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 How to get rid of lice overnight?
i have lice and i reallllyy want to go to school tomorrow.
how can i get rid of it?
are the shampoos the best or are their home remedies that work better?
thank you <3...

 If I'm allergic to latex could I use Saran Wrap and a rubber band for protection?
Well, could I!?...

 What do you think about dimples?
I have dimples and know quite a few people who also have them... in your person opinion do you think dimples are attractive?
Additional Details

 I have a zit on my butt. How do I pop it?
I can't turn around to see it, and It's quite big and peach colored, and it hurts! What shall i do?...

 What makes acne appear plz answer plz?
i just want to know wat causes acne so i can do the oppissite or if you want tell me wat causes it and a better solution to that other than doing the oppisite of the cause of ...

 I heard toothpaste helps cure acne but?
how long should i leave it on, and what other home product helps?...

 Body odor at 6yrs old????
My 6 and 1/2 yr old son has strated to develop a strong body odor (arm pits). He is not overly sweaty, just stinky. He is tall for his age (52inches), solid (65lbs), and more mature than his ...

 No silly answers please, but Why do I have Itchy Palms?
I'm not sure how long this has been going on, but my palms are generally very itchy. I notice it most when I'm typing on my keyboard at work, and when I'm driving. It's possible ...

 Why do mosquitoes always go for me and not my girlfriend?
Whenever I come back from holiday – I am always covered large itchy mosquito bites, where as my girlfriend is often returns unscathed (even though we use the same products – i.e. shower gel, ...

 I got sunburned??
on my stomach really bad and my chest area, its not that bad cuz my arms were too but now their brownish, how long do u think it will be until im tan, and not suburned? cuz im meeting up with this ...

 Do u know any home remedies for killing head lice?

 Does anyone know how to lose a tan??
I got really tan this summer to find that i look much better pale..
Does anyone know a way to quicken the process of losing a tan?...

 14 years old and i still haven't had chicken pox, What shall i do?
Im gettin quite worried, All my friends and other people i know have hade chicken pox.

Why haven't i?

Shall i contact the doctor?

Or just forget about it

 I Have Terrible Acne?
I have terrible acne.

I was my face all the time, I use proactive, clean and clear and store brand products.

I even went to a dermatologists and got 100$ acne removal thing ...

 I shaved my pubes and I have a horrible rash?
The rash has a brownish tint, I'm white mind you, how should I make the rash go away?...

 How do you get rid of a freaking wart on my finger on my left hand. Every time I cut it, blood comes out?
It heals but it grows back and I hate feeling it when I am writing or when I see it, I want to get rid of it. Is this reallly bad or should I take immediate action? All the people who care give me an ...

 Why is my arm red?
i have a weird rash on my right hand sholder, well its a lil bit more under but it started like 2 or 3 weeks ago, i do not know what caused it. im 19.
i thought it was those arm pimples but they ...

 I have 2 anus's its embarrassing?
I was born with a genetal deformaty, i have 2 anus's one in front of the other. They both work. As im in my 20's its becoming harder to hide from my girlfriend. What shall i do.

 Why is everyone's blood red?
i just always ...

 Is there a vitimin or something i can use to reduce the circles under my eyes?
I get 8 hrs of sleep a night

I eat healthy and exercise

I dont drink or smoke

I think its hereditary (SP?)...

How can i get a golden Tan without burning.?

get a sunless tanner with moisturizer in it but DON'T go to a tanning bed they cause 3 times the damage the sun can do without Sunscreen on but use at least 20 SPF, it doesn't keep the tan away it just keeps harmful light from the sun out.

I would go to the tanning bed start off at like 5 minutes then work your way up

get yourself painted in gold and tan

Go to a tanning salon or a solarium.

go to a tanning salon..


you can also go out and bathe under the sun, don't forget to put on SPF 30

hope this helps

rajesh s
dear u r from iam indian
tel you profil

Tanay P
well get yourself painted in gold and sit under the sun near west indese

Go and get those spray on tans some do work. If you do, make sure you get it EVERYWHERE! You don't want "tan lines" they are just ickk have a friend help.

i use these great
suntanning lotion called "worship me"
its great.
u should try it

copper tone

Boyz Charm
use tanning sprays which has carrotine, its gives a very nice golden tan, and for more darker tan one of my friends told me she puts one small spoon of coffee in the tanning spray and keeps its for half an hour in the sun, and it gives her a very quick dark golden tan.

best regards

dont wet your skin. lie out in the sun, but at shorter intervals. Take a few minutes break and take cover, then lie out again. make sure u have sun block on...yes it works

best way use fake tan and then you won't get skin cancer either!!!!

air brush tanning is beautiful. If you want the real thing I use a low spf on my shoulders face etc. anything that burns easy and an accelerator on the rest of me. I usually get a very nice golden tan.

