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 Ok an std concern ?
this is gross ..I'm sorry.....
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 A question about HPV??
Can you get HPV even if you use a condom?...

 Has anyone ever heard of HIV positive women knowingly infecting men with HIV virus???
Just curious, because in general I've heard vice versa.
Any info or link would be appreciated....

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 Can you get Herpes from a toliet seat?
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 If a guy with aids shoots c** in a girls eye would she get aids?
someone asked me that quest. and of course i dont know. so maybe someone can answer it....

Give me some good reasons to stay abstinent from weed. ...

 Please anybody help me, im scareing myself!?
I keep thinking that I might have HIV. When i havent even been exposed to it! i have one partner. But im looking at all the symptoms and if i read one that i think i might have i really scare myself! ...

 What exactly causes HIV or Aids?

 When i have a pee theres long white things in it any one know?

 If you have herpes can you still kiss people?

HIV caught in regular blood tests?
Is it possible for HIV to be detect somewhat in regular blood tests? A friend and me come onto the subject and was curious. I mean would the results be somewhat off or not actually right to show that something needed further checked?

If there is any question of the symptoms of having HIV then the Dr will order blood work to be done for that. They would have to know to be looking for that in particular. There are certain tubes they use to help determine someones counts in their blood for the HIV/AIDS viruses.

When you take an HIV test, the person testing your blood is looking specifically for that virus.

When the doctor orders a blood test (for HIV or anything else), they tell the lab what they're looking for specifically and the lab looks for that specifically.

Make sense?

So....unless you're testing a test specifically for HIV, you'll most likely not get an accurate result for the presence of HIV.

Hope that helps........

You need to ask to be tested for HIV they only test the blood for the particular tests the doctor wants to get.

A regular routine blood test does not usually involve HIV tests. If the doctor suspects you may have HIV they will recommend a blood test to check for the presence of HIV.

the only way to detect HIV in a blood test is to have the HIV test. If you have any other blood work it will only check for what it is suppose to check for. Like in emergency rooms they don't check for HIV,syphilis,or hepatitis unless you are having a surgery.

To get HIV tested you have to get your blood checked
to find out if you have it or not

An HIV Test must specifically be ordered to get results for antibodies to that particular virus. If you get a basic blood panel their maybe abnormal results that would prompt your physician to check further, but that could be due to any type of infection or problem, in no way can a basic blood panel tell you if you have HIV.

Wow, most of the answers you have received are true with exception of one that is moronic. HIV is a specialized test that is performed commonly via the ELISA testing method. The other test used for conformation is the Western Blot. Due to strict laws such as the Ryan White act and HIPPA, HIV is never tested without the consent of the donor. To answer your question simply: no, HIV is not nor will ever be detected by routine blood testing. Prior to drawing and testing for HIV, consent must be obtained from the individual, most facilities require a signature of understanding and consent to test for the presence of HIV antibodies. To answer your questions about atypical findings in routine blood test; the least complex answer is no. However, if one was to have full blown AIDS, then there would be clear indication to proceed with testing for the HIV antibody. If your friend or you as it may be feel that you need to be tested for the HIV antibody, I greatly encourage you to be tested without delay. It will most likely bring an enormous freedom and peace of mind. Good Luck....................

No HIV test ever made Detects HIV. It's not possible, They only detect Proteins which are claimed to be specific to HIV, ( ANTI BODIES, NOT VIRUS).
Watch this film and you will learn something...

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