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Would u lift a fat person from the floor.if it meant you hurting your back.?

Tabbyfur aka patchy puss
If that person was in danger and it meant their life or my back. I would give it try to get them off the floor. If my life was in jeopardy and It meant that I would die if I tried to help this person for longer than necessary. Then I would try and then walk away. Even knowing full well that I would carry that guilt for the rest of my life.

Mrs Chicagosgirl!!
no, its a job for the paramedics!! lol xxx

no stupid. what is the point of injuring yourself if you are not capable of lifting safely. do them a favor and leave them alone.

sorry no can do

yohan m
why should i injure myself because they're greedy?

depends if it was your job

there is no way i would lift a large person from the floor there are so many lifting aids now that you shouldn't even be thinking of this, if your put in a position where you have to lift make sure you are properly trained and have the adequate support

First rule of Lifesaving (although this question isn't about saving a life, but the rule is still relevant) is before to tend to a casualty is make sure it is safe for you to do so.

Also you shouldn't move a casualty until checked for spinal injuries by a paramedic.

You won't hurt your back if you use proper body mechanics and lift the right way. Even a small person who is 5 ft and 110 lbs. can lift a 300 lb. person if done the right way. Trust me I've worked in a hospital for 4 years and that is something that they teach you in school.

robert p
lol ive tried it nd i would advice not doin it or i wnt be doin it again anyway lol

Why would you need to? It would hardly do anyone any good if you finished up on the floor with him. If he's ill the best place is staying on the floor until proper medical attention can be given.


NO never lift if ur on ur own get help call an ambulance. the person may have broken bones NEVER ever lift on ur own ... think back all the time. im a community carer and i wont ever lift on my own call 999 ask for ambulance

If you don't know how to do it safely best to let someone else do it,get help and make him/her comfortable.

I think it would be a very silly thing to do. Get help - perhaps a crane would do!

Yes but only if they were very fat indeed.

I wouldn't lift anyone, fat or not, if it meant hurting my back. The sensible thing to do is get help.

not on your own,ask for help or call an ambulance if needed

yes, yes I would!

not a chance im afraid, i fell through a floor at work last year and hurt my knee and back, then in June an idiot in a landrover ran into the back of me at 35mph while i was sat waiting at a red light. i hurt my back real bad this time



yes, but not on my own.

Hell no, you should get help.

Sure, might as well try. lol :-)

no i would roll them in flour to find the wet patch first...just for fun!!

Depends. Did they reach the floor after your push?

If the house was on fire and the person was out of senses...I would...to save the life.

There are ways to lift things reducing the risk to your back. remember, BEND ZE NEEEZZZZ!!!!

if there was a fire and they had broke there legs then yes if they had fell over due to eating so much mcdonalds then no lol haha x

Dolly Blue
NO !! what use would that be? you would end up on the floor with the fat person !!!

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