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 If i have smoked approximately 100 ciggarettes in my lifetime so far, what has that done to me thus far?

Additional Details
who the hell cares about my spelling.
btw, im 15. and its very spread out smoking. most at one time was ...

 Do you snore ?

 Do u think it should be illegal to smoke in public?
Do u think it should be illegal 2 smoke in public? well, it spreads 2nd hand smoke and that increases the chance 4 more people to get lung disease or any other lung disorder....

 What can I do about my snoring husband?
I'm losing my mind here! lol :-)

Well, I also have a 10 month old baby who still sometimes gets up at night, so it's been over a year since I've had a total night's ...

what are some good ...

 What is the pleasure in smoking cigarette's?

 Ive hit day 15 as a non-smoker?
but im getting really fed up with friends and family asking me if ive had a cigarette yet - it hard to keep going when you feel no one has any faith in ...

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do you mind if i ...

 Is smoking weed better or worse than smoking ciggeretts?
i have already asked this ? but i spelled ott worng sorry i cant spell ...

 Shall I give up smoking today or next week?
I have 5 cigarettes in my packet and an unopened 200 carton in the drawer. Shall I give up now or when I have finished the 200? I have no will power ...

 Ex-Smokers....do you miss smoking?
27 hours ago I had my last cigarette. I am going nuts...is it really worth this torture? Do you still want to smoke....is it a struggle every time you think of a cigarette?
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 Since flue have been in our planet for million's of years how come our great scientist have not a cure for it
colds...flue...sneezing.. running nose......

 Smoking ban!?
who else is fed up of this smoking ban i think it is ridiculous, what about the people who drive and all that pollution they cause?
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 Chest pain; need some answers?
I've been having some chest pains for the past few weeks, mainly when I rest - left side of my chest. I don't smoke or drink & I was just wondering what this might be.
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 Lets have a total ban on smoking?
smoking is very much frowned upon nowdays. im sure the thought of someone sparking up next to you in a resterant now would enrage you. well i feel the same when i pass these smoking areas and passive ...

 How Did You Quit?
My husband and I are both pack a day smokers. It costs too much money and it makes us feel like crap, but we can't seem to shake it cold turkey.

What helped you quit?
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 Â· If you smoke, how old were you when you started smoking?

 Cant take it anymore can u please help??
well u see i have been really sick this past 2 weeks today i have felt better than before but he thing is that i cant stop coughing, i have lost completely hearing from one ear, i dont have an ...

 Need some medical information please.?
My boyfriend has joint custody of his son, so he has him half the time. One week at our house and one week at his mom's house. Here's the situation. Mom's boyfriend smokes around him ...

 Quit smoking?
Is there any way to quit smoking? Plz advice?...

Mike Rochtickles fast
Is smoking really that cool these days?
all the people I see are doing it......girls too. what's this world coming 2?

Mrs. S
No it's not... and had I known how very addictive and how hard it would be to quit, I never would have started back when I was too young to know better...

dont smoke,,,,,addiction is worse than addiction to other drugs,,,30% of the deaths from mycardial infarction attacks are among smokers.....lung caners,,etc
dont do it becas i quit it 10 times but again started it...

lmao everybody's been smoking forever
it was common back then

just don't do it.

idk but i think its stupid

i think ppl think it looks cool but when you even get close to them they smell like a chimney and its just disgusting

to me i'm never even going to try it!!!!!

Black Beauty

I dont think it's cool I never thought it was I think it's disgusting and horrible for your health
I think it jus looks ugly I actually try to get ppl that I know to stop

Bill Hicks
I don't think it is cool.

i hate smoking. hate it. and i saw a lady going into labor smoking while she was going to the hospitol today. i feel bad for that baby, smoking is disgusting!

Disgusting! But so in if you want to die 10 years early!

10 year old genious
People do it to be cool but hey, would you rather have a 50% more chance of having lung cancer is that cool too? Don't do it it's disgusting.

