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 Can you get STD's from KISSING someone?
like HIV or herpes?...

 My boyfriend has herpies is it contagious?
My boyfriend has herpies, but i dont want to make out with him or anything if i could catch it. idk much about it to begin with, so some general info would be helpful!
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 STD transmitted through kissing?
CAN IT BE PASSED THROUGH SALIVA?I know it can be passed by herpes or cold sores but im suoer curious! PLEASE ANSWER HONESTLY !!

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How do I prevent myself from catching oral herpes?
I read that 90% of people over 40 have it. I tested negative for oral herpes so I don't have immunity towards it. My roommate got cold sores, and I'm afraid of catching it because it would make me more vunerable to HIV.
How do I prevent catching it from him?
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does anyone know how contagious the virus is? I mean, can I still use utensils after they've been washed? does microwaving bowls kill the virus or freezing bowls?

dont make out with your man hahhaah

don't do anything

chrissy x
Do not kiss him, share his drinks, toothbrush, anything that goes in or near your mouth, etc.

don't kiss him, don't drink from a common cup, don't use any utensils that he does, and wash your hands frequently. If you tested negative for the varicella virus, you may want to get the vaccine that is now available. Oral Herpes is caused by the same virus that causes the Chicken Pox.

stay sterile, warn him of your concern

Don't use any chap stick or drink from the same cup, an so on..of that person.
no kissing of cores.its when the puss filled bump on your roommates mouth touch something, then ,like a cup, then you drink from that cup that's not washed.Not to be mean but watch your roommate ,does he or she touch it (the bumps)with there finger then touch something else with out washing there hand first.if so ,tell them to wash there hands after touching the bumps before touch the door nobs or anything.you don't wont that puss on you ,that's grouse.chlorox clean-up with bleach kills germs,it a good idea to clean with it .

momma b
Don't kiss him or use his toothbrush.

Okay Mr. Paranoid. Do you expose yourself to HIV all the time? Don't worry about it and just use common sense. Don't kiss your roommate or borrow his lipstick and you will be fine.

cold sore's are a minor form of herpes but can be spread. The only way to keep from ever getting it is to never have your mouth on anything that has herpies. you can get them in other place's beside the mouth. You might want to let your roommate now that a vitamin supplement called l-Lysine will help cold sore's heal faster and taken daily will keep them from coming back just for there comfort.

The Man In The Dark, Who Needs U
Do not kiss him

Just becuase you tested negative doesn't mean you don't have it. You have to have an recent outbreak to have the anitbodies in your blood. That's the wonderful thing about herpes and why so many people have it and do not know. 90% of peeps with HSV-2 (although it's not oral) that have it do not know.

However, if you do not get oral sores then you probably don't have it. In anycase, you probably shouldn't swap spit with your roommate if he is having an oral breakout, or share his utensils.


does he have that ..u need to keep everything seperate from his

Wow! Talk about misinformation. Herpes does not make you vulnerable to HIV. Totally different disease!

The vast majority of the population (has nothing to do with being over 40) has Herpes Simplex I. It is highly contageous.

If you have it, you need to avoid physical contact with others as soon as you feel the onset tingle of symptoms.

If you don't have it, you need to avoid physical contact with others who may have it. This includes kissing, sharing cups, touching (infected persons hands touch their cold sore and then touch you), etc.

do not kiss him

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