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Ban smoking everywhere ?

Lovely Rita Meter Maid
what even in your home or garden? why not just go live in a concentration camp also?

Its been done here but banning smoking all together is just stupid and it will never happen, the tax revenue generated from smokers is more than double the nhs annual budget.

in a way i wish they would ban smoking because then you would all suffer. it would not be possible to ban smoking without seriously increasing other taxes.

pin ball
i like the idea but you have to allow people their freedom. i dont want smokers near me. thats my idea of my freedom but smokers cannot be banned. it wont work and it will make every smoker a criminal. we cant do that to anyone. lets give and take between us all. non smokers and smokers have rights and everyones rights should be respected. let smokers smoke . let non smokers breathe clean air but smoking cannot be banned. thats wrong.

no taxes would rise the only way to stop smoking is to stop making them and can u c that happening

I'm willing to bet that you drink tea or coffee? Then you are a junky, have you been to your doctor for treatment?
If caffeine was introduced into the west now instead of a while ago, it would be classed as an A class drug.
Leave the smokers alone!
I have never smoked.

x Adele x
if u dont like it, then dont stand next to us!!!!!

OK look, no one disagrees that smoking is harmful..HOWEVER, freedom still means something to me; so I say if one wants to smoke let them, it's really only harming THEM, we cannot continue to live in this perpetual, 'nanny state'
There has not been one single PROVEN case of secondary smoke causing lung cancer. So no. I don't think smoking should be banned everywhere..look at the wider picture..where will it end? what next? Ban alcohol because it can cause liver issues? Ban everything sugary and fatty because it's to blame for obesity? What about self control? It is up to the individual to take responsibility for their own actions.

Mossy Jan
in england, scotland, wales and northern Ireland smoking has already been banned from within shops, restraunts, work place, etc etc. people are now only allowed to smoke outside and it must be away from buildings.
this has casued a decrease in revenue for some businesses but the smoking ban has had a positive effect.

if you banned smoking everywhere, people would only smoke in their own home, think of us who pay our tax's, cigarette sales drop, prices will have to go on other things, its not practical to ban smoking, you can say its offencive to vegetarians when someone walks down the street eating a MacDonald's are you going to ban that as well so it doesn't offend!

NOOO i would die! public places is bad enough thanks! I think smokers should be aloud to smoke wherever they like, we should have the same rights as non-smokers. And they wouldnt do that anyways because the government makes too much money out of the sale of cigarettes.

Ok, Ban driving everywhere, drinking everywhere... Lets just ban everything ay!!!! Stupid fcuking people.

You obviously have not heard that scientist reckon Nicotine helps prevent dementia.There on about making cigerettes to help stop the onset.

stephen t
you moan about smokers yet your happy to get into your cars and spew toxic gas everywhere if the government didn't get taxes off smokers they will look elsewhere for it its good enough to ban smoking in public places which i think was a good move how about drinking outside i think we should ban that lol well some places have watch out ppl your liberty is at stake nhs is mostly funded by the tax on cigs prob then we will pay for treatment it will be a case of no money go away

daizie dumpling
Not everywhere, No.
Certain places Yes, and smokers have accepted that, so for God's sake pick on other things will you? Leave the smokers alone now, they've done what has been asked of them.
It was even glamourised at one time in old films, like knives and the violence is in today's films.
But get off your soap boxes with smokers, it's time for more important issues.
What you should be voicing your opinion more on, is the viloence of knives and gun culture on an every day basis, which is a far certain early death for society in comparison to smoking.
If you don't smoke, good for you!
If you do smoke, have one for me!

mummy fi
for what reason??? if your thinking of passive smoking then we should also ban driving in highly built up areas.....think about it they cause more pollution.....the only other reason would be to let the serious anti smokers get their way.....for heavens sake we cant have a cig in a pub anymore and they have shut down at an alarming rate......so no dont ban it everywhere its peoples right to choose what to do with their bodies

well if you locked your self in a garage and spent a week chain smoking a thousand packets of cigarettes you'd walk out coughing!! but alive. do the same with a car engine running and you'd be dead in three minutes. it doesn't matter how the smoking ban goes. it will make very little difference to the true!! killer. the combustion engine. your kids are breathing petrol all day and every day. no matter where they are. try looking at the deadly chemicals in exhaust fumes. having said that i will agree that smoking is a stupid habit. i gave up two years ago. but i have no problem with others who want to smoke. I'm not gullible enough to believe that their second hand smoke is going to harm me. it will do you no more harm than sitting next to a camp fire.

doktor smudge
It is legal and very lucrative for the governments money coffers (no pun intended) to to buy tobacco products, so how can anyone say that you cannot consume something that was purchased legally ?
Exhaust emissions and chemicals in food and "healthy" products do a lot more harm.
It has been proved that underarm deodorants carry toxic ingredients, this causes cancer cells in Lymph and Breast tissue.

miss star
no way......
us smokers have to have somewhere to smoke...!!,

should drinking in pubs be banned ?,, i"m sure the drinkers would have something to say about that..!!

and why don't we ban everything that other people enjoy doing...just to please the sad people who haven"t got anything better to do, than preach and moan..

and well said alex, car fumes are bad for us, but will cars etc be banned...no they wont.

