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Private area prob....?
So..I have little bumps down there..they are not actually inside my vag**a but they are around. They come and go. I shave, but they dont look like the usual bumps. They are really small and have white dots on them. Could it be Herpes? Do herpes come and go constantly if not treated? or do they go away for a while and come back? do they itch or hurt? HELP

go to the dr

Herpes usually looks like little small miniature like blisters. Your best bet is to get to a doctor pronto and get that checked out. Yes, herpes can come and go, and there can be pain before an outbreak. Ease your mind and make an appoinment. 30 different opinions on here problably won't help your peace of mind. Good luck.

Could possibly be herpies and from what I understand the outbreaks do come and go.

could be warts. if you are under the age 26, get the vaccine for cervical cancer, it is also for warts.

Go to webmd.com, the'll tell u the symtoms of herpes. Good luck, hope its not herpes.

could be herpes or hpv both can cause outbreaks both need treatment too, so you would be better off going to the Dr and getting it checked out

Eeel, thats nasty

why are you asking this question online to a bunch of strangers? go see the gynecologist ASAP...it could be something serious...or not....just go to make sure though...i hope its nothing bad

lakisha j
herpes you need help

Look up molluscum contagiosum (not sure on the spelling). I've seen those before, and your description sounds similar. BUT it could be anything from herpes, to dry Skin, to warts... best to get it checked. Go see your ob/gyn while the bumps are there.

Best of luck!

They could be ingrown hairs but the only way to know for sure is to go see a Gyno. - I wouldn't trust MY health to a bunch of strangers on the internet!!! :)

Earthy Angel
Sounds like it could be just little pimples that can form on your skin. Especially if they are in the area that you shave, that is likely what they are. The white on them and the fact that they come and go is what makes me believe that. If you are concerned... definately go see a doctor.

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