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I went to a dr. for a female problem, i was asked if i did any type of drug. i lied and said no. will it show?
I just wanted to know if they are not looking for it, will it show up that i was lying?

Jules la Muse
Unless you're taking a drug test, there's no reason for you to lie to the doctor. You're not less of a person if you say you've done drugs. Everything is confidential. It could be dangerous to your own health if you don't disclose truthful information.

if they test for it then yeah

they cant do a drug test with out informing you first. its illegal. and that shouldnt matter anyways. i dont think they can report you for anything. but you might want to tell them if it could have something to do with your female problem.

Why would you lie to begin with?

It may show, but they won't contact authorities, or family if that is what your are worried about. They aren't aloud to.

If they find anything, they will take you aside, privately, and tell you,"hey, in your toxicology report, you have THC or amphetamines in your system",,,,then you need to tell the truth at that point. (Mind you this is an example statement)

They cannot help you if you aren't honest, just remember that.
And at best, you will get a lecture on drugs and what they do to you, and how they do nothing for you.

This happened to a friend of mine, and to this day, her doctor knows everything about her, still rides her butt over her vices, but sees her, and treats her as best he can.

ex:she has carpal tunnel from cutting up marijuana,,,her doctor treats her for it, but tells her it would quit flaring if she would quit,but when that doesn't work, he merely suggests finding an ulterior method to cutting it up.

If they did a drug test than yes, it will probably show. And, lying about drug use is dangerous. The doctor could prescribe you something that could have a dangerous interaction with whatever you're using.

LeeAnn R
They may not do a test for it but it's a BAD idea to lie to your doctor, they can't arrest you for saying you've done it but they could give you another drug that might react with it and could hurt or even kill you. They can also misdiagnose due to symptoms from the drug. Do yourself a favor, get off the drugs and tell your doctors the truth!

You should always tell your doctor the truth!! You should have full dr./patient confidentiality in most cases (unless you are in the military and you are seeing a military doctor, then you have NO rights at all!!)

Since, in most cases, your doctor can not report you for doing drugs, it is best to be totally open and honest about what you are doing. Otherwise, your doctor can not give you the best care possible. What happens if he/she prescribes something that will have a bad reaction with the drugs you took?

It's highly unlikely that your doctor will run a drug screen specifically, though if they run a general tox screen fro some reason, whatever you are taking might show up. But that's not the point. Your doctor is legally required to keep any information you divulge, and any test results, confidential. By lying to him/her, you may be putting your health in danger because you are needlessly worried about legal action being taken. Recreational drugs (and prescription drugs) can alter the outcomes of tests and interact with other prescription drugs your doctor might give you. You doctor needs to know *anything* you are taking so that he or she can make the best decision about how to treat you. Most doctors see patients who take some sort of drug (legal or illegal) on a regular basis, and if they are professional, it should not in any way effect their attitude towards you or whether they are willing to treat you properly or not.

Never lie to your doc, hon, never..... not cool, and they really can't help you......

yes it will show if they are looking for it most job ask for an drug test to be done so if you are using drugs it will show

Your doctor has a responsibility to keep what you say between them and you.

By lying, you are possibly keeping yourself from receiving the treatment that is best for you.

You need to be honest about taking any medication, so your doc can treat you right. For example, if you say you don't drink, but usually drink a gallon of scotch per day, and the doc prescribes codeine Cough Syrup, then when you get blitzed and take your medicine, you die from the combination of meds and alcohol.


If you're having a regular blood work-up as part of a physical, the answer is no. Blood tests in that instance are specific ie: blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides etc.

The only time a blood test will reveal drug abuse is if they are looking specifically for a certain substance.

You should tell your doctor if you are taking any drugs though. They will be considered if he/she is prescribing medication for you as many drugs interact with each other and the results can be lethal.

Also remember, your physician is looking out for your best interest. They are bound by privilege and can't discuss your situation with anyone else. Most of them have seen it all before so don't worry about shocking them.

It could. Not fair to go to Doctor and not tell the truth.

depends on whta drug it is. some will not show on test results.

The won't test you for drugs.

When a doctor or medical professional asks you if you are on any kind of drugs or take any kinds of drugs it's more of a safety issue for you.

If they have to prescribe you something they don't want it to interact with something else you are taking. Also, certain infections and illnesses can actually be caused by drugs. A yeast infection for instance is commonly caused by antibiotics. The doctor may have asked you this to find out a potential cause for what ever you went it for.

It's never a good idea to lie to a doctor or medical professional about drugs you are taking. Certain drugs can be VERY harmful and even deadly if combined together (illegal or legal drugs). They won't run and tell the police if you are taking or doing something illegal.

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