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Kim M
Second Hand Smoke?
My 14 month old daughter was just diagnosed with bronchiolitis and ear infection(she has had the ear infection for over a month this is her 3rd round of antibiotics) I am wondering if my husband smokes outside can it still affect her? Like if he smokes and then comes in the house and picks her up. I just want to be sure that the smoke isnt causing her problems.

It will HELP, but she will still get sick.

First off, I can't believe any parent would willingly smoking around their child! That's just horrible. Just go ahead and make her smoke the cigarette herself. It's actually healthier for her if she does.

Secondly, he could go outside and smoke. But it's just like rolling your window down in the car while you smoke. It doesn't help. The smoke will still be on his clothes and in his skin. Those particles stick to him and will rub off on your little girl.

I know this because I never smoked a day in my life. My mom and dad do. They would smoke in the house, in the car, where ever they wanted. I have horrible allergies and terrible asthma, which I haven't outgrown now that I'm 27.

My daughter's father smokes outside the house when she visits him. She's had 2 asthma/allergy attacks when she's over there. Her allergies and asthma don't even bother her remotely when she's home with me.

Just something to think about.

No smells can't hurt even babies. The one good thing about a child being sickly when young is that it can toughen them up for later and builds up their immune systems.
Cutting your husband's attention to the baby would be counter productive in every sense.

second hand smoke kills.....thats why I prefer mine straight from the filter.

Barkin Chickens
From the sounds of it...you need another DR !!

3rd round of anti-biotics?? WTH ? Check with another Doctor. The ear infection, should be looked at SERIOUSLY. My son spent the first 2 years of his life with the same Doctors, it almost cost him his hearing.

Smoking outside, then coming back in ? Very VERY doubtfull it is causing the problems.

The only way second hand smoke would affect her would be if she was actually inhaling the smoke itself. You cannot pass on carcinogens through smell, no matter how bad anti-smokers want to believe it. As far as the ear infection goes, my daughter had ear infections from 4 months through 15 months. The ear infections led to respitory infections and she was hospitalized at 14 months with a collapsed lung. We took her to a specialist (ENT) who recomended getting tubes in her ears. We struggled at first, the thought of putting a 15 month old child through her first medical procedure, but we decided that something needed to be done. She had been sick almost constantly for 10 months and it was only getting worse. After she got the tubes, she did not have another ear infection. The tubes came out by themselves at age 4, and she is 6 now and still hasn't had an ear infection. We could hardly believe it was our child. After being so sick for so long, she was suddenly healthy and happy. The ENT said that some children are prone to getting recurring ear infections due to the structure of their ear canals. Getting the tubes were the best thing that happened to her as far as her health goes, and I recomend it to any parent that has a child with recurring ear infections.

Hello there, I am an ex smoker that is very sick. I have something called copd it is not fun. Second hand smoke of any kind is not good for you. Even if you smoke outside it comes back in on your clothes,on your skin and hair. you need to wash up and change before you handle a baby. My doc said that is even bad for me to just stay away from smoke. We all smoked in the houses when my older grandkids were little and they were always sick. The younger 4 haven't been around second hand smoke in the house and are much healthier.Good luck on whatever you decide to do

probably not, he just smells bad

apparently no one is carefully reading your question!!! Your husband can still cause her problems just from the smoke on his clothes, hands and hair. bronchiolitis is a very common illness in children subjected to cigarette smoke. Secondly, the ear infections are common in children around or not around smoke, but more so in children that are around the smoke. Be carefull giving her to many antibiotics. she could become immune to them at a very young age, which means when she really needs them it will not do her any good. Here the bottom line....the smoke is probably the culprit in her illness.

here are a couple things he could do to help with keeping the smoke away. Definetly keep the smoking outside. Wear a jacket outside to smoke and then remove it outside so that the smoke is somewhat confined to the jacket and not his shirt. have him WASH his hands immediatly. best thing is probably some water free purell or something of that sort. If he is interested in quitting smoking there are all kinds of programs available to assist him.

Best of Luck to you and your family........
remember....keep it smoke free and breath easy!!!!

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