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 Why do people only get chicken pox once?
What's the medical reason? Please include links!...

 Is it better to tan or wax first?
I am planning on going tanning and getting my face waxed tomorrow.

Is it a better idea to tan first, or have the waxing done.

I know when I tan I can shave easier, but I am ...

 What is a REALLY good body lotion?
The last few years my skin is awfully, horrible dry. I need help!...

 What should i do?10 points for the best answers.?
i am starting to grow pimples on my face. i was my face everyday 3 times.i went to the doctor they just says that is just a teenager problems. they did nothing to help.and maybe my girlfriend will ...

Off to Turkey in a few days anyone got any good tried and tested tips for keeping the dreaded mossies from biting and keeping the apartment free of them if possible? Have heard somewhere that ...

 How to get rid of lice overnight?
i have lice and i reallllyy want to go to school tomorrow.
how can i get rid of it?
are the shampoos the best or are their home remedies that work better?
thank you <3...

 If I'm allergic to latex could I use Saran Wrap and a rubber band for protection?
Well, could I!?...

 What do you think about dimples?
I have dimples and know quite a few people who also have them... in your person opinion do you think dimples are attractive?
Additional Details

 I have a zit on my butt. How do I pop it?
I can't turn around to see it, and It's quite big and peach colored, and it hurts! What shall i do?...

 What makes acne appear plz answer plz?
i just want to know wat causes acne so i can do the oppissite or if you want tell me wat causes it and a better solution to that other than doing the oppisite of the cause of ...

 I heard toothpaste helps cure acne but?
how long should i leave it on, and what other home product helps?...

 Body odor at 6yrs old????
My 6 and 1/2 yr old son has strated to develop a strong body odor (arm pits). He is not overly sweaty, just stinky. He is tall for his age (52inches), solid (65lbs), and more mature than his ...

 No silly answers please, but Why do I have Itchy Palms?
I'm not sure how long this has been going on, but my palms are generally very itchy. I notice it most when I'm typing on my keyboard at work, and when I'm driving. It's possible ...

 Why do mosquitoes always go for me and not my girlfriend?
Whenever I come back from holiday – I am always covered large itchy mosquito bites, where as my girlfriend is often returns unscathed (even though we use the same products – i.e. shower gel, ...

 I got sunburned??
on my stomach really bad and my chest area, its not that bad cuz my arms were too but now their brownish, how long do u think it will be until im tan, and not suburned? cuz im meeting up with this ...

 Do u know any home remedies for killing head lice?

 Does anyone know how to lose a tan??
I got really tan this summer to find that i look much better pale..
Does anyone know a way to quicken the process of losing a tan?...

 14 years old and i still haven't had chicken pox, What shall i do?
Im gettin quite worried, All my friends and other people i know have hade chicken pox.

Why haven't i?

Shall i contact the doctor?

Or just forget about it

 I Have Terrible Acne?
I have terrible acne.

I was my face all the time, I use proactive, clean and clear and store brand products.

I even went to a dermatologists and got 100$ acne removal thing ...

 I shaved my pubes and I have a horrible rash?
The rash has a brownish tint, I'm white mind you, how should I make the rash go away?...

How do you get rid of wrinkles?

an iron

use an iron

fay y
theres a new oil, called bio oil its 4 stretch marks, wrinkles blemishes etc if you cant afford surgery then this is the next best thing, my mum is 66 and in the last 9 months shes been using it daily, and honestly she has lost about 10 years, but be patient and you have 2 use it every day, hope this helps.ps its not cheap ie about 10 a bottle but you only use a tiny drop and it lasts 4 ages, wellworth it....

plastic surgery
natural anti aging products
antiwrinkles creams
stop drinking hot coffee
use all kinds of natural products
eat more healthier
consider giving some time until you will have some real good effects.

The only way is to use hemorrhoid cream -and it really does work.

angel girl
put him up for adoption. lol !!!!!

Aussie Girl
Botox and collagen are the only ways I know

Make a time machine?????

