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Princess S
How do i heal a big cut?
i had a blister. i popped it. and i used a nail clipper to cut the skin..[[ i didnt knoe wat to do ]] ssooo.. now my skin is OPENNN. and it hurts. what can i do?

do i use any opitment. or let it heal on it own becuz its a big open skin area.

Keep it clean # 1
# 2 aply Neosporin
# 3 don't let it get wet, just keep aplying the Neosporin, when you see the open sore needs it.

bessinete d
why u did that it hurts and ofcourse ur clipper is not sterile..
ok here's need you to do, keep open air (dont put bandage) so it easily to dry the skin, dont let the skin wet and u only have to clean that twice a day with Hydrogen Peroxide it bubbles when u used it. and betadine is next then it dries in afew minute put an ointment. do it everyday until it dries.


You do not need a doctor for a blister. But next time do not pop, cut or open up a blister. A lot of times they dry up and heal from the inside out on their own, without the threat of infection when you open it up. Keep it clean and dry, wash it two times a day with soap and water, it will sting, rinse it, pat it dry, apply triple Antibiotic ointment and a bandaid. It will sting for a couple days because it is raw. Please do not pop and cut skin with clippers again.

Neosporin. Apply it twice a day after washing and cleaning the area. This stuff is wonderful. Keeps scarring down too.

You should have left it alone in the first time. Next time please think before you do anything.

bacteria grows in dark damp places quickly. for the first day put some ointment on it with a bandaid. But then the best is to keep it clean and dry without the bandaid, it'll heal more quickly that way....You need to be careful when popping blisters it opens it up to bacteria.

ha. well first of you shouldwash it to make it kleen. then put antiseptic lotion on it, and keep it wraped up. 2 or 3 times a day you should do that, if by chanch it dosnt start to heel, go see a doctor

as a Indian i can suggest a way that can even not leave its impression on Ur skin............ that's the Turmeric powder....
its the best antibiotic..............

Martha Evans
Please make sure that you are up to date on your tetanus vaccines, as using a nail clipper to cut a wound only increases your chances for tetanus-causing germs to enter. Popping a blister is a bad idea.

Rinse the sore thoroughly with large amounts of warm running water after you wash it with soap. Then soak it in warm salt water and put a bandaid over it with some Neosporin ointment on the wound. If it starts getting red around the edges or showing signs of swelling, see a doctor.

Since you are asking about healing...I'll answer that specifically first. Protein and vitamin C are both very essential for tissue building and wound healing so you want to make sure you are getting adequate amounts of both of those.

As for future blisters...the sterile contained inside is blister is STERILE and will be absorbed by the body when no longer needed. Consider it a protective mechanism that should remain intact if at all possible.

If a blister is accidentally (or intentionally) popped, the best thing you can do is cleanse the area with a mild Antibacterial soap and water and be sure to keep the area as clean as possible. If the area underneath looks red/fleshy, you can cover with a bandage and some triple Antibiotic ointment until the area begins to form new growth. You can then air the wound and keep careful watch for red/warm/tender skin, which could indicate infection. Always consult with your doctor about health concerns.

well im sorry to say but only time can heal it. but u can use liquid bandaids that works great it is a glue that you body absorbs and closes the wound

Clean it well, using an ointment containing a disinfectant. Keep it covered with a bandaid so that it cannot become infected. Change the dressing frequently.

if the blister is open and has know skin growing over it, apply some disinfectant and put a bandaid over untill a scab or skin starts to grow. if does not heal, go to a docter. If i were you the next blister you get DON'T POP!!!

Laurie P
i would put some antiseptic powder then once it has taken the powder and starting to set i would leave it to dry with no bandage the more air the quicker they scab up and thats good repeat when nessesary which wood be every day for a week then review hopefully the last of the scab will be off ps dry your sore well after a shower and more anticeptic powder and your killing it

Use aloe (the plant), it helps heal faster and normally without scars

The Truth Shall Prevail
Bathe it in lukewarm salt water. Keep it dry and covered.

mArY j0y
keep it clean and don't let any dirt comes in it..
let it heal by itself...

Lauren S
oh ouch i had a few of thos on my feet from my deb shoes a few weeks ago, what i did was make sure it is clean then air it out over night then i applied pawpaw ointment and then covered it up with a band aid to stop an infection getting in.
it worked for me :)

There is a great ointment you can get from chemists called ungvita. Keep the wound clean, apply ointment and cover. the wound can heal slowly from underneath upward. My family has used this for a few generations.

Emily D
get your dog to lick it. they will without you even asking for some reason. and they have cleaner mouths then humans believe it or not

well you tigtin the area and wait till the bleedin stops by this wrapping an bandage around the area. wait 10 mins then release the bandage. the bleeding may have stopped. if not repeat. if the bleeding did stop then leave the cut open without a bandaid........ so air and sun can make it into a scab qicker.

Try honey. It seals and protects while nourishing the wound. My parents did this when we fell down as kids and it works great. Natural remedies are cool!

Yahoo! Answers Master

you should always keep it clean, you can pour a little 'herbal aloe concentrate' on it, just use a cotton bud, then cover it. my baby use it once she had a huge wound on her head and her blood is everywhere. I put a little of aloe concentrate on cotton bud to apply on the wound, and I also mixed the concentrate with mineral water for her to drink (you can mix with anything, coffee, milk, etc), and... just for 3 days the wound is recover. u should try the product, it really works!

keep it clean and dry....when you need to acutally use that area for walkin or what not cover with ointment and a bandaid

lonster monster:)<3
keep it cleanby washing it out every once in a while.
u can wrap something around it.

use a spray anti bacterial n let it air out allllllllllllllll the time alll day.
let it scab up but take good care of it.
clean it atleast 4 times a day.
just clean it wit anti beacterial soap lightly let it rinse a tad bit in cold water then tap dry lightly n spray an anti bacterial. let it dry alone.

Keep the area open so it can air and dont pick at it, it will make it worse


you need to keep it clean, wash and put Neosporin on it, stick a bandade on it until you get a soft scab then let it get air to dry.
If it looks bad, your finger gets cold, swollen or smells, go to the doctor you could have an infection, and dont do that again okay!

wash it well with warm water and mild soap. pat dry and apply Neosporin and cover with a bandaid. Change this at least twice a day. make sure to keep it as clean and dry as possible.

in the future-NEVER pop a blister. the fluid inside it is sterile to your body and once opened, it puts you at great risk for infection. using the nail clippers to cut off the skin increased your risk for infection.

keep a close eye on the area for signs of infection which are:

-increased redness or swelling to the area
-the area becomes more painful, tender,or hot to touch
-it begins to drain liquid that is yellowish-brown or green in color
-you begin to run a fever of 100.5 or higher

if you have any of these symptoms then make an appt right away to see your dr b/c you'll need antibiotics.

otherwise, just keep the area clean and apply the Neosporin. it should heal up in about a week.

good luck!!

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