start slow. Our you fair? I have red hair and freckles,but have managed to tan. use only pure and natural products-chemical sunscreens are very bad. Zinc is natural.I like kiehls products their products are physical blocks, not chemical (made in the lab) if you cant read the ingredients-dont use it.Sheseido and bare essentuals foundations are wonderful for the face-all makeup protects the face from sun-I ride horses and am out in the sun all the time-im 44 and have fair skin and no wrinkles-but my face is always quite tan! Be very careful of your eyes and lips. Wear sunglasses and lip Protectant (I do wear a cap most of the day as well.) For the body (dont kill me) but for just starting a tan I would suggest using a tanning bed called the Matrtix. It is great and you cannot burn wear eye and lip protection and start with 7 minutes. Work your way up to 10 minutes over a course of 3x a week for 2 weeks. Now you are ready for the real sun. Always use a good moisturizer - I like to use the old fashion Bain De Soliel orange gel. Slather it on and lay out for 1/2 hr on each side for a week or so-until your desired color is reached. Then go and get a spray on tan-you will need one 10 minute session of matrix per week and 2-3 days of real sun and one spray tan -trust me you will look great!!Drink alot of water and diligently apply moisturizer - take Vitamin A and dont tell your dermatologist!!dont take antibiotics-Accutane or st johns wort-they make your skin burn!!!!! Strange fact: When I took Prozac I always had the best tan-go figure??

hollywood tans

That's not very healthy and the sun causes a lot more damage to skin now than it used to years ago. What's in now is fake tanners and skin tanning lotions and creams.

Derek K
Find someone who has one and ask them out.

flygirl 5
I have lived on the lake practically my entire life. I am VERY fair skinned normally, but here lately I have noticed that using SPF 15-30 still keeps me from burning but I actually have a tan now after only two weeks of fishing/swimming on the lake. A few days consecutive and you will get a good base tan then just maintain by being outside...fishing, swimming, yard work, walking etc. It doesn't take much just 30 or so mins every other day or so!


i used to be a tanning-addict...tanning beds, the lake, the river etc. two years ago i was diagnosed with skin cancer, the bad kind! well lets just say its been quite a lesson. anyways please use a spray tan ..cancer isnt fun and it isnt pretty either.

I am woman
Start out slow while using some sun screen. Once you get a base tan you can mix baby oil and Iodine half and half. That will give you the best tan in Town.

Melissa M
like a Marshmallow =)

use a step one base tanning lotion and only stay in the tanning bed for about 5-10 mins each day for about a week or two. once you notice that you havent burned yet, then you can begin staying in the tanning bed for 15-20 mins. when you have finished the bottle of step one, move on to a step two tanning lotion...step two will enhance your tan.

20min per side,per day.
use Sunscreen of 30 or higher
tan lines start on first day!

Depending on your skin tone, figure out how long it is before you actually burn outside. If you have fair skin, I suggest being in the sun for only an hour at the most, turn over in 10 minute incriments, make sure you get every spot exposed, funny tan lines aren't cool. Use an spf around 8-20 if your not so fair skinned use higher if you are.
I wouldn't go to a tanning salon, or use tanning spray(you might turn orange), people tend to notice a fake tan, or at least I can tell. If you have a secluded place to tan, I say go in the buff, if not put on your favorite two piece and relax listening to your favorite music! =)
Happy Tanning!

Get some fake tanner. Tanning causes skin cancer.

If I wanted to be healthy, I'd go for the spray on tan.

I'm not generally on the healthy road though, so I'd mow the lawn with light to no Sunscreen. Tan lines in 20 minutes.
However, You might want to call a dermatologist, and ask them for the phone number of people who spent a lot of time tanning in the sun, and get their testimony of the pain of skin cancer and treatment.

Olay and Coppertone make GREAT sunless tanning products. Test it out on a small area of your skin first to make sure you get the colour you want, and you don't get a reaction.

There is also something called the "Mystic Tan" that is done at a tanning salon that's a sunless tan that's sprayed on for an even look.

Keep in mind that this can be a process. Not all sunless tanners are the same, and you usually get what you pay for. Find out what works with your skin and your taste in darkness.

Good on you for not wanting to booth it!

I used to be an avid tanner, I'd start in Feb at 4 min in a tanning bed b/c I am fair skinned and work my way up until I got to 20 minutes. By the time summer got around i was a nice golden glow and I hadn't burnt. Then my mom was diagnosed with skin cancer and it's hasn't been pretty. I quit tanning. I use Jergens Natural glow for fair skin, they have a face tanner that works REALLY well, also. It builds a gradual tan and doesn't streak like Coppertone tanners. Jergens works really well and give a very healthy tan glow. I urge anyone who thinks about tanning to please weigh the costs carefully. A few years of tan skin isn't worth the pain of fighting skin cancer.

Go tanning at an Aztec Tanning Salon and tell them you want that... My GF won't go anywhere else.

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