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I gave my girlfriend AIDS but i can't get up the nerve to tell her how should I?
I got it from a girl I was cheating on her with and i didn't know until afterword that I was infected, to late oh well

Dude, u should like hide in Canada. Ur a f a g g o t

dude,you definetely need to tell her the truth,and whatever happens will happen

tell her a.s.a.p. and at least be a man and do that and tell her the truth .

A few questions for you: 1) were you tested? 2) has she been tested? Just because you slept with someone who has aids doesn't mean you do, but you definitely need to go through the gears and get the support you and your girlfriend needs. Be honest with her and be there for her. She might hate you and not want anything to do with you, but she might also be scared and need someone to talk to. Do for her what she needs!

Make a giant poster and put it on her front door so everyone who passes by will know it too.

Coma White (jsts22)
I am not sure if you are serious or kidding. But if you are serious, that is horrible, and you do not deserve to live.

billy s
Damn if your going to cheat at least use protection so you don't put her at risk that she has no part of.You have really ****** up 2 lives haven't you.I don't feel sorry for you but I do for her.And you better tell her so she can get to a doctor.

are you kidding?

Just tell her you have it; Hopefull she gets the clue..

I like that, "to late, oh well".

Why tell her? You don't actually care otherwise you'd know that without the information she'll die. Then it won't matter.

(most of you don't actually recognize sarcasm when you see it so let me take this opportunity to let you in on it. This is sarcasm.)

If you're girlfriend (soon to be EX girlfriend) was laying on the ground with a knife sticking out of her, or injured by in an accident would you help her then?

Since you obviously lack the moral courage to face her, leave her an email, "oh by the way, I have AIDS and I gave it to you. Do you want your CD's back?"

"to late" indeed.

When you're done telling her about her potential death sentence you should move to Oregon. They have physician assisted suicide. That would be the best treatment for what ails YOU. (and I don't mean the aids)

Oh Well?
leave her a message in a suicide note

Mighty C
This is a wind-up...

oh my lord. umm well i think you should come out and tell her the truth. say that she should go and get tested because.... and then tell her the story. be prepared to get things thrown at you. good luck!

you better tell her. you may have killed her and you're going to be too big of a wimp to tell her? she needs to get tested. tell her asap. be a man, seriously

are you sure she has it? i would leave town dude and email her or write a letter. cause if she was my sister id find you and ***** you up something good.

you shouldn't have cheated on her A S S ** H O L E

medic red 9
if your not joking i hope you rot i hell.

Oh well? Guys like you give us a bad name! You just ruined the life of another girl, and all you can do is go on yahoo answers, and ask how should you tell her?

Jessica .
Too late, oh well? Ohh boy. You better lose that ignorant attitude or she's going to take legal action against you. First of all, its not 100% sure that you've given it to her. If you want to try and save her life, TELL HER. STRAIGHT UP.

You scum bag

Oh well?!? She's infected for LIFE!!!!! Tell her A.S.A.P.

Like smoked salmon and cheese
She should never of been with you. You should never be with anybody again A S S WHOLE

I'll help you by forwarding the link to this question to the appropriate Federal Health department and let them track you down with Yahoo's assistance.

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