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for the last couple of dayz i need the toilet a lot and i drinkk a lott of water i got my urine checked 5 weeks ago and they said it was normal it also feels ichty
Additional Details

Help"its stings an sore when i have a pee an get pains at my side?

drink Cranberry juice - it's not called "Ocean Spray" for nothing!

sounds like the clap

That sounds like something nasty, see a doctor immediately!!!

probably a kidney infection

Go to a doctor, you have something going on that needs treatment, it should never hurt to urinate.

laura cj
Sounds like you have a nasty water infection/kidney infection especially is the pain is slightly more towards the back of your side (if that makes any sense). Drinks loads of H2O and see your Gp you'll probably need antibiotics, dont wait too long they can turn nasty.

Hi it could be a water infection, try drinking a pint of water every hour and see it that helps, but if it hasnt gone then go to the doctors you may need some antibiotics to clear it up, it it doesnt start to clear up after about 3 pints then i would go to the doctors and not leave it anylonger. Ive had a water infection like cystitis and i know how uncomfortable it is.

Yes - most the above is correct. I want to add that the pain may subside when you drink lots of water or Cranberry juice but still go to the doctor because you will need antibiotics to kill it off properly as it can continue to lurk unnoticed otherwise.

If your pain is like a stitch (after you run) on your side you might have a kidney stone.

I had a kidney stone. My side, right below the rib cage hurt a lot. A urinary Tract stings when you pee.
Either way you probably need to go to the doc, otherwise it could get worse.

Sexy Red
Hi it sounds to me you have a water infection i have many off these so i know,go see your gp and he will test your water and give you antiobiotics Godd Luck

It sounds like a bladder infection. You need antibiotics before it goes into your kidneys. If needed go to the E.R.

Drink lots of water and Cranberry juice.

see your gp you have a bladder infection. and you need antibiotics if you leave it it will get worse and travel to your kidneys thats the danger.

Get to the doctor now, you have a kidney infection and are running a big risk of serious complications by delaying the visit.

nuclear farter
just go to the doc take no chances

Sounds like a urinary Tract infection to me. Possibly involving your kidney a little too if you're getting pains in your side.... Go to your docs and get some anti-biotics, If they're your only symptoms, you'll be fine.

It sounds like cystitis, a urine infection. Go to the Dr and get antibiotics now. Don't suffer any longer.

could possibly be a urinary Tract infection

Could be more like a kidney infection or a bladder infection. not neccesarily an STD....go to the doctors please, and get some antibiotics..don't put this off..do you have a fever?.....don't let this get into your blood stream..this doesnt sound so much like an std to me, but a bladder infection that has gotten out of hand...please go see a doctor and start getting those antibiotics..and drink plenty of fluids if you can to keep your kidneys flushed

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