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who the hell cares about my spelling.
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How can i tell my mum i smoke ):
am only 15 , but have been smokin for 2 years now , my mum has no idea , she hates smoke , the smell of it and everything , no one in my family smoke at all they all hate it , i've tried stopping but i cant , i really want to tell her without her going mad , i dont want to stop smoking , how can i tell her ?

Annie C
Well, first off, what your doing is ILLEGAL! Smoking's bad for you, if that doesn't work for you, let me try this, you can die! And you will lose your looks! My mom and my oldest sis smoke! I HATE it! My sis stared smoking at 21, legal, but still bad, she told my mom, she didn't freak out, but she felt guilty, she eventually got over it , though. STOP! While you can!

It would be much better if you told your mom you quit smoking! Smoking is such is disgusting habit that leads to a lot of reproductive problems as well as horrible hygiene. Do you want to smell like an ashtray? Do yourself a favor and BUTT OUT! Just a concerned friend.

Bailey W
get those stop smoking patches
or say "mom how mad would you be at me it i smoked?" "cause i do plz help me stop" something like that

she will go crazy if she finds out , don't . Before you do just ask ' What would you do if i smoke?' randomly and say 'just wondering '


Yeah, there's no getting her to not freak out. I mean, it doesn't matter how you say it, you are smoking illegally and doing something that is not good for you and she still has the legal control to get you to stop and you should. You really really should.

Aaron A
dude stop smoking and your mum--whait,you started smoking at 13!

Why do you want to tell her? Because you want her approval or you just don't want to lie anymore. Or you just want to smoke more freely? Figure out why you want to tell her and then ask her to talk. Tell her it's important so she'll give you her undivided attention.

As you can see from the posts on here, she's not likely to accept it. Be prepared for her disapproval.

P.S. She'll want you to quit. Maybe you could try with her help? At least be willing to consider it.

Jonathan C
if u dont wanna stop then stop wasting my time

tell her that you smoke and that you are gay too and all the heat will come off the smoking thing

10 weeks pregnant
first off whoever is buying you smokes is a bad person. you are way to young to be killing yourself like that. its so bad for you! just be honest and she will thank you for that.

you need to try. otherwise just come right out and say it
I am sorry for this. And if you tell your mum honestly and outright she will respect you for that ( we hope)

tell her that ur gonna have a shortened life. if she asks y tell her.

P.s. just tell her

Robert F
I suggest you just be direct and tell your parent. She will be mad but she will help you to realize why it is better to stop.

Realize, that there are drawbacks to smoking inclusive of cancer and respiratory disease. If you are willing to take this risk with your health in the long term then you will see.

I have lost family to this.......be smart .......loot at the big picture.

Manuela B
yeaah stop it every cigar minus 5 minutes of life and you started at 13? wow its very bad!

Wow, God you are an idiot.
15 and addicted to something, wow life is pointless from here out.
$7 a pack God you must be made of money, and to start smoking now when you know all the dangers of smoking, you must be an idiot.

drum dude
lol you "mum" is stupid if she cant smell the smoke all over you...
i dono... try buying stuff to quit because it really shortens your life.

you can't tell her without her being mad. Idk...maybe try saying you experimented with it once, and now you need help cuz you think your hooked or something?

Jason A
"mum, i smoke"

tell her you need Nicotine patches

Well.... i believe that since u have started and ur mom don't like it.. i suppose you should quit it ... if not, it will be ur own fault.. tell her directly no one can help u make up and excuse

Rebecca S
She will find out then she will not trust you. This is the beginning of risky behavior she will want to keep her eye on you.

get some balls and tell her

honesty is the best policy.

Just flat out tell her & she will help you get through it & stop... in order to quite an addiction it is a huge help to have someone to support you!

Goodluck to you!

Little Kiwi
Plz stop smoking
Do you want lung cancer?

Solar Flare
your a ******* idiot if you don't want to stop smoking.

and you're only 15
trust me you are going to regret it

Michael B
stop smoking and you won't have to tell her.

You started smoking at 13? That's terrible. You will die very young, my friend, VERY young...

Meggie W
Im sure she already knows...you probably smell horrible

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