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 Ok an std concern ?
this is gross ..I'm sorry.....
but I usually shave my down stairs area ...but for the past week or 2 I didn't shave. today I noticed red bumps on that area where i usually shave. The ...

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Any info or link would be appreciated....

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someone asked me that quest. and of course i dont know. so maybe someone can answer it....

Give me some good reasons to stay abstinent from weed. ...

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 When i have a pee theres long white things in it any one know?

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 I just asked a girl to go out with me. she said she dont know.what should i take it as yes or no????

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Is this possible?...

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 Can you get aids from someone's saliva?
Every time my boyfriend and I kiss, he uses alot of tongue. And sometimes I end up with alot of his spit in my mouth, and I swallow it. He's not a virgin, but he swears he's been tested and ...

Louis Friend
How benneficial is it to completely shave down there If you get crabs (STDs)?
Also, what about head lice, can't you just shave your head completely?

jessica h
Well ive been told it will completely get rid of them but i wouldnt trust that so much, if i were you id use the stuff you get from the drug store to kill them, then shave so u get all the eggs off the hair folicles too, but for your own sake please dont shave then use the special shampoos! that would hurt! lol good luck

d-low a
its not really bennaficial
but head lice yea u can just shave

Keeping it Real
Very benneficial! No hair = no lice... just make sure all the bedding gets wash with all your clothes! And vaccum a lot too... those little buggers can be hiding everywhere!

ya but wus the point of havng to cut it off when u can just use a special shampoo

When I caught crabs.... I used the lice shampo to kill the living ones. Then you're SUPPOSED to do it again to get the eggs...
But I thought that stung too much...

so I shaved bald & problem was solved

You DO have to do the shampoo 1st....because if not they'll go into your skin & become scabies

sorry it doesn't work like that. it doesn't matter that u shaved down there,as soon as the hair grow back u will be itching again and even before it all grows back.the same go with head lice. what it all boils down to is that u are gonna eventually have to get the shampoo kit. that's the only way that i know of the get rid of them for good.

you can but they also dig and burrow into the skin and lay eggs so you would still need to use the proper shampoos or whatever, I wouldn't shave my head for head lice, though I might shave down below for crabs, will probably clear the situation faster

Hang on. These are lice. lice are parasites. A person needs an anti-parasitic agent. There are prescription shampoos, creams, ointments that kill faster and better than shaving Shaving won't kill it anyway. it could cut some off. So seal thathair up and throw it out, far away from any house. 20 feet is good. 15 feet is ok. The are tiny spiders (bad ones) so picture it and you will know what you are doing. Getting rid of lice isa PROCESS. it takes a month. Vacuuming 10 x the first day, and twice a day after that for a month. Vacuum furniture, corners, everything. If you can get a rug/surface spray from a doctor use that too. In my experinces, over the coutner stuff is a total rip off. You NEED the prescription stuff. Get it from a cheap clinic if you must. IF they sold it over the counter, people would find a way to drink it, I swear. And die and sue. YOU can getit over the counter in Mexico I know. I dunno if it's legal to bring it back though. The trick to geting rid of it forever, is to clean EVERYTHING AROUND YOU SO THEY DON'T CRAWL BACK ON YOU! (note that "crabs" canmove to the head hair, vice versa. Even to the eyelashes and eyebrows!) If they are only in yer underwear, you are lucky. Then you only have to clean clothes and sheets, pillows, bankets. I'd be more worried if it's head lice because that can be spread from couches, rugs, hats, hair ties, combs, brushes, etc. throw what you can, OUT! In a sealed bag. Shorter hair is easier to get the eggs off of tho, so that is true, because with shorter hair, you can actually see the eggs (nits) easier ad get rid of them. Several doses are needed in case some nits do hatch and they start again. 3 doses ususally gets them all. 7 days apart I beleive but follow directions on the prescription. If you miss the 7th day do it the 8th day. It might be 10 days. I'm not sure. The lates t directions will be the most accurate, I'm not a doctor. (btw, parasites include stomach worms, pinworms, etc. But don't drink the stuff, it's all poisonous. Hey, if the hair gets cut at all or off, don't shake the hair around. Put it carefully in the trash and seal the trash bag up good. Vacuum everything 10 times, and through a way the bag. If vacuum has a bucket, you might need to pray the bucket with spider killing spray. Do that ourdoors os it does not choke you or your pets. know that are related to spider and crabs. Lobsters too (I know.) So guess they are arthropids? Regular insecticides won't work. Been a while since I took that course. If someone still has it after a month, start all over. It CAN be controlled and eliminated. For head lice you might wanna ask for Lindane. Follow directions. It might be the same thing for crabs. It comes in shampoo and cream. Ask for both. It's dangerous but soothing. Follow directions and be assured it kills lice great. -sd

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