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 Private area prob....?
So..I have little bumps down there..they are not actually inside my vag**a but they are around. They come and go. I shave, but they dont look like the usual bumps. They are really small and have ...

 Can you get STD's from KISSING someone?
like HIV or herpes?...

 My boyfriend has herpies is it contagious?
My boyfriend has herpies, but i dont want to make out with him or anything if i could catch it. idk much about it to begin with, so some general info would be helpful!
Additional Details

 Are AIDS and poverty related?

 What's worse herpes or gonnorhea?

 Should i get an HPV shot?
how do i know if i need to get one?...

 Queation about Aids, please help me?
why are some areas of the earth so much hard hit with aids then others are?
Additional Details
question...oops mispelled ...

 Handjob!! =P?
Is it what i think it is? Getting someone to use their hand to do to a man, what he would do to himself with his hand? if u get what i mean?
basically!! is it someone w**king you off?...

 Can you get an std from a tottoo parlor?

 Does aids spread through a massage?

 STD transmitted through kissing?
CAN IT BE PASSED THROUGH SALIVA?I know it can be passed by herpes or cold sores but im suoer curious! PLEASE ANSWER HONESTLY !!

 How long can AIDS/HIV live outside the human body?

 What is one symptom of gornorrhea?
the most known symptom of gornorrhea is a burning sensation while urinating.,...

 I thought i had it for sure!?
chlamidia....went for a test last thurs and the woman told me she would ring in about 10 days if i had but if i dont hear from hear eveything is ok...i still havent heard! i was positive i had it? im ...

 I hered that 1 person dies every 15 secs is that realy ture?!?
thats creepy ...

 When pregant do you get tested for STD's?

 HIV caught in regular blood tests?
Is it possible for HIV to be detect somewhat in regular blood tests? A friend and me come onto the subject and was curious. I mean would the results be somewhat off or not actually right to show ...

 Is herpes an autoimmune deficiency. And do you have to take lifetime medication for it?

 What is crabs?
ok ive herd its like some kind of disease like thing and i wanna know what exactly it ...

 When was the first recorded AIDS case?

How did the AIDS virus originate?

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Actually the first case was with five gay men in Los Angeles not New York

interesting Q I hope that we get some varied and original none rude and racist Q as we normally do on here


See Horowitz's book EMERGING VIRUS'S AIDS AND EBOLA. Short answer it was created in the lab at Ft. Dettrick Maryland.

Random Joe
it likely happened with people in africa eating monkey meat

apparently from monkeys but who really knows where such things come from. It's one of the mysteries of life.

Dave X
This MUST be a mutant mixture of several diseases within the human body arrived at over milleniums.

amanda c
In the 1970's a host of new exotic diseases started spreading around the world as a result of increasing mobility. One such was 'Green monkey disease' which seems to be unheard of now. When the cause of AIDS was being investigated one of the vectors being looked at was the e coli bacterium. The other big story at the time was DNA and genetic engineering.

It might have been from a polio vaccine scientist were experimenting with.It is a hard virus toctach and transspecies is unlikely.

From Africans doing the dirty with monkeys, apparently.

just fine
its believed to have come from monkeys, passed through blood.

we are led to believe it originated from the African green monkey,its bite infecting humans,but who really knows?

david f
If you believe the conspiracy theories on the Internet it was deliberately introduced by the US government as a kind of biological warfare. Odd that it first appeared in the gay community in New York - that's rather a long way from any African monkeys....

Well one theory is that two seperate primate viruses mutated to form a new virus, the AIDS virus, and that a human hunted a monkey down with this new virus and it infected the person when the animals' blood got into a cut on him or he ate the monkey's flesh.

It is a question with no real one-solution answer.

From African monkeys infected with virus, transported to the United States back as early as 1970.

in a lab

bubbles was eating off michaels plate

tony c
the first recorded case of acquired immune deficiency syndrome originated in the gay communes of 1970's new york.

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