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 Do u think it should be illegal to smoke in public?
Do u think it should be illegal 2 smoke in public? well, it spreads 2nd hand smoke and that increases the chance 4 more people to get lung disease or any other lung disorder....

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Conkys Mummy
Who cant wait for the NO SMOKING BAN!! Give us your views, smokers and non smokers!!?
Personally i cant wait!

karen l
You people are evil.

Ummmm, being a smoker myself, i have never agreed in smoking restaurants, foul!!!

But lets not forget how much tax we pay in buying a packet of cigarettes and how much revenue the government make out of it, but it is a legal drug!!!

Perhaps have a look at the business that have been effected in Ireland, Wales and Scotland and how many people have lost there lively hood through this ban and how it has destroyed them. Yes there are health issues, perhaps i am a polite smoker, i do not smoke when walking down the street, i don't want cigerette smoke permiating whilst i eat and nor would i inflict this on others, but i do pay tax on it, i do pay NI, and i do contribute into a private health scheme, yet i can't have a glass wine and cigarette in a pub......yet druggies get all the help and free perscriptions they want for Methadone!!!

I'm a social smoker but am smoking less and less - haven't had one for a couple of weeks now (used to be 20 a day years ago) - and personally I can't wait for the ban. Its a good thing. Its not really taking away people's freedom to do what they want - if someone still wants to smoke after the ban - they can still do it it in their own homes. Its giving non-smokers the freedom to be able to visit bars and restaurants without having to breathe in other people's smoke. It IS a dirty habit and smokers and non-smokers alike know its not good for your health. Like someone said earlier only the true die hards will still be smoking - but plenty will give up and that can only be a good thing right?

Dr Frank
I live in Scotland, where it is already in force. It certainly makes going out to a pub or restaurant more enjoyable. My wife has to join the lepers outside after every course though!

I suspect the kids and I would have liked it to include private houses as well. ;-)

I agree. Although my dad smoked I don't and I haven't been in a pub for 15yrs because of smokers. I don't understand why smokers do it as they must know by now how bad it is for them and the rest of us, not to mention the cost of those ciggies. Just imagine how much they could save by giving up.

Sharon D
I never thought the ban would work in Scotland but it did. To wake up in the morning after being at the pub and not stink of smoke makes all the difference. The only difference is the smoke masked a lot of bad smells in the pubs which is now surfacing and some places stink real bad of BO, Dirt etc. But its still better than stinking of smoke. Also people tend to smoke less as they have to go outside so they only take a few puffs and them come back in, so that in itself must be better for the smokers at least.

Little One
Fantastic!! I had to give up a job I had because everyone around me was smoking and making me very ill.

I think we need to ban it at bus stops, many a time I have been forced out of the bus shelter into the wind and rain by some selfish "person" smoking in there.

you wont be saying that if everyone gave up smoking then taxes go up again to cover the billions of lost revenue that the government charge for smokers. leave them alone if they want to kill thenselves its up to them not you

Barbie Girl
Im a new non-smoker, having given up 3 weeks ago. Im hating every moment of not smoking, but a ban in all public places will make it easier on someone like myself who has already quit. For people who want to smoke, a ban wont make s0d all difference as theyll still be able to smoke outside. I cant see my quitting lasting, I miss smoking too much, but there you go. Itll be great news for some, others will just work around it. :O) xx

Can't wait to feel comfortable in a 'public house' and not feel excluded from socialising because of the pollution of air by a few selfish people.

Fair enough if people want to smoke get outside and do it so the rest of us dont have to experience it. I for one will be glad that after a night out my clothes and hair won't stink of smoke, nothing worse after a good night turning over to smell your own hair like an ash tray on your pillow.

The ban, imo, is a good thing. Some say it wont work but i don´t think that´s true. Restaurants should face closure from the H.A.S people if they continue to allow people to smoke in undesignated areas

Smokers should be more considerate of other people. I am one myself and try to think of them whenever i light up. I smoke stationary and in a secluded spot where my smoke can not intrude on others well being.

Now-a-days we are made to feel like lepers, and so we should. It´s our choice to smoke so it is also our choice to be thought of so. It is not others choices to have to be a passive smoker in the sense that ciggies are everywhere and to avoid it one must remain behind closed doors.

It deeply saddens me to see some really strong views against smokers on this thread.

I have smoked around 10 cigarettes a day for the past 20 years, because I choose too, I am very considerate around non-smokers and children and I wash my hair everyday and my clothes probably more often than a non-smoker, so I don't stink :)

I enjoy a cigarette with a glass of wine and will continue to do so, but after the ban will just have to find somewhere else to go.

If you look at the recent figures coming out of Scotland as they 'celebrate' the first anniversary of their ban, pub takings are down considerably and they are having to lay-off staff.

