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 How do you get the herpes?

for the last couple of dayz i need the toilet a lot and i drinkk a lott of water i got my urine checked 5 weeks ago and they said it was normal it also feels ichty
Additional Details

 If everyone gets cold sores, does that mean that they all have type 1 herpes?
I went to the doctors and found out the I have type 1 herpes. The virus that causes cold sores. He says not to worry and it probably wont ever happen again. And didnt prescribe me anything. But I ...

 Is it true that 3 squirts of hand sanitizer can kill a child?
I was told this was true. If so, don't you think daycare centers and schools should be more careful with this stuff? My granddaughter attends a daycare where this is used alot. Should we worry?...

 AIDS/HIV question here?
Hope you don't mind me asking this. . . If someone was diagnosed with AIDS/HIV 10 years after they came in contact with the virus, which would they have AIDS or HIV? and if they had HIV, would ...

 What's the difference between Aids and HIV?

 Ok an std concern ?
this is gross ..I'm sorry.....
but I usually shave my down stairs area ...but for the past week or 2 I didn't shave. today I noticed red bumps on that area where i usually shave. The ...

 I have a skin tag right on my pantyline, it can be removed right?
Can the obgyn do it or do i go to a dermatologist? How do you suppose I got it? Maybe from a tight panty line?...

 How to tell my boyfriend about an std?!?
My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year, and i contracted an std before i met him, i'm kind of skeptical if i should tell him, .. ya know he might not want to be with me anymore? (i haven&...

 How would someone get tested for Genatail warts ?
I have had my partner now for 2 years he just had a wart come out close to his rectum, I have never had anything come out but wants to get tested. How would I get tested for this?...

 What do you think about abstinence?

 A question about HPV??
Can you get HPV even if you use a condom?...

 Has anyone ever heard of HIV positive women knowingly infecting men with HIV virus???
Just curious, because in general I've heard vice versa.
Any info or link would be appreciated....

 Can Mosquitoes Give A Human Aids?
If a mosquitoe bites a person with aids, can it travel on the virus?...

 How long doesit take for an outbreak of HPV?
I have HVP and I was just wondering when the first outbreak will show?...

 Can you get Herpes from a toliet seat?
My roommate just got Herpes (and no, I'm not referring to myself, it really is my roommate lol). And I remember hearing a possible myth that you can get the STD from using the same toliet seat ...

 If a guy with aids shoots c** in a girls eye would she get aids?
someone asked me that quest. and of course i dont know. so maybe someone can answer it....

Give me some good reasons to stay abstinent from weed. ...

 Please anybody help me, im scareing myself!?
I keep thinking that I might have HIV. When i havent even been exposed to it! i have one partner. But im looking at all the symptoms and if i read one that i think i might have i really scare myself! ...

 What exactly causes HIV or Aids?

I hered that 1 person dies every 15 secs is that realy ture?!?
thats creepy eh

If they didn't you would probably have to have them as room mates.

bobbi usa rocks
yes it is the true facts about aids

Go to US Popclock http://0-www.census.gov.mill1.sjlibrary.org/population/www/popclockus.html

It's about 1 death in the US every 13 seconds!

(The person who made the aids statement is talking worldwide stats.)

Biker T
That seems very low especialy since I am directly responceable for no less tha two deaths every min... SOMEONE OUT THERE IS NOT KEEPING UP WITH THEIR QUOTAS!!!!

Serisouly though I bet is is more like how many people oie ever sedond than now many seoncds people die.

i'd say it's more often than that...but remember there's people being born all the time as well

Population growth rate:
Definition Field Listing
1.167% (2007 est.)
Birth rate:
Definition Field Listing Rank Order
20.09 births/1,000 population (2007 est.)
Death rate:
Definition Field Listing Rank Order
8.37 deaths/1,000 population (2007 est.)

3. deaths every . 15. minutes from goverment sources . www.gov. org www.cdc. com ?

Yes. But this is usually in places that have inadequate access to treatment for malaria, small pox and other curable diseases.

HIV or AIDS would be manageable, but when other "opportunistic infections" occur and are not treated in time, it can result in 1 person dying every 15 secs in lets say India or Africa.

It's so sad!....dont' you just feel so helpless?

yeah, people are dying all over world all day long for some reason or another

Yep it's even faster than that if records were to be kept in 3rd world countries BUT on the good side babies are being born at a faster rate world wide ...♥

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