EMILY-GET BEX OUT-, i have never read such a rude answer on y/a before,
and wot a load of cr*p that babies have died because they"ve been in brought up in houses full of smoke,me and my partner both smoked around my eldest daughter when she was a baby,,it was our choice,and she is now a perfectly healthy 18 year old,

maybe you should join me in jumping off the nearest cliff for giving such a stupid insulting answer against smokers.
and if you don"t like looking at our stained yellow teeth, the answers very simple....don"t look at us...leave us alone to do what us smokers like doing....smoking.....!!!.

guitar virgin
No, ban intolerance instead, after all, intolerance is far more damaging to society than smoking will ever be.

That's against my human Rights. You may have heard this quoted in other situations. I should imagine you have never smoked yourself, and don't realise that it is a very bad addiction. My Doctor told me that for a person who has smoked as I have, for 50 years now, to stop smoking is harder than coming off Heroin. Tobacco is a great reliever of stress for a lot of people, it calms the nervous system better than any addictive tablets. It has seen me through a lot of bad times during the loss of my baby daughter, my wifes death and the loss of my Elder brother. So understand why people do smoke.

Ban smoking and meantime allow to sell cigarettes?
What a double standard!

Big T
In the UK:

Total income from taxation on tobacco products (not to mention the wages etc. involved in the people employed in its production and distribution, which will be considerable) is 10.3 billion pounds.

Total expenditure on ALL health related costs is 1.7 billion.

So lets ban it, as long as those people who want to ban it are going to volunteer to make up the tax loss and employ all those people involved in production and distribution.

Thought not.

alex hephaestion
If you are suffering from respiratory problems you would do better calling for an all out ban on cars

as much as people talk about 2ndhand smoke they never mention the fact that cars are statistically more of a respiratory problem causer than smoking

so yes if you wish to ban smoking totally then ban car driving totally too and lets have completely fresh air at last

i do hope you don't use a car by the way or any other form of transport that pollutes the air making it harder for us to breathe........you know what that would make you if you do.....

WHY the hell not,and why were at it why dont we ban everything else thats bad for us,alcohol,fry-ups,crisps,chocolate,the list could go on,freedom of choice is my motto,something thats fast coming scarce.

That Guy
Find one single case of PROVEN death from second hand smoke. Really there isn't a proven case, and never will be. Get over it, people like to smoke and will do it even if it made illegal. If you don't like it, then go somewhere else, but don't deny me my rights to kill myself slowly, cause really it wont effect you.

It will never happen as governments make billions in taxes from it.
If they banned it can you imagine how much they would have to put up say road tax and gas prices to compensate.
I've smoked for over 30yrs because I enjoy it , i've no health issues because of it and know the so called " risks " but it's
also a fact people who never smoke get cancer ,and lung diseases and heart problems.
I respect the views of people who don't smoke and would never encourage anyone to start .

madred lfc
NO.. what happened to freedom of choice??

Perla M
yes, IF AND ONLY IF we also ban:
- driving cars (gas from cars cause more serious health problems than smoking),
- ban alcohol drinking (as drinking and driving causes also more deaths than smoking),
- ban wars like that of Iraq (as these cause far more deaths and other serious health problems to BOTH soldiers and LOCAL civilians!!!),
- ban toxic waste,
- ban biochemicals in food production,
- ban hairsprays and other beauty parlor products (far worst that sigarette smoke),
- ban foods that have staturated fat (those kill more that sigarette smoke),
- and finally... ban idiots who think that they will live longer and healthier when there is a ban on smoking!!!

And NO! I do NOT smoke.... But I am not an idiot!!!

I gave up smoking many years ago and agree with it's ban in public buildings, however smoking outside, while unpleasant perhaps for some people, is an infringement of their rights, and the natural air movement dissipates the smoke to insignificant proportions.

As to the person who said 'prove passive smoking kills',
in EVERY civilised country in the world that has investigated the link, the answer has been an UNANIMOUS yes!

And if you want just one example, ask Roy Castle's widow?

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