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 Does aids spread through a massage?

 STD transmitted through kissing?
CAN IT BE PASSED THROUGH SALIVA?I know it can be passed by herpes or cold sores but im suoer curious! PLEASE ANSWER HONESTLY !!

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chlamidia....went for a test last thurs and the woman told me she would ring in about 10 days if i had but if i dont hear from hear eveything is ok...i still havent heard! i was positive i had it? im ...

 I hered that 1 person dies every 15 secs is that realy ture?!?
thats creepy ...

 When pregant do you get tested for STD's?

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Is it possible for HIV to be detect somewhat in regular blood tests? A friend and me come onto the subject and was curious. I mean would the results be somewhat off or not actually right to show ...

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ok ive herd its like some kind of disease like thing and i wanna know what exactly it ...

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 Can any other stds turn in to chlamydia?
i found out i had chlamydia, but my husband has been faithfull and so have i.the nurse at the clinic told us men can have certain contracted stds which if left tun or spread in to other stds. i dont ...

 Herpes question......?
My sister is dating a man who just told her he has Herpes. He said that he was diagosned with it 25 years ago but has never had an outbreak since then. No blood tests were ordered, I guess the ...

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I have regular sinusitis, thrush, sores in the mouth, fatigue, soft stools (not every day) and joint pains. Does this sound like I need a HIV test? Other than HIV what could this be? I have to add I ...

 How do you get the herpes?

for the last couple of dayz i need the toilet a lot and i drinkk a lott of water i got my urine checked 5 weeks ago and they said it was normal it also feels ichty
Additional Details

 If everyone gets cold sores, does that mean that they all have type 1 herpes?
I went to the doctors and found out the I have type 1 herpes. The virus that causes cold sores. He says not to worry and it probably wont ever happen again. And didnt prescribe me anything. But I ...

 Is it true that 3 squirts of hand sanitizer can kill a child?
I was told this was true. If so, don't you think daycare centers and schools should be more careful with this stuff? My granddaughter attends a daycare where this is used alot. Should we worry?...

Scared shitless.?
I am 19 years old. I am a hypochondriac. I also suffer from a phobia of HIV.

I am a virgin, saving myself for marriage. I am NOT an IV drug user. My parents are completely healthy.

I was walking my dogs outside of my apartment complex and a guy that lives here was walking to the mailboxes and my dog ran after him. But he just bent down and kind of shooed her away. Well, I went and picked my dog up in front of him and didn't think anything of it.
And then as he was walking back to his apartment, he was staring at me as he walked and he had a tear drop tattooed on his face.

I am very scared and nervous because what if he injected me with HIV?????? Would I feel it if he injected me with HIV with a contaminated needle or syringe?

Please help me.

I am FREAKING OUT right now!!!

Did he inject me with HIV?????

Should I worry at all????

Of course you would feel it if someone poked you with a needle. If you are this scared of everything do everyone a big favor and lock yourself in your room and never come out again.

In Shock :|
You would have felt a poke or noticed him doing it in someway. Really i think you are freaking out and i'm sorry that you live your life in fear all the time. Have you talked with a professional about this? You should. I'm sure you were only in front of him for a second. Not enough time for him to plot, get out a needle, and inject you. WAAYY far fetched. I'm sorry

no if your THAT worried than get a test

Well I'm pretty sure no one walks around with a syringe full of HIV to "inject" people with.

did.....oh never mind

Most of your Questions indicate such a high degree of anxiety that I, as someone who has been a teaching assistant in the healthcare profession for over 20 years, feel you may benefit from professional help.

Some anxiety is normal and is what keeps us from doing foolish things, but your anxiety appears to be controlling your life. You seem to be not only anxious about HIV, but other conditions such as internal bleeding and cancer. Your fears may run deeper than simple anxiety over potential health problems. I realize you cannot help being anxious, and cannot stop your anxiety; it isn't your fault.

I am concerned that if you don't seek help from a psychiatrist, or at least a counselor of your choice, that your anxiety may escalate into preventing you from functioning normally. There may be an underlying cause to this anxiety that has nothing to do with fear of being sick.

You ask questions like these all the time....why don't you just do some research--and get tested.

Looney Toon
OMG......Give me a freaking break.....get over yourself !!!!!!

You're Driving Me Crazy
Ok, you are really being paranoid right now.
You would have felt a needle or something poke you, but you never mentioned that. So you think he injected you with HIV by......staring at you?

you would of felt it.

Mean Carleen
Geewilikers lady! I suggest you seek treatment and I do NOT mean for HIV.

I think u may be little too paranoid. If u are really that concerned then go get tested. I also think u should seek some sort of counselling for your paranoia. When and if u ever get serious with someone u will no doubt question everything that person does. Not only that but think about the fear u will raise your children with. Did your parents treat u like that growing up making u afraid of probably everything. And another thing i assume u want a virgin as a husband but what if u meet the man of your dreams and hes not a virgin?

No if he stuck you with a needle you deff would have felt it dont worry about it

How could he inject you with HIV as he was staring at you? According to your story he never used a needle on you. Read up on some info on the net. Educate yourself...and quit being so afraid. People that act like you are right now irritate me because they have no common sense. He was probably staring at you because he found you attractive.

You should go see a good "shrink"......

You definitely would have felt it had anyone injected you with anything, so there's no need to worry.

If this isn't my place to say anything, please ignore it, but I've been noticing that you write a lot about your HIV phobia. I really recommend that you see someone about it. You're 19, are you in school? Maybe you could see a health educator and ask them about ways that you could contract HIV and the likeliness of it happening for you. Another option is seeing a therapist or psychologist. It's clearly affecting your life. There are a lot of people with the same types of fears that have gotten help from professionals. Good luck

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