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 Do you snore ?

 Do u think it should be illegal to smoke in public?
Do u think it should be illegal 2 smoke in public? well, it spreads 2nd hand smoke and that increases the chance 4 more people to get lung disease or any other lung disorder....

 What can I do about my snoring husband?
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 What is the pleasure in smoking cigarette's?

 Ive hit day 15 as a non-smoker?
but im getting really fed up with friends and family asking me if ive had a cigarette yet - it hard to keep going when you feel no one has any faith in ...

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do you mind if i ...

 Is smoking weed better or worse than smoking ciggeretts?
i have already asked this ? but i spelled ott worng sorry i cant spell ...

 Shall I give up smoking today or next week?
I have 5 cigarettes in my packet and an unopened 200 carton in the drawer. Shall I give up now or when I have finished the 200? I have no will power ...

 Ex-Smokers....do you miss smoking?
27 hours ago I had my last cigarette. I am going nuts...is it really worth this torture? Do you still want to smoke....is it a struggle every time you think of a cigarette?
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 Since flue have been in our planet for million's of years how come our great scientist have not a cure for it
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 Smoking ban!?
who else is fed up of this smoking ban i think it is ridiculous, what about the people who drive and all that pollution they cause?
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 Chest pain; need some answers?
I've been having some chest pains for the past few weeks, mainly when I rest - left side of my chest. I don't smoke or drink & I was just wondering what this might be.
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 Lets have a total ban on smoking?
smoking is very much frowned upon nowdays. im sure the thought of someone sparking up next to you in a resterant now would enrage you. well i feel the same when i pass these smoking areas and passive ...

 How Did You Quit?
My husband and I are both pack a day smokers. It costs too much money and it makes us feel like crap, but we can't seem to shake it cold turkey.

What helped you quit?
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 Â· If you smoke, how old were you when you started smoking?

 Cant take it anymore can u please help??
well u see i have been really sick this past 2 weeks today i have felt better than before but he thing is that i cant stop coughing, i have lost completely hearing from one ear, i dont have an ...

 Need some medical information please.?
My boyfriend has joint custody of his son, so he has him half the time. One week at our house and one week at his mom's house. Here's the situation. Mom's boyfriend smokes around him ...

 Quit smoking?
Is there any way to quit smoking? Plz advice?...

 I started smoking over the summer for two months, but i stopped. Are my lungs going to be seriously damaged?
I smoked over the summer, probably about 3 packs. Are my lungs going to be seriously damaged?...

Harry B
How can i get rid off my smoking?
could anybody help me out to get rid off of my smoking. my age is 20 & i have become a chain smoker so guys i need your quick reviews. help me help me help me !!!!!!!!!!!!

mnl r
Use some alternative such as chewing gum nd remember, "It totally depends on u" Drink for water Use to chewing gum & Mind upset time read for your concentration likely book or Newspaper.

Ashish N
U needed a smart girlfriend who does not like anyone around who is smoker.

just call 13 quit....if u liv in australia

Keep some chewing gum handy in your pocket.
Whenever you feel the urge to smoke, have chewing
gum. Gradually, you will be able to get rid of the
smoking habit.

Homeopathic medicine nux vom 3 be taken every 4 hours;when craving comes on a Camphor pilule be chewed.

see photo of your child begging
See the photo of your family members dressed as beggars on the streets.
A funeral procession with your photo for the dead body with yoursceleton is best to threaten you.sceleton

to quit smoking u should
hide the smoke pack
gulp 2 l of ghee everyday
be nice

20yr old ,you're a man already and men do have willpower

Dear Friend, Quit smoking, it is really bad for health, the lungs get black smoke and it also destroys the whole family's health, so give it up, just promise yourself, never smoke. I am an invisible friend, will you accept my advice, will you give me that honour.

Just leave smoking once for all and it is the only way

when ever u want to have a cigarette
have it up to half and throw it
cultivate this habit........u can see a positive result

you would need to use your will power,
and try not to do the things or being in places or situation where you smoke.

take up a hobby, like swimming to relax your mind.

