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Can the doctor tell if i smoke?
I am 17 and i smoke and i don't want my parents to find out. Can the doctor tell by looking at my throat? Can he tell from something else?

Terry O
It depends a lot on how much and how frequently you smoke. If it is enough and often enough to affect your health, he will definitely notice it. Then he will probably ask you if you smoke, unless your breath tells him that he doesn't even need to ask. If you lie about it, he will most likely perceive that, and not say anything more about it, except perhaps to tell you what health consequences it can lead to.

they have this weird new thing (probably wont use it on you) they shine it on your fingers and there is a glow and they can tell by the type of glow or the amount of glow how much you smoke, when your last cigarette was.

but if you only smoke a few cigarettes a day you have nothing to worry about. Plus your doctor cant tell your parents anything.

o yea he can tell

Absolutely! Not only is it on your breath but in your clothes, car, home, and where ever you smoke. I am a smoker and quit for 6 months believe me we stink!

Fulke Hunke.
All people who don't smoke can tell if someone who does. In a nutshell you stink....

Yes he will! This is a choice you will end up regretting! Stop now before you ruin your lungs! Girls will think you stink and your teeth will turn yellow! Nobody ever says, man I'm glad I started smoking! It's a battle to quit once you are well addicted! Not to mention all the money you will waste on ruining your body!!! Love yourself and STOP!!! from someone who knows!!!

Yes, he can tell. The cilia in your throat will be gone, also if you get an X-Ray it will show in your lungs. I lied and told my doctor I didn't smoke and he looked at my throat and my X-Rays and asked me how long I've been smoking. Hope it doesn't come up. If you can wait to go to the doctor until you are 18. Patient confidentiality sets in and he can't tell your parents. Chances are, if they are non-smokers, they can smell it on you and they already know. I think it's really endearing that you care what they think. If it comes up at the doctor appointment talk to them. I think otherwise, some things are better left unsaid. Good luck!

Yes, definitely....

Gege F
the doctor always telling what u have consulted to them but i suggest better u dont bring your parents during consultation just bring your trusted friend

Silent Bob
I am a RN and yes I can tell if you are smoking,your smell by the color of you tongue, the color of your teeth, by the color of your fingers and nails, by the frequency of infections, Swollen tonsils and adenoids, listening to you lungs with my stethoscope. Blood work: CO2 levels will be higher than that of non-smokers.
Do not worry I can not tell your parents that you do smoke and neither can your Doctor. Just be ready for the Lecture on quiting.

and not to be mean,
but you shouldn't smoke anyways.
if your parents don't allow you to smoke,
chances are you and your parents both know it's a bad thing to do.
i say quit right now,
and when you do go to the doctor,
tell them you used but you stopped now.
they will be upset with it,
but glad you came to your senses.
but whatever,
it's all in your hands what you do.

Yes, by looking at your teeth is a give away.

Erik's so Smexii
yh eyes hands nails hair throat and skin are all give aways

Erika the VT
Nah, the doctor will probably just ask you if you do to which you reply no. However if you're having some sort of breathing problems or chest pains it's probably best if you tell your doctor. Just ask your parents if they'd step out of the room because you have an embarassing problem to talk about or something. It's the law that doctors practice confidentiality with their patients, and I'm sure if you asked the doctor not to tell he wouldn't.

alica S
well yeah cause you can also smell like it from your clothes, and the Doctor can take an cat scan on you but I'm not very sure about looking at your throat but if you don't ,want to get caught then stop cause with every cigarette you lose 11 minuets of your life so i would stop i don't know you but i care about you cause i care about the people.

of course. burning tobacco produces tar, which accumulates in your lungs and when the doc listens he can hear it with a stethoscope, its a kind of rasping noise like leaves rustling. and the smoke can be smelled on your breath for hours or even a day or two after smoking.
but if the doc finds out you smoke, he cant tell your parents unless they are in the room with you at the time. its called doctor patient confidentiality. or just be straight with him/her and say u do, theyll probably sak anyway. specify you dont want your parents to know. and stop SMOKING

shilpa ann
first of all smoking is very very very very bad for ur health,and whether the docter finds it or not its gonna harm u a lot,ur just 17 and ur smoking?i don't know,but someday someone will find out and u will be in a big row..sorry but try to stop smoking its the worst habit a person can get,its worst than drinking.......really worst1!

hope u stop smoking and u don't get into a row=D
good luck!

Orange ♥Mocha♥ Frappuccino

Leah H
i dont think they can. all they can really do is ask you and they have to go with the answer you gave them.it has happened to me.a doctor asked me if i smoked and i said no and he didnt give me any test to see if i was telling the truth or not.


Your parents are not stupid. They do wash your clothes.
and with them tartor stains on your fingers, and on your
You seem to forget. Your parents, years ago. were 17 also.

of course.


Tell your mom you want to see the doctor by yourself. You're old enough that she shouldn't need to be by your side. Then, what you tell your doctor should be confidential.

Just a note: PLEASE QUIT SMOKING. I smoke and I wish I had never started. I began when I was your age. Something to think about: there's not a smoker alive who wishes they had never started.

your teeth, your fingers, your clothes would smell, your hairs would smell, your breath... EASY to see.

scott r
probably cause you stink, your hands will stink your teeth will stink, your hair will stink.
give it up. you're really not that cool. and if you think you are, then you're just lying to yourself.
i don't think your doc would say anything to your parents.
he might say something to you, but just a little nicer than i did.
good luck

Judas Rabbi
They sure can.

dude it doesnt take a doc to know if u smoke. Only an idiot wont notice it if u're a smoker.

Justine W
uh, yeah!

The doctor probably will be able to tell from your breath. Your parents probably already know too.

Yes they can tell.

A doctor can tell from smelling it on a patient, but he may think that the person might live with or be around a smoker. If he is perceptive, he may smell it on your breath. An x-ray or scan will show lung damage from smoking, but it will not show smoke. I've heard of a doctor that once showed cloudy spots in an x-ray to a patient and told him that was smoke. Of course, it wasn't smoke, lungs just look cloudy in x-rays. If you really smoked that much, woudn't your parents have smelled it already? I would not worry about it.

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