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 Scared shitless.?
I am 19 years old. I am a hypochondriac. I also suffer from a phobia of HIV.

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 Can you get STD's from KISSING someone?
like HIV or herpes?...

 My boyfriend has herpies is it contagious?
My boyfriend has herpies, but i dont want to make out with him or anything if i could catch it. idk much about it to begin with, so some general info would be helpful!
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question...oops mispelled ...

 Handjob!! =P?
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 Does aids spread through a massage?

 STD transmitted through kissing?
CAN IT BE PASSED THROUGH SALIVA?I know it can be passed by herpes or cold sores but im suoer curious! PLEASE ANSWER HONESTLY !!

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chlamidia....went for a test last thurs and the woman told me she would ring in about 10 days if i had but if i dont hear from hear eveything is ok...i still havent heard! i was positive i had it? im ...

 I hered that 1 person dies every 15 secs is that realy ture?!?
thats creepy ...

 When pregant do you get tested for STD's?

 HIV caught in regular blood tests?
Is it possible for HIV to be detect somewhat in regular blood tests? A friend and me come onto the subject and was curious. I mean would the results be somewhat off or not actually right to show ...

 Is herpes an autoimmune deficiency. And do you have to take lifetime medication for it?

For me to think that STDs/catching an std is cool , is there something wrong?

duh yes, i think there is something wrong with that. stds are not cool to have. most people would not want to get one or have anything to do with a partner who has one. some can be life threatening and incurable, the ones that are u will have to deal with having one the rest of your life. people will be angry at u for giving them one.

theres a lot wrong with that sentence, and obviously your logic.

Jackie D
umm yea sweet heart theres nothing cool about it that can mess with your life and you can give it off to someone who dosent want to have it if you think catching stds are cool then yes there its something wrong talk to your doctor about this to learn more about stds then decide if catching it is still cool

ahh.. hell yeah there's something wrong. why would you want to. there are some that don't have a cure for! and you would have to live with that.

nobody puts baby in the corner
very wrong


I would say so.....YEA

hell, yeah...

isnt that like wishing you had a horrible disease.

STDs arent fun, i think it is best to avoid them.

there nothing wrong with thinking its cool, as long as you dont mind the severe pain, social stigma and health factors. aids will kill you eventually for instance.

Carl W
Yes, STD's will ruin your life and the lives of others.

just with you gene pool for asking such a dumb question.

You insult everyone who has a STD.

Just another pot head loser.

May J
yes std's can damage your reproductive cycle. they are not something to mess around with.

Ya dig?
Well, if you wanna live the rest of your life with a disease and reduce your chances of ever getting laid again, who am I to stop you? Go right ahead.

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