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 · If you smoke, how old were you when you started smoking?

ஐ♥P u S s y CaT♥ஐ♥its a GIRL!!!!
is there any good sides to smoking or only bad stuff?? if so has it been proven?

cody P
if your getting wasted on beer it helps me pace myself..

every 3 beers its cig time

For habitual smokers, the bad far outweighs the good, but... if you only smoke a few cigarettes a day, I've heard it can raise low blood pressure and help regulate irritable bowel. Very small amounts of Nicotine can be stimulating. Like with alcohol (and lots of other things,) moderation is the key. Never smoke cigarettes that have additives. Small amounts (less than two cigarettes a day) of organic tobacco may have minor advantages, but more than that can be harmful.

howard o
Don't believe everything the government tells you. Smoking deprives germs of the oxygen they need to make you sick.
Fight the Power.

J. W. H
if you really want to know.. here is all you have to do.. go get some toilet paper roll it real tight into the shape of a cigarette.. puff on one end while lighting the other with a match.. then inhale some of the smoke.. then you tell me.. if that doesn't answer you question.. then nothing will..

nope nope nope NOTHING!!

please dont even start or pick up a cigarette

Only bad things. Smokers may think that there is a good side because of denile. A fact is smokers will cut 5 years off there life. Lung cancer is a major risk. Smokers believe that the nicaten in the cigarette attracts them to it and gets them addicted to the drug. It may taste nice but it is lethal. Also thinking your cool and attractive is Secondary cendrome. Not all smokers have tis but the smoking can make them feel smart and cool. Older smokers grow out of this but more teens get this. Smoking is all bad! never smoke unless you want to die a painful death.

not really... What can be good about breathing in 4000 different chemicals? Nothing.
Reduce stress** Go to aramotherapy or something, read a book, go for a walk, a swim, have a massage. All these stress reducers don't involve slowly killing yourself.

Brian C!!
there are no good sides.
but the people who smoke believe there are good sides and they do smoke.
i have heard them say they think it relieves pain (not true)
it relieves stress (not true)

they just smoke because its addictive and they made a wrong choice in life

It can really chill you right out. Depends what your smokin though

Keeps you slim.

Matthew David
if your addicted.. it calms your nerves.

If you arent.

Smoking will get you highhhhh.

But on a whole..

It kills.

Dr Frank
No up side at all I am afraid. It is the commonest avoidable cause of death in the developed world and the second commonest cause of death worldwide. ( The first is all infectious disease.) 50% 0f current smokers will die as a direct result of heir habit. It is responsible for approximately five million deaths worldwide every year.

~*~Absolut Dawna~*~
My doctor says it increases metabolism.
I'd like to say though, my mother died at 48 from emphysema, my mother in law died almost two years ago from emphysema/cancer, my mom's dad died when he was 48 back in 1968, my father in law died from emphysema before I ever met him....
So, if you want to get skinny, I think there are safer ways...
If you want to die, do what me and my family have done for years.... light up!

Adamius A (yea im back)
no they have thousands of chemicals including: rocet fuel, asbestos, and tar oh and not to mention the occaisional rat and or spider that falls in the grinder... have fun getting lung cancer (:

its so bad, but sooooo good.


I smoke a bogie when I'm stressed out. That's pretty much all it helps with. It chills me out. When I didn't smoke I was constantly driving 20-30 miles an hour over the speed limit, **** like that. I mean, I've got to quit and learn to not speed, but it's hard.

Nicotine is a stimulant so it supresses your appetite. Works better than a diet

Ikram. (♥)
if you want to have:
bad breath
deadly diseases
falling out teeth
chest problems
lung cancer
lung problems
dying at a young age
and hurting your body, health and mind all over then.......


I can assure you that, in the long run there are no good sides to smoking.
I smoked 30 ciggies per day for a good many years, and have now got Emphysema, an incurable illness, mainly caused by smoking.
Breathing is difficult and any form of bending, walking etc., out of the question.
To have to depend on nebulisers and oxygen is not the best way for a good life.
Please do not smoke.

Ben H
If you are in a car chase and the person chasing you crashes their car and fuel starts pouring out, you can drop your smoke into it and blow them into kingdom come. Other than that nothing I think

spider 1
Only bad for smokers but good for everyone else, they support the economy by paying all that tax

absolutely NOTHING

the stress that you are reducing, is only caused by the fact you havent had a smoke for a while.

trust me, i work in healthcare and its so sad the amount of people dying of cancer, all these old folks in poverty who noone reallt knows about, as an old bloke dying of lung cancer doesnt make the main storey of ER, but that is the reality

Jeff 01
My Grandad could make his way through
a crowded place no problem, his hacking
cough, from smoking, gave him space.
God rest his soul.(he'd smile at this)

Smoking reduces your risk of Parkinson's disease. Hardly a reason to smoke.

Johnny B Good
No good sides, no good nothing becomes of smoking cigarettes. I speak to you with one lung caused by smoking cigarettes.

There are no good sides to smoking, thank gawd I quit!

there's nothing good been proven about smoking that i know of. I just do it cuz it's a habit and a crutch.

No good sides

there r no good sides that have been proven

i gave up smoking 9 weeks ago and i am less breathless, my sense of taste is stronger and my skin looks healthier - that are just a few reasons to give up

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