I do think the ban is OK, but thing the Government should be concentrating on more important issues like what is going on in Iraq at the moment and leave the poor smoker alone.

One last thought, I don't own a mobile phone, the evidence coming out of Sweden at the moment is horrific and people will suffer ill-health as a result from having these things permanently stuck to their heads. Quite frankly you would be better off to have a smoke.


what aload of rubbish .... if they think there going to stop people smoking ... they are seriusoly wrong .... people r going to do it n e ways.. peopel like our grandads and uncles etc .. who have smoked for 70 years in home and public places... we have to stand up for them.. thats why we are here ... BUT i do agree that smoking in places like family pubs and childrens places.. should be banned ok so banned some pubs but not aothers then if u go to a smokers pub thats ur choice...

deb m
I am a smoker I have never smoked around children or stood to close to them when smoking because its my right to choose to smoke doesn't mean others have to inhale it,however if i am outside who am i hurting? some people carry it too far and act like I'm shooting up or something that's ridiculous after all smoking is legal I think alcohol causes far more damage to families myself but that's just my opinion. go easy we are not breaking the law and others need to show a little respect as well both smokers and non smokers

Mand P
I couldn't care less.
I'm a smoker, but if I can't have a fa.g when I go out, its not going to stop me going out. And its not going to make me give up either.
I don't drink, I excersise, eat healthily..smoking is my only vice and if I want a fa.g I'll have one...outside is fine by me!

I can't wait because i used to smoke & it is so difficult to not touch another cigarette when people are smoking around you in pubs & clubs, so i'm glad that the ban is going to be put in place

i dont smoke and i hate being in public places that alow it, i think smoking should be banned altogether its the most unatractive thing to see. so i agree i cant wait, i just dont understand why someone would want to start anyway its disgusting!

I can't wait for it! I hate going out with my friends and the evening being ruined as I can't be near cigarette smoke without coughing really badly, it gets unbearable and then I have to go outside in order to stop coughing. I also hate coming home smelling of smoke, it really is disgusting.

It's just another part of the master plan to desensitise us to
the banning of everything

Well the ban has been here in Scotland for a year and its bad news for pubs and clubs, they're profits are definately down, the same with bingo halls loads have been closing down, I think there should be smoking and non smoking areas for people to use, the smoking areas should be fitted with extractor fans so the non smokers are happy too. I have never smoked inside of a public building as I respect that not everyone wants to inhale your second hand smoke, but I think there should be a compromise.

It's hard to justify taking away peoples' freedoms if their actions don't harm anybody else (for example their smoking is allowed only among other smokers and away from public spaces, away from children, etc.).

There are good arguments that it's bad for your health, but imagine, if you can, an argument made that there should be a law to MAKE you eat a certain number of calories and certain types of foods every day, because it's healthy and your poor nutrition or obesity is taxing the medical system. It is quite a creepy thought.

Freedom is too valuable to be lost on petty arguments of "it's for your own good" and once lost freedom is much more difficult to regain.

I am a smoker and it doesnt bother me.
It is quite funny here in Ireland as you now get more people outside the pubs than in. The none smokers come outside to join in chat.
Having said that there are less people going to pubs and resteraunts now.
Smokers will also get there own back in the summer. When the non smokers come outside looking for a table, we just tell them to Fck off back inside, it was good enough for them all winter.

We have has a smoking ban for years, for those who say it wont work it will be up to the restaurant and bar owners to stand tough. I am a non smoker and always hated to go into a restaurant and have my meal ruined, tho I do not agree with it in bars. You do need to eat to survive, while a bar is a social thing and drinking and smoking have gone hand and hand forever.

Yes its about time they took there **** outside. This is a further nail in the coffin of this dirtiest of dirty habits only the real die hards will carry on, especially with another tax hike.

Andromeda Newton™
I'm sooo looking forward to it! i can't wait to be able to go somewhere to eat and not get my 2 year old smoked out or risk myself having an asthma attack! bring it on!

I gave up 3 months ago and now cant wait as seeing people smoke just makes it harder to give up lol

I can't wait! Not a smoker, can't stand smokers. It's a sad excuse people use to fill in akward silences. Dirty lungs, ugly teeth, stinky breath, mutant babies.

I can't wait either. No more sitting in smoke filled pubs and bars, choking, because it's too cold to sit outside. Can't wait either. I'm with you.

I can't wait!! My Father died of Lung Cancer and DIDN'T SMOKE! It make me seethe when I think of the selfishness of smokers! They just don't care that they make you breathe in their smoke! I can't believe it has taken this long to be honest I wish they had done it years and years ago maybe my Dad would still be here now?

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