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If my girlfriend tests negative for STDs, does that mean i'm clean also?

ling m
no, you should test too.

Yes, and no, if she is your only partner then yes.. partly, but you should always get checked just in case you contracted it. like ur 90% clean.

No, STDs are not transfered everytime. If you have been with her a long while it is more likely that you are clean also but why not just go to a clinic and be safe. It's free.

jim p
nope, thats ur girlfriend...u gotta go get tested to see if ur clean

mr b
HELL NO!!!!! there are many diseases that are easier to find in women and not in men and vice versa..... also you dont know what she was tested for...... the only way for you to know if you are clean is to fully check yourself.

Um... How about YOU go get tested too... Duh.

No, unless that is the only person you have ever been with.

NO - get yourself tested.

Well, you never know.

The Nag
Nope, cause some STD's eventually do clear themselves up. Don't be a wuss and get tested. :-)

the only way to know you're safe is to get tested yourself

Not for sure. If she is the only one you have been with than you have a good chance but people are still born with it. I would go and get checked if you are really concerned.

Well yeah if shes the only one you've ever slept with. If you've slept with other then no. you could have some but not passed them on yet.

nope. you and her are two different people. you may have an std but haven't given it to her yet. get tested!

good luck! :D

no it doesnt! theres still a chance you could have something

Paul F
NO! The only way to be sure you have no STD's is to get tested yourself.

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