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jesuslovesme and your mom
Is AIDS really that bad?
i figure it gets rid of all the dumbasses who dont wear protection or do drugs. it also gets rid alot of the poor minorities in the south.

Wow, those are some really interesting statements. I have to say I don't agree.

What about those that did not have a choice about it? Like blood transfusion paients before they really started research about aids? There are tons of people out there they did not get it because they did not think, but mearly a stroke of bad luck in a LIFE SAVING "Supposably" blood transfusion.

Maria M
AIDS is very bad, no questions asked

I think you mean to ask, should we really be spending billions of dollars on a disease that is almost completely preventable. Well it is true, that if everyone acted accordingly, The AIDS virus could be completely wiped out in one generation, however that isn't going to happen. We still have irresponsible people on this planet, and that isn't going to change. Well, it is a bad disease, and plenty of people get it without knowing it, so I would say that the money is still justified.

Nah.All it does is kill you. So people will be fine.YES IT'S THAT BAD!!!

just m
yes Aids is bad., it can kill you. What about the innocent babies born with Aids? Did you also know that you can get Aids through a blood transfusion???????????? And for your information, there are people with Aids right here in the North, South, East, and West. I think maybe you need to read more about Aids before making ignorant comments!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ur such an IGNORANT and STUPID A**HOLE!! Did you know that you can get AIDS by a blood transfusion????? I just hope ur prejudism doesn't slap u in the face by getting it, then you will be part of those " dumbasses who dont wear protection or do drugs", and oh..... part of a poor minority in the south! Dumbf*cks like you make me sick!

Stop being stupid and grow up. Yes AIDS kills you. Its serious. I have an uncle who died from it. No drugs or anything like that was involved. Try blood transfusion.
Get a life

Just My Thoughts...
Your Name FITS your Personality and the first impression that you give PERFECTLY!!

good boy
you do make a good point there but AIDS also kills many other people

Judas Rabbi
Yes it is

Yes baby thats why its a pandemic..

Nancy Kay
well, let's hope then, for argument's sake, that you come down with it...then we'll see how bad you think it is

They don't have poor minorities in the north, east or west???? Thank God for that. Now if we can work on helping those in the south.

AIDS has killed dumbasses, druggies and poor minorities. AIDS has also killed smart people, talented artists, non-druggies, rich people and even children. It has left countless numbers of orphaned children in our world.
I guess it would depend on how a person looks at this devestation to decide if AIDS really is that bad.

Sasha S
Aids isnt always recieved by careless people who dont know their partners. As for the poor they havent done anything wrong to be ill stricken with it. I agree on the drug addict thing. But I dont agree with your iggnorant comment. Women, who were lets say raped but do not believe in abortion may birth a child. This child has done nothing to the world however the male who has raped the women may have transmitted aids not only to her but also the child now how is there any justice in that? You really should think a little deeper before making some bold statements. Now I am sure to some my example wont be well supported but think deeply, how many other ridiculous scenarios and events cause such quick and fatal spread of the disease. And to simply answer your question yes AIDS is THAT bad. Its diminishes your immunity to bacteria and diseases. Thus you are imminently prone to fatal exposure to common illness such as Flu, or Bronchitus, so and so forth.

Lady C'Nay
hell yes it is horrible it can and will kill you so from dat wat do u thihnk

Who's the dumbass here ?

watch rent dumba***

Mark K
Anything that can kill you is bad.

Kitty Hawk
uhmm yea it is pretty bad.......it kills people

Yeah, too bad they didn't manufacture one that killed only Republicans...

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