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 HELP!! how do i make my dad STOP smoking?
My dad has been smoking a number of years..more than i was alive for..anyways, how can i make him stop! Ive tried threatning him, nicotine gum, and i just have run out of ideas! Please help me.......

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who the hell cares about my spelling.
btw, im 15. and its very spread out smoking. most at one time was ...

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 Since flue have been in our planet for million's of years how come our great scientist have not a cure for it
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 Smoking ban!?
who else is fed up of this smoking ban i think it is ridiculous, what about the people who drive and all that pollution they cause?
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going to new york on thursday
Will you Pray for him??
this guy that is in the hospital with pesticidice and he has breathing problems on top of that means so much to me. will u please please Pray for him??
Additional Details
his name is jordan.. if u wanna know thank u ur greatly appreciated.. God Bless You

‚ô•Mickie James‚ô•
Yes I sure will


of course, i lost a friend with breathing problems not to long ago and i dont want that to happen to someone else

El Duderino

I will!

Katyy W
i will keep him in my prayers.. and his family

I will pray for him..GOD BLESS HIM! hope he gets betters and there is better news to hear to next time....

Dana the Great
Of course.

God bless.

Jasmine K
I really struggle to pray, but I will try. Hope he gets well soon.


Stay strong!! Get better soon! :-)

lexi love
i will right now

I'm melting...:(((((((( away
I wis him all the best

yup i will =)

I will I hope he is all better soon

i hope he gets well.


Father we come together in Jesus name in agreement right now for Jordon. Lord fill his hospital room with Your presence. Make your presence known to him. Touch his heart and his body. Lord, if He doesn't know you speak to his heart through Your Holy Spirit and draw him to a saving knowledge of Your son Jesus Christ. Lord bless this friend who cares for him and is asking for prayer for him. Be glorified in this situation. In Christs name we ask. Amen
† Christ's Bondservant Prayer Warrior †

#19 Smiley
I will pray for him and I hope with all my heart that he gets better. Wish you and him the best.

F. BABY ‚ô•
God bless jordan and help him in whatever way possible.

I will.


i will only because my grandma passed away from the same thing and it is a scary time soo i will keep him in my prayer until he is better

My heart goes out to you guys

my imperfections make me perfect
i will thats so sad

i will pray 4 him. i have faith in the Lord that he will get healed.

Tare Panda luvs Manga!
of course! Hope hes ok. :-)

Faith S
Oh my gosh i will tonight and the next and the next oh you must be hurt :( its okay i think people with a heart will pray i know i will...ill pray for you too:) (oh i picked you as a best answer) :D
--Byes ps.take care of him love him:)

have a wonderful day hun

stay strong

god bless you and him

Heavenly Father...
Bless this boy Jordan who is in a spot of trouble at the moment and help him so that he can come out on top and be happy and healthy again.

i pray for a few people each time i go to church, and i will pray for him too.

he has the same name as my bro...scary....^+^ you are such a sweet heart, what you are doing is amazing!!!!!!!!!

Father in the name of Jesus, I pray for Jordan, that you will heal him of all of his diseases- we know you as a healer, father. I pray that you will make all of his organs function properly and in good working order. Lord let Homestasis and equilibrium come into his body right now and make him completely whole in Jesus name,

Semper Fi Reborn
In Jesus Name I pray that he is healed.

yes, i will pray for jordan, may god watch over him and protect him and pul him through. may god give im the strength he needs to get better and may god bless him and you as well.

Hannah's Grandpa
Father I ask that you be with Jordan, please heal his lungs, and bring strength to his body, in Jesus name Amen.

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