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 How would someone get tested for Genatail warts ?
I have had my partner now for 2 years he just had a wart come out close to his rectum, I have never had anything come out but wants to get tested. How would I get tested for this?...

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 A question about HPV??
Can you get HPV even if you use a condom?...

 Has anyone ever heard of HIV positive women knowingly infecting men with HIV virus???
Just curious, because in general I've heard vice versa.
Any info or link would be appreciated....

 Can Mosquitoes Give A Human Aids?
If a mosquitoe bites a person with aids, can it travel on the virus?...

 How long doesit take for an outbreak of HPV?
I have HVP and I was just wondering when the first outbreak will show?...

 Can you get Herpes from a toliet seat?
My roommate just got Herpes (and no, I'm not referring to myself, it really is my roommate lol). And I remember hearing a possible myth that you can get the STD from using the same toliet seat ...

 If a guy with aids shoots c** in a girls eye would she get aids?
someone asked me that quest. and of course i dont know. so maybe someone can answer it....

Give me some good reasons to stay abstinent from weed. ...

 Please anybody help me, im scareing myself!?
I keep thinking that I might have HIV. When i havent even been exposed to it! i have one partner. But im looking at all the symptoms and if i read one that i think i might have i really scare myself! ...

 What exactly causes HIV or Aids?

 When i have a pee theres long white things in it any one know?

 If you have herpes can you still kiss people?

 I just asked a girl to go out with me. she said she dont know.what should i take it as yes or no????

 I think tylenol pm gave me chlamydia?
Is this possible?...

 My brother is HIV positive. He is careless and ate my carryout, can I get it?
My HIV positive brother ate my carryout from the box. Then I ate it without knowing. Can his saliva transmit HIV to me. I have a nervous habit of biting the skin off in my mouth... socould it be ...

 Can you get aids from someone's saliva?
Every time my boyfriend and I kiss, he uses alot of tongue. And sometimes I end up with alot of his spit in my mouth, and I swallow it. He's not a virgin, but he swears he's been tested and ...

 My boyfriend is hiv pos and i am not should i leave for my own safety?

 Seriously! Can you catch STI's from a toilet seat?
My workplace toilets are really scummy and smelly. Most of the time I try and hold it until I get home because there is all kinds of nastiness on the toilet seats. When I go, I never sit on the seat ...

 Can HIV be detected with the naked eye, after the blood has been drawn into little plastic tube things?

Additional Details
LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!!...

Herpes question......?
My sister is dating a man who just told her he has Herpes. He said that he was diagosned with it 25 years ago but has never had an outbreak since then. No blood tests were ordered, I guess the doctor just looked at it and said that is what it was. Can you actually go 25 years with no outbreak??? Thanks
Additional Details
He is going to get some blood work done soon to just be sure. I just think that it's really strange you can go that long without an outbreak.

I've done a lot of research on Herpes since I have it and you can definately go that long with no outbreak, especially men. Most men are asymptomatic anyway. I have met some people that have had one outbreak and that was only the initial one. The longer you have it the less likely you are to break out b/c your body learns to suppress it better. I have had it for 3.5 years and I have had 2 outbreaks but everyone is different.

Sometimes, STDs in guys do not have symptoms or effects, they just carry it and can pass it around. This could be the case with his.

Yes, a person can go 25 years without ever showing symptoms of the disease. Your sister has a serious question to ask herself. Does she care enough for this man to share this burden with him for THE REST OF HER LIFE.

Although I have read that many people live very satisfing lives with this disease, I just can't neglect the fact that all relationships don't last.

Good Luck to your sister.


marcus c
theres no cure for herpes today , just ar areamedicines to help comfort the out break area. just because he shows no outbreaks on his lower area doesnt mean he doesnt have it still,out breaks could be blisters on the mouth, constants rubbing of his privates ,breaks outs usually accur doing heated days, over humid in the underwe

The Nurse
yes it is possible for herpes to be in the body and not know it or have an outbreak. i know some patients who had herpes and it didnt appear for 30 years. there is now a cure for it. talk to a doctor who can make an appointment for laser removal with medications and ointments after.

That is usually how they diagnose herpes. My OBGYN took one look at me and knew I had herpes.

I guess it is possible to go 25 years without an outbreak. It does seem highly unlikely but I guess it could be possible. It's been about 2 years since I had one. But I know that's not 25 years!

It's good that he is going to go and get tested again. His first doctor may have diagnosed him wrong.

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