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If you have a small cut in your mouth and you kiss someone can you get aids?
can someone be born with aids?

if you have a cut and kiss someone there is a pretty good chance you can get it! and of course you can be born with aids you can be born with ne thing

yep and ya

aids is seldomly transferred orally. But it is a possibility.

yes and yes

the other person also needs to have a cut but dont risk it. its bad. get tested


m&fn princess
yes and yes

yes and yes

only if you the one with AIDs is bleeding and the blood gets in your cut. and yes you can be born with AIDs, but i think your mom has to have it.


1. Yes u can get aids bye kissing someone with a cut in ur mouth because if that person has the virus it can spread from their mouth to urs.
2. Yes u can be born w/ aids. If the mother the mother is HIV positive

I learned this in school...lol!

How HIV is transmitted
You can become infected with HIV in several ways

If you kiss someone who has aids and you have a cut in your mouth then yes you can catch it. If a woman has aid and has a baby then the baby can be born with aids.

lol....if someone you kiss had aids yess you can get but if none no aids cant get..

yzarc jr
maybe if they happen to have a cut aswell

If the persons has the HIV Virus it is very possible for a person who has an open sore to become infected with it. Further, yes a child can be born with AIDS but this is only because the mother did not get prenatal care. Doctor's now have a drug that can be administered to HIV positive pregnant mother's to prevent their child from being born with the HIV Virus.

Shickity D
You can be born with HIV, not AIDS. And you can only get AIDS from someone if they have AIDS, which they would generally tell you if you tried to kiss them.

I believe transmitting AIDS (or HIV?) through kissing is only possible if BOTH kissers have cuts.

AIDS is not transmitted through saliva, it's transmitted through blood. So if an AIDS/HIV person with a wound kisses you, and their blood/traces of blood mixes into your wound, yes you are at risk.

Also, people aren't *technically* born with aids, but they can receive it during and after birth. Mothers with AIDS/HIV need to have C-sections to protect their babies. They should not breast feed, because it is transmitted through breast milk too.

It can also be dangerous to preform amniocenteses/other invasive tests during pregnancy.

Josie R
You can if the other person has a cut and both yours and the other persons are bleeding.

yep sadly you can be born with it and you can get it from any blood to blood contact also

Chessie's having a GIRL!
Yes you can contract AIDS by having a cut in your mouth and kissing someone who has AIDS. No people aren't born with AIDS, they are born with HIV the virus that causes AIDS, also not all children whose mother is HIV+ will be born HIV+. It's likely the child will be HIV+ but its not 100% sure thing.

yes and yes if they have aids you can get them by any direct exchange of body fluid's

and yes if mom has aids the baby can be born with it

you will NOT contract aids from kissing someone with a cut in your mouth. HIV is not transmitted through saliva. if someone ejaculates in your mouth that's a different story. and to your second question-yes-an hiv positive mother can pass the virus on to her unborn fetus. an hiv test is very important in the early months of pregnancy because medication throughout pregnancy will reduce the chances of the baby being born with hiv.

bill l

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