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 How does the smoking ban affect you?

 Do you smoke? If so, do you smoke more than two cigarettes a day?
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Gave up smoking how are you ...

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 If i have smoked approximately 100 ciggarettes in my lifetime so far, what has that done to me thus far?

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who the hell cares about my spelling.
btw, im 15. and its very spread out smoking. most at one time was ...

 Do you snore ?

 Do u think it should be illegal to smoke in public?
Do u think it should be illegal 2 smoke in public? well, it spreads 2nd hand smoke and that increases the chance 4 more people to get lung disease or any other lung disorder....

 What can I do about my snoring husband?
I'm losing my mind here! lol :-)

Well, I also have a 10 month old baby who still sometimes gets up at night, so it's been over a year since I've had a total night's ...

what are some good ...

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 Ive hit day 15 as a non-smoker?
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do you mind if i ...

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i have already asked this ? but i spelled ott worng sorry i cant spell ...

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I have 5 cigarettes in my packet and an unopened 200 carton in the drawer. Shall I give up now or when I have finished the 200? I have no will power ...

 Ex-Smokers....do you miss smoking?
27 hours ago I had my last cigarette. I am going nuts...is it really worth this torture? Do you still want to smoke....is it a struggle every time you think of a cigarette?
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 Since flue have been in our planet for million's of years how come our great scientist have not a cure for it
colds...flue...sneezing.. running nose......

 Smoking ban!?
who else is fed up of this smoking ban i think it is ridiculous, what about the people who drive and all that pollution they cause?
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 Chest pain; need some answers?
I've been having some chest pains for the past few weeks, mainly when I rest - left side of my chest. I don't smoke or drink & I was just wondering what this might be.
Additional D...

 Lets have a total ban on smoking?
smoking is very much frowned upon nowdays. im sure the thought of someone sparking up next to you in a resterant now would enrage you. well i feel the same when i pass these smoking areas and passive ...

Is smoking cool?
MY mate wont smoke because he said it is naughty is it?
or is it cool

Of course it is not of what are you thinking?
Smoke is something just too bad you can get cancer,respiratory problems and many more things so dont even try it because its an addiction I`ve not try it and I wont ever will.

If struggling to breath is cool
If getting lung cancer is cool
If having yellow teeth and bad breath is cool
If having a vascular disease is cool
If getting emphysema is cool
If dying years before you should is cool

Then yes it's cool...but then when you think about it, being really cool is not to have any of the above and having the sense not to smoke.

For free info on smoking, click the link below

nope unless you say killing your lungs is a cool thing..... i mean not just lung of yours......

jacqueline m
I smoke and don't think it is cool but it is expensive and very hard to give up, they say its easier to give up heroin than it is to give up cigarettes.

Annie M
If you think to poison your body, stain your teeth, age your skin and smell is cool then smoke!

Ricky H
it may be cool to some until they find out they have cancer

Barbie V
your mate is wise - its not cool at all - wish someone would convince my son

its not cool. its dangerous and expensive too. its hard to stop once u have started too. its so bad for your health.

Teresa S
So not cool! He is the smart one.

uzma a
and i thought it was hot, tats why it burns through lungs and skin or throat

nicola b
you sound like your under 10 years old with a question like that..... so yeah spark them up and everyone will wanna be in your gang.

Sure it's Cool ! Keep it up long enough, and your Body Temperature will drop right down to Freezing, because you will be in the Morgue ! Can't get much Cooler than that !

michael o47
Smoking is the most disgusting anti social habit of all time. also it causes so many illnesses to the smoker so the answer to your question is no smoking is far from cool.

looks stupid and makes you smell......... not really that cool is it.

a beautiful lie
it has health risks like cancers and heart disease, its not cool to go with what everyone else does and its not cool when you have yellow fingers spend about £4000 a year on cigarettes!!

I used to smoke but I have always believed smoking makes a person look weak and trashy.

Of course not!!! It can damage your respiratory system.

Ask the Marlboro Man, oh wait. Pray to the Marlboro man that is to get a opinion

No, it's horrid.

Smoking stinks and is harmful to the people that don't even smoke

Not really cool, nor naughty. It's a choice.

no itrs not cool, its a bad idea to start, its bad for your health and its horrible, it gives you bad teeth, it makes you stink, and it does alsorts to your insides too!

i am a smoker and when my colleague goes for a cigarette, whaen she comes bak, i cant stand the smell, its nasty. it has made me try to wuit because of how bad she smells. i dont want to smell like that!!

Jeff G
Depends on what you smoke ;)

Al Rozz
It's not cool it stinks.

Mary Redshirt Devonshire
Read the back of the cigarette box--it says it's "naughty" right on the label.

smoking is not cool

Mary B
It is soooo cool that you cough till you choke and smell awful and as you get old the oxygen tank you have to carry is cool too. and I hope you sarcasm.

big dave
its cooler not to smoke

As cool as Cancer.

rafena 1979
I used to think it was cool when I was a heavy smoker but since I gave up over a year ago I realise that it is not cool.

You smell, your fingers have a yellow tinge, and you can no longer have a good night out because you are constantly leaving the pub or club just to light up.

Not smoking is definitely cooler.

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