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 Doctor diagnosed my kid with croup?
He is only 4 and this started 11 days ago and he is still getting temperatures as high as 103! Is this right? His chest is clear, he has no rashes and ears are ok. Im getting more worried! Any advice ...

 High fever and lots of coughing?
Ive had a fever for the past two day. 100.2 at the lowest and 100.9 at the highest. I have a really bad headache like almost a migrane. And I cant seem to stop coughing. Ever time i cough my chest ...

 I am in deep trouble?
please does anybody have any real good ideas or old remedies to stop me from SNORING in bed.Iknow i am overweight but i need to do something now ,Ihave tried patches on my nose but i seem to snore ...

 I have a huge headache that lasted over a month already....and i'm only 15....is it a problem???
can you please write all the possibilties of the migraine(sp?)

 Kennel cough?

 I need relief for a stuffy nose and scratchy throat FAST!?
Can you help me? I have district Solo and Ensemble competition tomorrow! I am taking a vocal solo, a trombone solo, am part of two choral ensembles and a brass quintet. Obviously, it's VERY bad ...

 Any advice on stopping snoring?
really bad snorer keeping partner awake any good advice on products or help with advise how to stop this is causing a big problem between ...

 Ahh help please?
my sister keeps on caughing up blood

what does this mean?? DXXXX
Additional Details

 Second Hand Smoke?
My 14 month old daughter was just diagnosed with bronchiolitis and ear infection(she has had the ear infection for over a month this is her 3rd round of antibiotics) I am wondering if my husband ...

 How to prevent/control childhood asthma?

 I have copd. Why can't i have a disability tag for my car. It is really hard for me to walk across the lots.

 Prognosis/Possible Diagnosis please?
My symptoms are:

- Coughing up green phlegm
- Fever
- Sneezing/Blocked nose
- Foul smell from mouth
- Aches & pains
- Headache

Now, i have seen the ...

 Post nasal drip causing a sore throat what OTC can I take that wil help?

 What happens whenwe breathe in too much carbon dioxide?
what is the chemical equation like?...

 Why can't I stop coughing ?
Whenever the weather turns colder, I develop an annoying, persistent cough. But here's the thing ... I never feel sick.

What could it be? People have told me I might have bronchitus (...

 68 year old patient with Alzheimer disease was brought to the emergincy room.?
By the staff of a local nursing home.He presented as lethargic with a sallow complexion.He had and admission temperature of 102.4F and a respiratory rate of 33/minute.During respiration, the right ...

 Why am I still sick, what is going on with me here?
I got sick like a month and a half ago, when I went to the doctor I was told I had Brochitis about a week and a half ago my cough started to receed but I am having really bad hot flashes and soreness ...

 Which is better for cold/sinus - vaporiser or humidifier? Also, which is a good, high quality model / mfr?

Additional Details
Am specifically looking at use of vaporizer / humidifier, and not any alternate remedies? Is there anything like a ...

 Is applying vaporub or vicks inside the nose dangerous even if it helps you breathe better for who has asthma?

 Can a candida cleanse be done sucessfully with a diet ?
Currently I am taking probiotics, oil of oreganol, and citricidal
I suffer from chronic sinus infections.
The bad thing is I use a steroid inhaler for asthma, and often take prednisone for ...

How long does Common Cold stays?
I wonder how long does common cold stays for a person...I would expect it to go off in a week but its more than 10 days. Any suggestion?

ruhani suneja
consult a doctor

One week with medicine and seven days without medicine. Now the science hasadvanced so much, there are new cold virus which may prefer to stay bit longer also.

yes its take 4 monts likely to october to february its very cold

F =)
more then 2 weeks &more if you don't see doctor

It depends on your body's resistance power.

the old saying is a cold is 3 days coming, 3 days staying, and 3 days going.

kiron p
Common Cold is a viral infection which can last for up to 14 days. No vaccines are available. The primary method to prevent infection is hand-washing to minimize person-to-person transmission of the virus. There are no antiviral drugs approved to treat or cure the infection. Most available medications are palliative and treat symptoms only.

Check this link for more info.

GNRaj. .. .. 国王的国王
Common cold can not be get rid off within 3 days. You have been suffering for more than 10 days. Consult physician; firstly get it diagnosed.


Common cold remains for 7 days if you take medicine otherwise it takes a week to recover. Lol.

seriously cold does not stay for more than 7 days but coughing takes a little more time to cure.

suresh k
Hi there !
It depends upon ones immune status.
Also, if it is auperadded with bacterial infection, it will take more time for recovery....
maybe you will have to take symptomatic drugs alongwith a course of antibiotics to take care of the bacterial infection, if at all any.
wish you a speedy recovery !

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