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the next day i had canker sore (very small) on my upper lip... is thie coincidence or could it be an std. she is a virgin (i saw her hymen, so she isnt lying). so should i be concerned?

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Ok, I am at work and my mom brought me a baked potato from McCallister's.

I have 3 concerns!

First, I was opening the little packet of butter and it was basically like ...

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i found out i had aids from my ex boyfriend because someone told me they found out he did and now im scared but im not gonna get any help i mean theirs nothing wrong with me i dont feel sick or ...

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Never Is Forever
My but itches...?
What Should I Do?!?!?!?

if this is even a real question get itching cream groosss but oh well my neck was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... itchy then i tried that stuff it worked (any brand is ok)


shari h
get gold bond!

hmmm i wonder dat ma self...wats da most reasonable ting to do dummy ahaa

miss matty
Go to you mummy.Grow up!

Old Scout
Pin Worms, they are very small and very common even in developed countries, usually from produce and infect the bowel. They deposit their almost microscopic eggs just outside the the rectum and then secrete a chemical that causes the host to scratch their butt, transmitting the eggs to the fingers and the pinworm hopes, into the mouth and through the gut of another host animal. The (get this) Scotch Tape Test is used to diagnose this problem. When your butt itches, instead of scratching it, put a piece of scotch tape on the anus, peal it off and have it examined for eggs under a microscope.
I'm serious, Scotch Tape is a real clinical test.
There are medicines that you can take to get rid of them but they are really not all that harmful, just icky and make yer butt itch. One ill effect pin worms have is they deplete your immune system. Your immune system should be fighting off infection, not pin worms.

Mine too....we could itch each others??

sometimes i get little bumps i can feel rub some lotion on it or take a antihistamine its like dermatitis

It sounds like you have hemorriods and need some preparation H.....some people just wake up and one day have it.

Tom K
Start using baby wipes, prefereably flushable ones, as a final wipe. They get anything that may have been missed and generally have lotion, too.

hard to tell not enough info, you could have anything from bad whiping skills, to pin worms, to herpes if you are truely concerned ask a doctor, we are obligated by law and oath to keep your privacy

by dont making silly questions man

Dana M
See your GP. It could be worms.

scratch it. If your crack itches, scratch it then wash your hands.

Add another ''T'' and scratch it!

American Mommy
This is what you do... stick your finger in there feel for any lumps then smell it. If it stinks wash it, powder it and well.... get a girl maybe it will get you into proper hygiene.

spoof ♫♪
this might be the funniest question i heard today.
if you don't know how to scratch your own butt (or how to spell butt) then how the heck did you know how to get onto the computer and log onto yahoo answers and type this question?

Whoda thunkit?
Wash the thing first. Then put some Hydrocortisone 1% cream or ointment on the itchy part.
Don't forget to either wash your hands or don't bite your fingernails afterwards.

christine e
What have you been doing ? lol

Eat a banana.

see how long u can go without scratching it

Miz Thang


What about your other conjunctions? Does your "and" itch as well? Try putting Calamine lotion on all your itching parts of speech.

Wipe for once in your life.

Scratch it

wipe better?

Brittnee S
Grow up

Emily M
Scratching it seems to be the reasonable answer. Maybe consider washing.

scratch it

My Name Is Ken
Do what u gotta, but please don't sniff your fingers afterward.

learn how to spell correctly

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