to get rid of the excess fats of your diet which the body cannot absorb and hence it pushes it all out of your skin as it is the shortest way and not only external issue of skin pores being clean.This also happens at the time of harmonal changes from time to time.
So please do look into the diet you are having and the type of skin you have, it all depends on you interest you have in your looks (skin)your self.Keeping that in mind & change your diet eat a lot of fresh fruit/ veg or drink juices of them with a lot of fresh water along with face wash at least twice or thrice a day if it is oily which would help in reducing the acne .If the skin is dry do apply some lubricant which you feel is good /nice and keep your skin moist in summer.This should do the trick and help you get rid of the acne

my mom tells me to use OLAY three times a week

2 times a day for 2 minutes with a cleanser because water won't cut it. If it doesn't work you should try proactive i highly recommend it but it 1-2 years for u to see all your acne gone.

Twice a day: Once in the morning, and once before bed.

Use a good quality soap, and make sure your hands are clean before you touch your face with them. Don't forget to use a toner or Astringent and a moisturiser.

u should wash your face 2 times a day once in the morning and once at night!!!!!!!!!!!

twice a day, once in the morning, and once at night. You should use a cleanser at least twice a week; more if you have more acne.

I would recommend 2-3 times a day with a mild cleanser. Too often can actually increase the oils on your skin and make acne worse!

Hannah's Grandpa
just washing your face won't get rid of acne, you need acne medication, ask you druggist.

Diamond in the Rough
twice a day.

You should wash your face a minimum of once a day and not more than twice a day. It really depends on if you have oily skin. You do not want to overdry your skin either. I highly recommend proactive. It is the best thing Ive seen on the market for acne. Good luck!

Kaitlin B
get some acne clearing products, wash your face in the morning when you wake up and at night before you go to bed, and when its dirty or oily and try not to touch your face too much or it gets worse trust me....... hope that helps

three times a day(inless ur in a extreme hursh enviroment your not use to, then you might want to know how it will react first).. morning when you get yup, after probably 2 or 4 pm.. and then before you go to bed.

in the morning... in the afternoon and b4 u go to bed... thats what I did....and still do....

←▪○☼ ●▫→
washing it often can really dry out your skin
which really adds on to it

try washing it maybe once in the morning
and once at night.
that should be sufficient and make sure you stay
away from oily foods.

Try an Oil-free lotion to moisturize your
skin once a day
it should really help.

Once or twise a day, for everyone, for all skin types. In the evening, to get rid of dirt that you accumulated walking around in dusty streets - that's essential. And in the morning, before applying whatever products will protect your skin during the day. Acne will not go away if you wash your face more. Washing it more often will disbalance it - either dry it out or result in even more oil production.

wash your face when it is oily or dirty.

Only wash it 2 to 3 times a day or when it gets exceptionally oily otherwise you will just dry out your skin causing the acne to bleed and scab.

Once in the morning and once at night

in the mornig after waking up

at night b4 bed

also clean extra wen yo face feels dirty, oily, and lik sticky

but overall, twice a day

2...cos ur a guy, unless u were makeup...then it will be 3, like girls..to clean up all that makeup residue!

twice a day, am and pm.

Twice is the normal amount, but if I had acne, I would wash my face as often as it feels oily or dirty.

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