Other Man
plastic surgery of course

i reccomend to get it done in asia, have u seen what those asians can do to a person? just search "gackt" in google images for in example, or "kumi koda"

If I knew the answer to that one I'd be a multi-millionairess living somewhere in the Caribbean on my private island!!!!!

I just keep slopping Oil of Olay on and hope for the best.

billy bunters squeeky bottom
....have you tried giving them away....?

haemorrhoid cream works great temporarily

Moisturiser to stop your skin from drying out will help .
Wearing a sun hat to keep the sun off. The sun will turn you to leather.
Not smoking, it will add 20 years to your age in looks to smoke.
Dont scrunch up your face all the time.I see quite young girls with worry lines across their foreheads because they have the Pseudo worry mannerism. Dont lay on your face in bed. Lay on back or side.
Drink water , it keeps your skin smooth for longer.

A really good solution is the avon dual action cream,
just go on the website or try and find your nearest avon rep!
Worked for me and my mum! x

tell him to sod off!! lol

Away With The Fairies

♥ [JPA] ♥ Snape ♥ [ART] ♥
hav a massage every now and then and do exercises to tauten your skin

Stand upside down.

Or don't get up in the morning.

Seriously, the more rest you get (lying down) the better.
But if you laugh and smile a lot people will like you, and not notice the wrinkles.

The most long lasting effects are of course Botox or plastic surgery.

Botox lasts for about a year or 6 months, so it's nor permanenet but plastic surgery obviously lasts for much longer but is invasive surgery! Surgery and Botox might take away some wrinkles but not all and you will still look your age but without the wrinkles.

Creams help moisturise your skin and you should always drink plenty of water and have a healthy diet which of course helps hydrating your skin.

I am having a course of non surgical face lifts which use Micro currents.My wrinkles are disappearing and its Painless!In fact it is very relaxing.Check out your local larger colleges that teach beauty treatments. The students do the treatments at a fraction of salon prices.That's what i am doing.Give up ciggies if you smoke and drink lots of Chinese white tea which is packed with antioxidants.A course of 10 to 12 treatments at 2 a week is recommended then 1 a month for maintenance.I am half way through and delighted.It costs me £10 a treatment as opposed to £50 to £80 a treatment and they last an hour.I was on the brink of having cosmetic surgery and decided to give this a go as a final attempt before going under the knife.Now i don't need to.As an instant wrinkle eliminator try a product called Eyessential.It is a serum that you apply a tiny bit to your wrinkles and you feel an instant tightening and hey presto the wrinkles have disappeared.This lasts until you wash it off so is great for a night out.It costs £40 and a bottle will last for months.It is available on line mail order.Hope this has been useful.

get some children. Then you are not tha idol.

to dream,lol

Johnny B
depends on where. If their on your face then just pull your hair back tight. If their on your hands then you should probably just chop them off because nobody likes to look at wrinkly hands.

Garnier nutrice creams help.

max hoarder
Try ironing them.
If that is too painfull try using one of the oil of olay methods.

pretend theyre not there

hukku, who has answered above, is definitely on the right track. I would add using ordinary vaseline on the face every night at bedtime. My grandmother did it, and she had nary a wrinkle!

khorat k
After laundering my shirts they have wrinkles in them also. I have found that ironing the shirts helps a lot in getting rid of the wrinkles in the shirts.

I normally use a steam iron with the setting on the iron such that it matches the kind of fabric the shirt is made out of.

You can't - no amount of water drinking, or anything short of Botox will. Hamorrhoid cream will do it temporarily.
You can avoid getting them by
Keeping out of the sun (this is the most important one) and use a sunblock.
Eating healthily,
Don't smoke
Don't drink alcohol
Get plenty of sleep

annie k
dont ever smile laugh or cry when you are growing up , or change your expression, then your skin will not be stretched. What a miserable life you would have,.When you smile with people no one notices wrinkles scars etc., so smile smile smile.

domme me

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