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How can i get rid of blisters on my feet after ice-skating?
i have a P.E. physical test tomorrow and they hurt, can I make them go away somehow?

SOme people do the wrong thing & burst them, this liable to give you an infection, its best to just cover them with a plaster, they dont take long to go down & diappear.

eddy m

i always get blisters when ice scating nowt you can do about it

put some plasters on them and wear thicker socks

try soothing them in a bowl of warm, soapy water for a while.

have a bath because your skin goes crinkley and it stops blister. well it works for me when i walk mountains. so it depends realy ...

I've learnt that if you put Mercurochrome (red fluid used on wounds to stop bleeding) on blisters, they dry out faster and not hurt so much. I do ballroom dancing as a hobby and blisters was inevitable in the beginning, this helped me a lot!

In UK there is a product called Nu-skin which I used to put on dried out blisters to act as a type of glue to stop blisters tearing off and having to stand on 'raw' skin.

You wont be able to get rid of them in a short ammount of time as the skin needs time to heal. The best thing you can do is soothe the blisters by relaxing your feet in a bowl of warm water for 15-20 mins whilst watching tv. Then gently pat your feet dry and give them 30 mins to dry naturally. Once they are dry, get some anticeptic cream such as savalon and smear a blodge of the cream over the blisters and put your feet up to relax. Let the savalon soak in and let the remaining time do it's work.

When it comes to doing PE, make sure you take plenty of spare plasters and make sure you put a large padded plaster over the area - strap it into place with surgical tape to secure it.
Good luck.

Sorry to hear of your discomfort: Next time you decide to go skating please remember to wear your Skates, it is far less painful!

first answer is right

Bathe them in surgical spirit.

It's prevention rather than cure really. If you are prone to blisters you need to rub you feet daily with surgical spirit until the skin becomes less soft. All you can do at the moment though, is to bathe them with dettol or something like that and put a good quality plaster on them.

keep dabbing with TCP antiseptic.

Soak in warm water with salt and dont wear tight shoes.

Go into Boots tomorrow and ask for compeed blister plasters- they are heaven sent! They saved my partner on holiday when he got awful blisters through wearing beach mules and would have effectively been crippled had it not been for these plasters!


mark t
I use a sewing needle or pin.sterilise by putting in hot water then burst the blister by inserting the pin/needle in the topside of the blister & through the other/opposite topside(tip) of the blister to release the water & releave the pressure.this way.this way wont hurt becouse your only sticking the pin in to the dead skin & not your flesh.press them gently with a tissue/kitchen towel to release the rest of the water/pressure.remember to stick the needle in to the skin as high at the top as possible & keep it horizontal as you go through the other side .In other words you pierce the tip.It really does ease the pain.cleans with antiseptic.You might need to repeat the next day after walking on it .To stop blisters reacurring rub vasaline or baby oil on your feet to stop friction,powder/Talc might dry the skin outHope this helps

Bathe in salt water and use Talc after drying that should dry them up.

Tomorrow would be asking a bit much, other than bathing in salt water and putting plenty of padding on it - depending on what part of the feet they are.

For the future, get your boots and socks checked out and if they are not a good fit, get them changed. I know it is expensive, but if you want to carry on skating .......

To prepare and harden your feet for the future you could wash them in salt water and every day apply surgical spirit on them especially where it is likely to be rubbed. This is what I used to do to my horse who came back into work and therefore would get girth galls (similar to blisters) and when I was driving him, I would put surgical spirit on his collar points, and we never had a problem.

Hope this helps. Good luck with the exam, whenever it is.

Go to the chemist and buy Compeed blister plasters - they are brilliant but expensive. Good luck with your test tomorrow.

inject with Mythiolate burns like hell but dry's them quickly, I do this when hiking I am able to walk/hike the next day with no problems. Be warned burns but REALLY works.

The Tank
Whatever else you try, don't pop them. If you do then you risk infection.

Cover them with something soft and protective.

You should also consider changing your skating boots, or at least ensure that you're tying them properly.
Properly fitted and worn skating boots will not give you blisters.

nosy old lady
steep them in warm salty water.

soak it with warm salty water

Don't pop the blister that just leaves raw skin and that will be even more painful the liquid it your body trying to heal. you could bathe it with salt water but best put a plaster on it tomorrow to try and stop some of the rubbing.

An old bush remedy is, to stick a needle right through the blister (first hold the needle over a flame though), squeeze it empty (good feeling) and then put betadine on it. Gone within 24 hours!

You can not get rid of it, but you can put tape over it so that it will not rub. They sell tape for this reason; it is normally called mole skin, but it may go by another name.

Elsa M
Get to Boots and buy some Compeed plasters.They're really expensive but thick and stay on until your skin has healed. They're medicated and help with the scarring. They won't rub or move around.

Next time you go ice skating, take some with you. Try on your boots and hten place some compeed on the parts you think are going to rub too much.

Stick to Compeed, I have tried them all, they're the best...and my mum's a chiropodist, she uses them in grat big huge sheets profesionals can get.

Good lcuk for your test.

the best cure is prevention , next time you go ice skating wear two pairs of socks or better still don't go skating before a P.E. test! Simple as!!!

Unfortunately you can't make blisters go away overnight. I am a frequent blister sufferer and can sympathise with your feet!

Prevention is best, if at all possible. Compeed is an excellent way of preventing blisters. An alternative is to put a layer of Palmers Cocoa butter (available from Boots) onto your skin under your socks. It's important to keep your feet dry, and if they are going to get wet, you can wear water proof gortex socks, made by Sealskinz. These are expensive, costing £20 and are available in different thicknesses.

Once you have blisters they are impossible to get rid of quickly, however I have found that it's best to puncture them with a clean needle (to let the fluid out) then apply some antiseptic cream. Do this before bed and wear socks to keep the cream in place. (This is what I did last night because I walked 10 miles yesterday! Today my blisters are not too bad, and I may well go out for a walk or run later!). It would be worth putting compeed pads on to protect the blisters during your test. This will pad and help to relieve pain.

I'm afraid that surgical spirit / salt will not help over this short time period.

Good luck in your PE Test tomorrow.

Strawberry Tart
OMG i have been in exactly the same situation. i went ice skating and got really bad blisters the size of 50 pence pieces and then the next day i was getting assesed on my swimming in P.E. i did it but was in loads of pain because the blisters were stinging with the chlorine and they got infected. what i found REALLY helped was these blister pads by scholl. they kinda are clear and act as a skin for the blisters and take the pressure off them but they do turn white after absorbing stuff from blisters and fall off. i think you get five in a pack. i would bring the whole pack and change them through out the day. any good chemist should sell them. also put loads of moisturisure on your blisters tonight before you go to bed.

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