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How do i stop smoking without using patches etc?
I have been smoking now for about 8 years and would like to stop (wish i had never started) but both my partner and i would like to stop smoking together and go cold turkey any ideas?

Going 'cold turkey' is very difficult and usually fails.
Have you considered either hypnotherapy or acupuncture?
Both have a good success rate, but the most important thing is the desire to give up, and the will power to see it through.
Good luck.

You need to belive in your self!!!

go to your doctor and ask for a new med that is out called chantex.its wonderful!!! will make it a lot easier to quit.you could also try sunflower seeds in the shell,the salt will clean your pallet and a cig will taste nasty,and it also satisfies your oral fixation that cigs satisfies

Try chewing the nicotine Gum in between meals.

Carla and partner.. You have the greatest potential to stop smoking..that is your feeling to smoking, that is your understanding the importance of quiting smoking. Some people have the desire to stop and some don't. In my view It is you who is able to stand firm for your believes. There are so many suggestions to stop smoking. I advice you guys to decide NOT TO COMPROMISE your positive thoughts, and I am certain that you can do it with no interference. Because I can "read" the level of your commitment from your writings.
Wishing you good luck

For one thing you would need to use the patches or the gum. If you quit smoking just like that your body will go crazy. Causing you to break down. So you will need to use patches im afraid. It harms your body even more if you stop smoking without weaning off.
Good Luck

go cold turkey. and remain away from stressful situations..

it takes about 3 days to clear the body out

eating banana's helps.. and fruit.. gives something for your hands to do

if i was to attempt to give up again.. i'll do what i did before.. sleep for the first 1 or 2 days a lot. watch a lot of films..

different things work for different people, me stopping totally worked before, well for 2 months.. but again i have to be in a stress free envoirnment.

mummy heffalump
I've heard many things about Chantix although I never used it myself. Both my hubby and I went cold turkey. I highly recommend reading a book called Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking. You don't have to take everything in it as gospel, but he has some really great tips on how to retrain your brain and about the Nicotine addiction. I did have chewing gum on hand, chewed on bits of plastic straw and sugar free hard candy. Which ever method you chose, keep in mind that you cannot ever light up another cigarette. You are an addict and one puff will get you back in that cycle. I've been smoke free for a year now and I still get the urge. You need to break the old habits and haunts. You can do it!! Good luck! Hope I helped!

You might have a chat with you doctor to advise on the best system for you.

use Bupropion tablet and try and try.

I would recommend that you read Allan Carr's Easy way to stop smoking. Many people i know (myself included) have given up EASILY after reading this book with no Nicotine replacements needed.
My grandma had smoked for over 40 years and had tried many different ways of stopping always failing after a few weeks. But after reading this book she has now been stopped for over 2 years.

Good luck

[email protected]
I smoked for 45 years.On New Year's eve My married sons and wives and myself were at a family party.As we were singing "old langsyne" I suddenly could not get my breath! I collapsed in a chair and the look on my sons faces shocked me into reallity! They were in a panic,went white and looked so scared.Nobody hurts my children,but I had just hurt them! THat is all it took after years of saying I would give it up! Next morning,I smoked the last 2 cigs in the packet with my morning tea,told myself that was it and am proud to say I have not had one since.Have tried before several times ,using all types of methods but with no success.It is true that it is all in the mind.Cold turkey only really successful way to go.

All those patches type things require will power, you could try chewing normal gum, or concentrate and every time you get a craving think of what smoking will do to you. That's how I gave up =D

Mind over matter ,,,ive been smoking for 50 yrs,,,,and its been 7 weeks now ive not had a smoke not easy nopatches,,,, just will power,,,,,go on give it a go,,,,,,

Kelly R
It is really difficult to quit 'cold turkey' but at least you have each other there for support. If you can't quit straight away, then at least cut out half of your daily cigarettes to begin with. Whenever you feel the craving for one, get up and do something else. Go for a walk, have a drink of water, put a load of washing on....anything to keep your hands busy. If you get hungry and are worried about gaining weight, as cigarettes suppress your appetite, then grab a handful of nuts in between meals.

Plenty of water and fresh air will help to at least cut down by half and that is a big achievement to begin with. It took me a week to go from 40-50 ciggies a day down to 15.
I am now on about 8-10 a day. The cravings usually only last a few minutes. Take in some deep breaths too when it feels as though it is getting too much.

Try not to smoke for 45 minutes after a meal either. I learnt this tip from a friend who had hypnotherapy to quit. But that can prove to be expensive. Drink some tea also when you feel cravings. The anti-oxidants and calming effects that tea has helps the cravings to pass faster.

Good luck, I hope this information has helped in some way.

Another tip that I learnt was to put two elastic bands on your cigarette packet overlapping each other. This makes it harder to get into the packet each time.

smoking is just psychological,...you can stop it if you really would...
..once you urge to smoke divert yourself to any activity that makes you forget smoking...make yourself busy...
a busy person has no time for smoking...

Eater of Crayons
I have heard good things about zypan. Many insurers will give you a free series.

My grandaddy just quit cold turkey- he put them down and never picked them back up. You could try that nicoret gum, or if not that try chewing regular gum when you start craving a smoke... or work out or something. Good luck!

Spiny Norman
When I stopped 20 years ago, I purchased 20 'Rothmans' and place them where I could see them every day. I told myself that I could hold the packet but never open it. It was almost impossible to begin with, but after about six weeks I found that I did not need to light up. I had found other substitutes less harmful, like coffee and a glass of wine. The ultimate move was to flush the packet down the loo, and although I still like the smell of tobacco I have never looked back because I know, like alcohol it will trick you into submission.

Best H
I was a smoker for 25 years and I had quit smoking for over six times ,but never really quit smoking before.Just after I read that quit smoking program, I realized how easy quitting smoking was.I am a non-smoker now! I highly recommend this program to you.It really works.You can check out http://quit-smoking-in-3-hours.info
Good luck!

cold turkey has been done, but it is the least successful method. the patches and gum and lozenges didnt work for me either. but the new drug called chantix did work for me and I am now smoke free.

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