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If you have an STD would it show up on a blood test?

yes then u no

Yes. Yes to Herpes, yes to HIV/AIDS,yes to Syphllis, yes to Gonorreha, yes to Claymidia, I'm not sure what else there is, but I'd imagine that there is a test out there that could detect it. Oh, and I believe that they would have to be looking for it.

Some STD's could show up positive on blood work--ex.Syphillis,HIV,Hepatitis-B--othe... STD's will show up on exam of urethral swabs--ex.Gonnorrhea and Chlaymdia

yes, if they test for it, no if they don't. The exception is aids/hiv because your white blood cell count will be really elevated so they'll know you have some serious disease.

If you don't want it protect yourself and your partner by using condoms if you don't how can you tell if they have any std they won't tell you and they don't have it written on their foreheads
make sure if its not on its not on and stay healthy I hope after reading this you will take the time to go and see people that have HIV fully blown a friend of mine god rest his soul he got it from South America didn't use protection and said he was having a good time untill he started itching like mad 24 hours aday and the sores got worse and when I saw him in hospital
he didn't know who I was they lied to his mother and said it was lukeimia don't let that happen to you the desease is always out there somewhere

yes...and the sooner you are checked out the better...some std's show up in swabs or urine....but the most reliable is the blood test...even HIV tests are swabs....
Even if asymptomatic I would get a test if you suspect anything
Syphilis, Gonorrha, Herpes, Chlamydia, Hep ABCD, and Herpes can be detected in the blood...and no they do not have to be specifically looking for these...a good Dr will see the abnormality in the blood...
I also saw that some people on here are giving you time frames...for HIV the time line for the appearance of antibodies in the blood...and that is what we check for...can be longer than 11 months...so please listen to a Dr about the rest of the details, or a Nurse, or someone in the medical profession who is not playing at Y/A because this is your life and well being we are talking about here

The only way it will show up in a blood test is if u specificly ask for that test.

Source: I work for a doctor:)

Yes it would. That is why blood tests are required when people get married.

If it was a test meant to look for such. Also with a CBC (complete blood count ) your white count maybe elevated alerting your doctor to look further into why.

The sex Dr
If you have had a blood test to check for STD's then yes it would. Generally they don't but If you are worried that you have contracted an STD then get yourself down to the local family planning clinic where you can be tested.

Many thanks

yes, depending on the blood test, and if that is what they are looking for.

daljack -a girl
Yes....if the right blood tests are done.

If that's what the lab is testing for. There are many kinds of tests that can be done with blood. Checking your blood type won't show if you have an STD.

Depends on which STD you are talking about? Some show in blood tests, some dont.

Baby no.2 Sydney due anytime now
Usually NO, they run an different set of testings for std's, other then a normal blood test...

EDIT: If you want to know if you have contracted a STD you will have to ask specifically!!

Sarah the Unready
Some show up in blood tests, HIV and syphilus being the only ones I can think of.

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