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Fluid in his lungs, 1 week in ICU at the hospital, on Mechanical Ventilation...What's wrong with my grandpa?
My Grandpa was rushed to ER last week due to trouble breathing. He's staying in the ICU & hooked up to the ventilation machine (one w/ the tube going down his throat) to help him breath. I’m not sure what’s his symptoms are. All I know is his lungs are filled w/ fluids & the right side is bigger than his left. The nurses said they’d given him pain killers, or whatever, whenever he squirms or seem uncomfortable...he’s always seem to be sleeping from it. He’d gagged like just yesterday & when the nurse used that smaller tube within the big tube to go in to pull out his mucus or so we thought, some darkish blood clots/chunks came out w/ it in the tube. Dr said he'll drain the bloods out from the lungs today.

What’s actually wrong w/ my Grandpa? It’s killing me not knowing & seeing him like this. What are the nurses giving/doing to him? Is that even safe? What if he doesn’t wake up from it? And bloods in the lungs? Is that normal? Is it serious? Please help me, PLEASE, I need to know =(
Additional Details
It turns out that the blood did not come from inside the lungs but was from the tube shifting and hit/rubbed against the lung causing it to bleed.

I’d just found out that my grandpa had some kind of heart problem and had surgery for it before. And also…he was rushed to ER sometime after due to a similar situation that he’s in now…just not as bad. He had fluid in his lung(s) and had shortness of breath b/c of that but was fine after the Doctor drained/suctioned out the fluids from his lung(s).

Oh…my grandpa used to smoke before as well….

I hope that’s a little more background info to help determined what his illness is.


pee pee
I don't know about the blood, but it sounds pretty close to congestive heart failure or pnuemonia. Let's just hope its not tuberculocus. My mother had to go to the hospital with fluid in her lungs at times. But it was because she was diabetic and she drink to much sodium filled pop, and ate to much salty foods. Could be any of the three. but if he's doing better than yesterday, it's a good sign.

I will pray for your grandpa sweetheart,my daddy is going through a similar situation but he was admitted for bypass surgery and now has contracted pneumonia and the nurses have him on a ventillator as well.They do breathing treatments and then suction treatments to try to release the sputum in his lungs.The nurses are in no way,shape or form doing anything to hurt him,i thought the same thing until i talked with them to find out what and why they are doing the things(procedures) they are doing.Don't be afraid to ask,that is their job to answer any questions you or any other family member has.Take good care and know that you're not alone. ;)

It sounds like he has CHF (congestive heart failure). Which is indicative of the fluid in the lungs. The stuff that appeared to be blood that they suctioned out of his lungs probably was blood. Sometimes during intubation (putting the breathing tube into his lungs) there can be a little trauma leading to some bleeding which may have gotten into the lungs. The blood in the lungs (as long as it is not too much) is not uncommon after intubation. It sounds like the doctors and nurses are doing everything right. They want him to stay asleep until his lungs heal. They will start to let him wake up when it gets closer to taking him off of the ventilator. The gagging you saw when the nurse suctioned him is perfectly normal because when they put the suction catheter down it stimulates his gag reflex. The gagging is actually a good sign. I hope I was some help in answering your questions. Good luck to you and your family.

It's A Girl!
The machine hes on is a mechanical ventilator and the tube they put down there sounds like a ballard suction catheter sounds like he has a hemothorax where the base of one of his lungs has filled up with blood I would need more info to comment further, the procedure hes doing is a thoracentesis ( chf is not able to be diagnosed just by the presence of blood in the lungs)

Gagging with suctioning is perfectly normal, from stimulation of the gag reflex. It is not unusual to have a small amount of blood from suctioning, especially if they have had to suction him frequently. If the doctor said he's going to drain the fluid from his lungs, he is probably going to perform a thoracentesis. If that's the case, your grandfather probably has bilateral pleural effusions, with more fluid on the right (from what you said in your question). Basically, a pleural effusion is caused by fluid filling the space between the outside of the lung and the membrane around the lungs (the pleural cavity). The causes of this can be many and varied, anything from heart and kidney problems, bacterial or viral infections, trauma, post surgical, etc.

Nurses are great resources, but if you still don't understand about his condition, ask the respiratory therapist who is taking care of your grandpa. Most RT's have a greater understanding of cardiopulmonary conditions and will hopefully be able to explain it to you in a way you can understand.

sharon w
He maybe suffering from congestive heart failure, with "pleural effusion" that's fluid build up in the chest cavity,causing the lungs and heart not to function properly.Having the breathing tube and ventilator would be used with such sick patients,the pink or bloody chest fluid with some small blood clots will be normal also. Your Grandpa is very sick,but he's getting the best care,have faith and pray for his recovery.I wish the best for him and the family. Take care. SW RNP

It sounds like you grandpa had a severe episode of congestive heart failure. What happens is that the heart doesn't pump efficiently and blood gets backed up into the blood vessels surrounding the lungs. Fluid (plasma) leaks into the lungs and collects. In severe cases the fluid does end up with a pink tinge to it from the blood. Basically a person is drowning in their own body fluid.
Among many medications that your grandpa may be being given is Morphine. It dulls the pain of a possible heart attack that your grandpa may have suffered (and which may have brought on the episode of heart failure). It also relaxes the walls of the blood vessels, allowing them to expand in an attempt to draw some of the fluid away from the lungs.
Now that I look again at what you've described, it's also possible that he suffered a pulmonary embolism, a clot that forms in a blood vessel and then migrates to the lungs.
Ask your parents for more information, or ask your grandpa's doctor. I think they will appreciate your concern.

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