NO! Smoking is NOT cool its gross it makes your fingernails and teeth yellow and people die from it every 15 seconds. It's also a very bad/hard habbit to get rid of.

idk what its coming to.

aysha s
its really is peer pressure
but the kids that do it
wont admit it
so thats really it
and once yu start
yu cant stop

Dan S
As a ex-smoker..god no..I was just a dumb teenager in my rebllious stages..but once i reached my twenties...i wanted to quit so bad nd i finally did. It is a gross habit


What makes it cool ?

Let me ask you that later in your life when your in the hospital due to smoking.

why smoke at all what good does it do?

Leads to cancer, other problems.

Where some say it relieves from stress I'll laugh in your face and say wait till your older and in the hospital if you think you have stress now.

Others might say we all got to die sometime to where I guess there saying "they just want to kill themselves as soon as possible lol"

colorado kid
no, but, it will keep the population in check .....

It's disgusting! I can't believe smoking is still perceived as cool even after all these years of hearing that it's bad for you! Yuck!

It's certianly not good for you, yet I've been smoking for 30 years and wouldn't dream of quiting. Between 35,000 and 50,000 people die in big cities across canada and the U.S. every year just to pollution related deaths. The amount of people dying due to mistakes, neglegence, ignorance and greed in the health care profession is so staggering if people ever got the full
untouched truth the two world wars, (incuding the holocaust), every war since incuding Vietnam, all the wars in Africa, Iraq, the world every single person killed add to that every single person who died of Aids, of Cancer and Heart disease and you may get a glimpse of the carnage they do. Thirty years ago, Henry Gadsen, the head of Merck, told Fortune magizine "He wanted to be more like the chewing gum maker wrigley's. He said "it has long been my dream to make drugs for healthy people-so Merck could-SELL TO EVERYONE".
What a huge success, these days the pharmaceutical companies practice "Disease Mongering", spend way more on advertising and paying off lobbiest, holding "training Seminairs for doctors" etc., etc., then ever they bother on R&d. Who needs to be inovated when you are the most profitable industry on earth? Right now, they have admitted a couple of years ago they saw no point in curing either Aids or Cancer because that would eat into their bottom line. Sure they are willing to find drugs to stop the symptoms as long as the person will have to continue taking the drug for life. Now they are even trying to patent vitimans and minerals in case too many people catch on, you will not be able to buy vitiman E or any other except through them. Worry about smoking? Least of my health concerns...Mary.

NO and I smoke

Lucas G.
Please don't smoke. Its disgusting and has bad effects on you and the people around you. It might look "cool" but looking cool isn't worth dying early. It also causes pollution and stuff. Im no hippie (lol) but this is what smoking does to us and the world around us.
-Lung cancer dude! SO NOT COOL

Smoking is disgusting it's smelly, make your teeth yellow, your lungs black, deteriorates your health and eventually it kills you. I probably just offended more than half of the world's population but those are the facts. Please don't smoke. Find another way to be cool.

proud stepmommy, wife & TTC #1 ♥
Eww no, its disgusting. Please don't smoke.

I don't think it's cool cuz I've seen people die of lung cancer. There is nothing cool about that....it's heartbreaking. I think if people had to see someone go through this they'd stop quick! Parents even buy cigarettes for their kids nowadays?? What's up with that?

Smoking may not impact your health early on, but by the time you're 50, you'll be screwed. Among the obvious health risks, smoking has been named a risk factor for developing ALS (due to the chemicals in the cigarettes). I have a form of this disease and since I stopped smoking (6 months), my symptoms have stabalized. Think about the future.

I really don't understand why some starts smoking

HaHa, I like how this is posted under respirtory diseases :)

Smoking is NEVER cool. It's stupid and dangerous.

smoking kills

additionally, it stinks

A National Acrobat
I'd say it's become "less cool" if anything.

♥Sarah Nicole♥
I no right!! Smoking is for LoOoSsEerRRs. I prefer to keep my body healthy so i can live a long life. Im only 16 and i see people my age doing it, its crazy!

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