Arpana H
when u rember to smokig u eat choclate, chiwangum .dont keep that in u r pokate

nover 4
believe in GOD that all you can do cause he is the only one who can help you bye bye

try chantix this worked really well for me, my friend, and her boyfriend

Good Quistion !

Well lot of people are in need of this. Follow this strictly and you are sure to succeed.
Eat only fruits and vegetables and drink only Milk and buttermilk for three days. You are not supposed to eat Rice in any form right.

I am not joking. TRY IT and I am Sure U can quit Smoking.

you can not leave of your habit now bcoz u think that u r addicted of it, but u r actually not addicted. when u have leave up this habit for 1 or 2 day u find a lot of problem, its not the symptom of addiction its just u like to smoke. u can leave up this habit like......
you may have a particular shop from where u are getting cigret, just avoid to go there and if u are going there try make habit of buying something other than cigret like any delicious food or something for your family. i am sure that u can leave up your habit by doing this.
ok takecare

U told that u r chain smoker...... dont worry
i suggeest u a real action to do.....
when ever u ugre to smoke ... take a chewing gum and put it into ur mouth and try to enjoy the chewing gum , chewing gum should be the flaovour of mint.

god bless u

heres the best way, do what i did. try to quit several times, never did un til i was diagnosed with tonsil cancer, after 3 neck operations, visible scars and neck and shoulder permantly numb from nerves being cut. 28 radiation treatments, and left with no saliva[ permanent ]have to chew gum all the time, cant swallow food without liquid, teeth problems because of no saliva. can not eat spicy food because of the burning to my tongue from radiation, theres alot more, so you can just quit now or do what i did ,wait until you have to ,to save your own life good luck JUST QUIT

Look in the mirror & brush your teeth 4 times a day.
Increase sleeping time by 20 %.

Get your mind off it.

gary D
Here are few tips.
1.Try to drink milk as many times as possible ina day regularly, it keeps you away from smoking.
2.quit from your friends before they start smoking infront you.


See this video from metacafe.

You will understand that smoking is a slow poison. Store the video in your system and see it every day morning.

As one of the friend answered, you should develop a mindset to quit smoking. For that there is a technique called "Self Talk". I heard about it in a positive mental attitude workshop. What ever you want to achieve in your life, frame a sentence as if you achieved it. And tell it repeatedly. (in a present tense)

The example given was quiting smoking. You should say "I do not smoke nowadays". Repeat it multiple times, every day. Your mind will start believing you, as a nonsmoker. It will not allow you to smoke any more.

But this will not happen overnight. It is slow process. But this will be concrete solution. Surely you will stick on to the resolution you take to quit smoking. It will not be short living resolution. You can quit this habit for ever in your life. All the best. You can do it.

You have the urge. Gather all your will power, take a firm decision to stop smoking completely.(do not start anything in lieu of it) and keep that promise. Never get carried away by any temptation. YOU CAN DO IT.

Just quit.. quit...quit

keep yourself always busy with something you like. people smoke because they have nothing better to do

isha v
use some alternative such as chewng gum nd remeber "it totally depends on u"
resolve 2 quit....no instinct is stronger dan ur will

I was a smoker too.
I just couldn't be bothered to buy it anymore. i made a decision and it helped.
U know everything is by decision, I believe a 20 years old can make a good decision. One thing i know is that it has a lot of effects in the fuutre and you wouln't want that. So quit straight away.

I used to smoke. I smoked for many years. I quit. It's been 15 years since I smoked. The trick of it is,you have to have the proper mindset to do so. You have to really really want to do it.

I know several people that used the patch & it helped them to quit. They said that it made the urge to smoke go away. I myself,quit cold turkey. I hope you can find it within your self to quit.
if for no other reason,cigarettes are really expensive!

Rita L.
First of all, congratulations on thinking of getting rid of the habit. Good Luck. May you succeed.

Do not try it to give it up at once. U can try chewing gum, candy or divert your mind to something else and kick the habit.


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