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 What is the least harmful ciggarette out there? What is the worst? Is there a list out there that would help?

Why do marijuana smokers think that it is healthy and better than cigarettes? Smoking is smoking right?
They both go to the lungs and brain and they both stink and they both imbed their smell in furniture and yellow the walls right??

Ty B
Well im pretty sure weeds not the best thing for your lungs but is definitly better than cigarettes, weed is generally pretty pure from local grower to dealer there isnt any additives added, not like a corperated company mass producing a product that yeilds millions of customers adding additives to make sure u buy another pack. And Johny k if scientist dont even know what chemicals they are then how the n the hell do they know theirs 60 of them.... idot the Sweet Mary Jane rules all !!!

The Bear
As an ex marijuana smoker, smoking marijuana is not healthier in anyway! I did it to get a vacation from life. Down the line I realized my immune system was being attacked by it. I was waking up sick and coughing all the time....I didn't like it at all. Not to mention 1 marijuana joint takes 11 minutes off your life versus a cigarette which takes 7 minutes.....so if you do the math, marijuana is more lethal that cigarettes. They think it's better because it's an herbal remebdy but the bottom line is: they're both grown as plants and both can kill you...but one more quickly!

yea, but since there is no Nicotine they think its ok. but it kills brain cells. here in cali, its legal for medical purposes if ur in pain

Well cigarettes for one are filled with some 4000 different chemicals to keep smokers hooked and eventually sick, whereas marijuana for the most part is an all natural herb grown from gods beautiful earth, yes it can be harmful but not as harmful as cigarettes.

yea they both yellow the walls and smell and stuff...but its the smoke that smells....marijuana is not healthy but its not more harmfull than cigs....one thing thats healthy is if u smoke weed and drink milk...dats healthy but yea marijuana is better than cigs because u get high wid weed buh wah do u feel wid cigs...nuthing exept addiction and u dont even get addicted to weed that easy...i been smoking it for 3 years so yea its better but the only bad part is u get short term memory loss and if i wud like eat in foods such as candy, milkshake or somethin that wud eliminate the smoking harms

Right. Either way, it's not a very smart desisions. Hollywood just glamorizes it.

actually, smoking a joint is the same as smoking several cigarettes. The best I can find on why it's not legal is because of the massive damage it does to your lungs. I don't understand why anyway, because alcohol is legal. Alcohol will deteriorate your liver in a heavy drinker just the same as pot will deteriorate your lungs, but you can't smoke yourself to death in one night, unless you were doing something stupid, just like the drunk drivers that die.

smoking of anything is still smoking. it does impair the lungs, however not with the same ailments as cigarrettes. i trully believe that there are many medicinal uses for weed; infact, i know doctors that think it should be legalized. however society has this stigma; i personally believe cigarrettes are more harmful than weed. but the answer will very depending on who you ask, just like there are people who actually like bush for whatever reason and those who dont. i have never experienced problems with weed smoking like i did with commercial tabbacco. just do some research and make your own dicision. because you'll never get a straight answer from the easilly influenced public. 420 Y'ALL!!

whether or not it gives you Cancer is not the problem... smoking is smoking it is not bad it is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes your right
this is just away to make it sound that its okay...to justify what they do...they know themselves its bad wont admit it though.....they are the as the ciggerette smoker.the pipe smoker the cigar smoker...what ever way u want inhale it

Steve M

the answer is no. of course smoking weed affects your lungs but not as badly as cigarettes. since there is no tar in weed nothing turns yellow; that's cigs that do that.
if we werent meant to smoke Cannabis then why do sponges in the ocean have cannabanoid receptors?opiate receptors too. weird

jim morrisson
You're right. There is a big myth that Cannabis prevents cancer somehow, absolute rubbish - no scientific study worth it's salt could prove that.

because its all natural weed. but they dont see the smoke goes in your lungs, because they dont want to see it . of course thats what they say because it gives them a good high feeling so its "healthy" for them

Smoking of any kind will damage your body. All the chemicals in the smoke produced from cigarettes and weed are harmful and also are more lethal due to the fact that there's no filter on it.

Jenny L
Absolutely. They are both harmful. They are just trying to justify their marijuana smoking. Marijuana may not have as many additives as cigarettes, but it is still not good for your respiratory system, not to mention it makes people lazy, forgetful, and lethargic.

Pot doesnt have any tar????? Whoever states this is brain dead, possibly from smoking too much pot! Tar is not Nicotine if thats what you retards think. Try researching some facts instead of makeing stuff up just because you like to get stoned. Im not againt people doing what they want or weed but dont just make sh*t up. Your only hurting your cause when you make up stoner cr*p and state it as a fact Smoke inhalation causes harm and can cause cancer regardless of what your burning.

hey girl, this is easy and without problems to understand. Are tons of s t u p i d s who try to find a justification about the goodness of mota and cigars and you know finally are only bull, it's bad and that's it!
Don't smoke cigars! Never smoke marijuana, it's extremely s t u p i d smoke weed!
And yes! both tint in yellow the walls.
Be free, be smart, say no to drugs! drugs are for losers!

-weed doesnt smell as bad a cigarette smoke and it goes away after a little bit
-its non addictive
-weed gets you high, cigs make you relaxed
-weed is worse for your health, but since you arent addicted to it you can smoke as little or much as you want
-weed seems to have wayy more of a reason to smoke it than a cigarette
-cigarettes are connected greatly with varies diseases, health conditions, a.e. and students are pushed by the school and gov. not to do it, weed is less focused on
- no one has ever died from smoking to much weed, they have from alcohol poisoning
-weed doesnt put tar into your lungs

I am a smoker half my life and I know its worse than cigarettes.But without it people would die.

Robin B
Well, yeah, but physically, you can get cancer from cigs..it hasn't been proven in pot yet.

There is a hugh difference. Tabacco Co's add some much to ciggs in the form of chemicals. When you smoke something you have grown, it does some harm to ur lungs, but it's the chemical additives that make ciggs bad, very baaaaaddd.

No additives in pot

nope- marijuana will not imbed into your furniture and yellow the walls. Cigarettes will because of tar.

Marijuana is also non addictive- Nicotine in cigarettes is addictive.
If cigarettes were the same doctors would prescribe them to use for medicinal purposes and not marijuana.

I have friends who have smoked marijuana for many years. Smoke is smoke. It makes my friends feel just a tad superior to cigarette smokers who light up more often than they do - they save it for evenings and weekends.

They claim it's non addictive and they can stop anytime they feel like it. Hmmm they started in the 60's. Maybe it isn't addictive, I've never tried, and they have only been smoking it for 45 years. Maybe it's just a habit they've developed.

Being arrested and paying fines haven't stopped the habit yet.

Right, but nobody (well, almost nobody) smokes 20 joints per day, which is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes.

well weed goes from the ground to the bag. Cigs have tons of chemicals not very natural. but smoke is smoke

Yes, your right, but Marijuana is not the addictive drug, it's Nicotine. Plus you can use Marijuana in a healthy way,obviously without smoking it, but by making tea with it, and using it as pain relief. But yes, smoking it can ruin your health like cigs can.

yea they do...but marijuana smoke has never been officially proven to be the cause of not even 1 death. Thats why the legalization bout is so intense :) That and it actually does have miracle qualities...PRO MARIJUANA!!!

Jason K
their just trying to justify the means. theirs almost 60 types of chemicals in weed that scientist dont even know of.

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