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 I gave my girlfriend oral and...?
the next day i had canker sore (very small) on my upper lip... is thie coincidence or could it be an std. she is a virgin (i saw her hymen, so she isnt lying). so should i be concerned?

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my girlfriend is concerned about that, can you?...

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If a baby cuts themselves on a carpet floor, after an AIDs positive person, bleed on the floor. The people cleans it up with bleach but is it still possible for the baby to catch it....

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 Should I worry of getting HIV through something that I ate today? Read my details!?
Ok, I am at work and my mom brought me a baked potato from McCallister's.

I have 3 concerns!

First, I was opening the little packet of butter and it was basically like ...

 I am 14 and i have had 12 stds' wat do i do?

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 What Should I Do?
i found out i had aids from my ex boyfriend because someone told me they found out he did and now im scared but im not gonna get any help i mean theirs nothing wrong with me i dont feel sick or ...

 My girlfriend gave me AIDS!?
is there a cure? it hurts when I pee!...

 Is it possible to get and STD from licking and kissing a v*gina?

 How can i get rid of my AIDS?

 Can a woman give an man a STD?
I read somewhere that they can.I don't see how that would work....

Where do STDs stem from? They had to have started from SOMEWHERE!?

All diseases are related to hygiene. Poor hygiene breeds bacteria....and every time the bacteria mutates and become stronger....that's why medicine is always playing catch up!. Think back in historic times...the dinosaurs mutated into ones that can survive (Hippos, crocs/gators, elephants...just to name a few)...so the same way species mutate to adapt to environment...the same way bacteria mutates.

Mrs. Maintenance
I have heard that syphilis came from sheep, originally!

S Martypsnts
not me never had one, probably the upper classes with all their shenanigans but the working class will take the blame for it.

The Horror
A lot of people say it comes from some guy having it off with a monkey but as Dave Chappell says...who seriously wants to f***a monkey!??? I think it was a secret government plan to help the pharmaceutical companies make money. the money is not in the cure, it is in the medication.

robert f
STDs probably started somewhere in China. China is a breeding ground for diseases. Some chinese peoples' eating habits are utterly disgusting. Some people will kill an animal and just eat it without sanitizing it. If the animal has disease xyz then it might mutate and transmit itself among humans.

It supposedly originated from animals. But now it can be spread through, blood and birth. But i honestly think it came from somewhere else. From where?.....I rather not say!

~Miss Lynn~
I think it's a man made disease planted by the government to keep the population under control!

Good question. I would assume that these developed somewhere and started carrying around globally.

the better question is, since a lot of these are easily transmitted from one person to another, even with protection, is why don't these diseases seem to get more attention in the mainstream media? Most all of them are completely incurable and you're stuck with them for life if you get them.

First off, they came from Europe. And, when the ANglo invaders came to what is now America, they brought all these diseases with them. Smallpox (not an STD), Syphilis (is), gonorrhea (also is) decimated the indigenous population. It didn't help that the Anglos had such horrible hygiene; even with their ritual cleanliness, the Indians were susceptible to these unknown diseases.

New diseases are always being discovered. Some are transmitted through animals. Some are mutated forms of benign diseases. Until the time that the role of viruses and bacteria played in disease, there were activities that were quite common that were not very clean.

Most of the STDs that are common today seem to have several vectors (they seem to have emerged from several locations). And medical records were sparse...to say the least.

Randy W
These are simple viruses and Bacteria, that have evolved over time.
Below is a very interesting document about all the STD's what they are and treatment. This should help you better understand how and why these virus/bacteria operate.

hez b
My friend got me to google something about a rhesus monkey a little while ago, something about a green (mumble mumble, something or other) and Rhesus monkey.
The response was vast, edifying, and the government of the United States of America has finally published the journals that admitted their involvement in a chemical warfare experiment that 'may've' led to the development of HIV in humans...but they deny creating AIDS!!!

edit: Yikes! I don't mean bestiality!!! and, I'm not referring to someone's bizarre theory about the gay community, they are people too, let's be respectful, hey?...enough is enough, people, for pity's sake, what would/does Jesus say?
This is just what the government released from their little secret files, recently, I guess...

We are surrounded by all sorts of microbes every day that are constantly evolving just to survive. I don't think the government had the knowledge in the Roman times to help spread them to the undesirables, but they may have. It could have been the unclean bathing habits and also sharing the bath water then there are the multiple partners, and then the germs just mutated as they were spread and exposed to other things. So there are many factors that could be the birth of STDs. Like if you have a cut and you don't take care of it and it gets infected. You can get some serious infections depending on what it is exposed too while healing.

New diseases are mutations of other diseases .

There is no answer to this question because STDs are among the oldest diseases known to mankind.
There are mummies - people who died over four thousand years ago and whose corpses are preserved - that show evidence of such diseases. It is highly probable that they were around much longer than that.
There is also a fair amount of evidence that suggests the present incarnations of the two most common of these illnesses have decreased in virulence over the years. Still, it's not yet time to stop using protection when you screw around };^)

They mutated from other viruses. The virus that gives people Herpes is in the same family as the virus that also gives you Chicken Pox!

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