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Ok, I am at work and my mom brought me a baked potato from McCallister's.

I have 3 concerns!

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 Is AIDS really that bad?
i figure it gets rid of all the dumbasses who dont wear protection or do drugs. it also gets rid alot of the poor minorities in the south....

 If you have a small cut in your mouth and you kiss someone can you get aids?
can someone be born with aids?...

Do u believe there is a cure for Aids?
i want to know if there is really a cure because theres always a cure for anything except death.
Additional Details
but dont u ppl believe that those scientist have found the cure but if they seell the antidote that they will not get alot of money like how the keep giving these tablets which only helps just to prevent cold. the more they sell them the more money comes in. have u ever thought of that.

There is a cure for almost everything


Right now therez no cure.Yes,therez no cure 4 anything except death,but,something should lead u to death,death is not a disease,its what happens when the disease cannot be cured....

I believe (and this is a professional and informed opinion) that the current protease inhibitors are an actual cure for AIDS. However, AIDS is not like most diseases. It hides in your body, going latent for long periods of time. It's much like herpes in this regard (except, unlike herpes, it's fatal when it expresses itself). It takes a loooong time for your body to shed itself of the disease. Probably decades. If you screw around with your drugs during that time, and it comes back, likely it will now be resistant to treatment. That's bad news. But, if you faithfully take your drugs, the way you are supposed to and don't screw around with them, I think it is highly likely that, after a few decades of no sign of the disease, you are cured. It will be a very long time before that hypothesis has credible research to back it up. But, if I had to bet my life on it, that's what I would bet on.

With that regard, I would like to say something about protease inhibitors. I was going to school in Chicago at the time that they became available. At the time, there was a clinic in the city, which I won't name where AIDS patients went to die. There was a long waiting list to get into that hospital and nobody ever went home from that place. Months after that drug came out, that clinic became empty. There were very few patients to fill its beds.

That pretty much says it all, by my thinking.

nope not yet ...hopefully in the near future there will be

According to Bill Hicks people will be ****ing on the streets once the cure is found. Haven't seen it too often yet, so I guess not.

It's under research and soon enough there will be

No, mutates like the common cold. And there is no cure like the common cold.

Yes I do,if they anounced it,they coulded keep getting money for reseach from people and different organizations.

You mean is there a cure for HIV. I would say no. A cure for HIV would mean a cure for the cold, flu, and all the other viruses. Viruses are easy to kill, but not without killing the host cells.

sure theres a cure, its called death.

well there is one cure as long as you beleive in Allah, then you can start wishing..

No.. Who told you there is a cure for everything? There are many diseases out there which have no cure like AIDS, Loopus, Psoriasis and others.

not yet

not yet.....its like the cold virus. It can't be killed and lives in your body forever. You can just supress it with cold medicine. We would know if there was a cure for Aids. But of course, the more $$ you have the chances of you living longer are increased because you can afford better treatment.

I imagine one day they probably will find a cure but it's just a long time in coming. HIV has many faces, it isn't just one type. One person will have this type of infection while another will have a different type. That's why even 2 HIV infected people having a realtionship should still use protection. Because they'll be passing their different infections back and forth between them and then it becomes a different type of infection. I hope you get what I mean. I'm not sure how to explain it any clearer.

yes there is: HOT SOAP WATER.....BUT!!!!!!!!! you can not inject a person with hot soapy water because it will kill them. therefore, researches are trying to find ways to cleans the blood without killing the patients

ya but the government aint going to give it to you cause they will loose millions of dollars

Aids is a virus. There is no cure for any virus.

no not yet there isn't a cure to make cancer go away completely it just helps it feel less painful

I think there is, but the people are making so much money on treatment med, they is go out of business if there was a cure

nope you're screwed

Not today ,may be in near future.

~*~ Flutterby ~*~
an undiscovered cure, or truth to the constant rummors that they have already found a cure? I honestly don't think there is one, or that there ever wil be. If we still haven't been able to cure a cold, how can we cure aids? I think the "powers that be" created aids because we miss treated life. unfortunatly it doesn't seem to be the "bad" pleple whom are inflicted.

Best Answer
No, but there is a prevention. Live in a plastic bubble all your life

not today but in few years yes

I think there is a cure for everything, they either don't know about it yet, or they do know and are keeping it quiet for some reason.

[email protected]
some where out there

yes.. i believe that there is actually a cure for Aids.. sciences will someday discover the cure..

I only have one thing to say...Majic Johnson! (there is a cure, you just have to be filthy rich to afford it) Besides, if they were to cure everyone with AIDS or cancer, the world would be way overpopullated! We couldn't have that! things that make you go hhmmmmmm.....

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