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 My boyfriend has herpies is it contagious?
My boyfriend has herpies, but i dont want to make out with him or anything if i could catch it. idk much about it to begin with, so some general info would be helpful!
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SYPHILIS any reliable CURE, remedy, relief ?

death''eventually youll go crazy like Al Capone

and die

its a forever disease

Syphillis can be cured, as well as some cancers.
The web sites you need to look at are uptodate, webmd, and pubmed.

Its been around for centuries and there is a cure, penicillin I believe. It must be attended to else it hits the brain.

A big old nasty dose of pennicillin darlin..

Go to your doctor right away. There is a cure.

check the internet. The Internet has everything.

♥Lily ♥
syphilis can be cured if you catch it in time, but if you wait to long I'm sorry, you should definitely see a doctor.

Submit form for online consultation to this website

if syphilis is not treated within the first two chancres, or ugly blisters, i think several years down the road it will attack an organ and you will die...you probably need to be tested asap

The rocket

Benzathine Penicilian, That does the Trick.

penecillian....and stop putting into places where it doesn't belong

Syphilis can be cured if you catch it in the early stages. Make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. If it's in the early stage, it can be treated with antibotics such as pencillian. However, if you ignore the symptoms and don't get proper medical treatment until later in the game, this disease can cause serious damage to your nervous system, heart and brain, eventually causing death. You can check out this information on the Internet.

yes a shot of penicilin thats if it is caught in the first stage the second stage is a contagious rash and the third stage is when golgi (or something like that) complexes develop in your brain makes some go crazy like king henry or some king

Sassy OLD Broad
Syphilis, thank God, is curable if you catch it before it's long-term. A good round of antibiotics will take care of it. Go to the doctor NOW !

Penicillin, ALWAYS (If allergic, go to ICU, get desensitized, then get cure.

Penicillin. Once you have syphilis, it will always show up in a blood test, although you don't have the disease. If you think you have this dreaded disease, go to a Dr. or a health clinic or health department. You can normally be treated free of charge at the health department.

In early stages, it is easily cured with Penicillin

Syphilis is a bacterial STD, so it is curable with medication, unlike viral STDs like herpes, HPV, hepatitis, and HIV.

Antibiotics effectively treat syphilis during any stage. Antibiotic treatment cannot reverse the damage caused by complications of late-stage syphilis, but it can prevent further complications from developing.

Penicillin is the preferred drug for treating syphilis. Other antibiotics (such as Ceftriaxone) may also be considered.

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