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Will I die?
If i took an overdose of 8 paracetamol and 8 ibuprofen on the 20th of july and took 11 paracetamol on the 15th July will i die??

Why? Are you trying to kill yourself? Yes eventually you keep this up you will. Go talk to someone...

the stank monster!

Any overdose has the potential to be fatal.

Why did you take the overdose in the first place? If it was because you were in severe pain, then go to your doctor and explain the pain that you have......your doctor should be able to give you something that will eliminate the pain without the risk of overdose. If you took the overdose because you felt suicidal, please seek immediate medical attention. If you have those feelings, please seek out help.

Sound The Stereo
if you were going to die it would have been within a day of taking that crap

Probably of intestine damage! it isn't cute to take so much medicine especially if you are just doing it to get attention! if you are suicidal talk to your parents or call a hot line!

rebel embrow
yes but please stay calm

wow dat is crazy... ur body is gonna get damaged badly and if your not dead yet i dont think you'll die...
talk to your doctor about it

I've never heard of the first one , but the other one is not good for your liver. If you keep taking the two at the same time , they will eventually kill you!!

i think you need help.. sounds like a cry for help ..talk to some1..

probs u shud go to ur doctors if u dont want to

You're still alive.. so no.

i wouldnt like to know!

if your thinking about doing it ask a better question on yahoo to help you think twice

yes umm dont plan on it?

April D
If you keep taking massive amounts of medication just for the heck of it, you'll burn through your liver like a hot knife in butter. I suggest you have a long honest talk with a professional who can help you.

riolico r
oh my god, you not love your body.

Sara D
If you're not dead so far, I doubt you'll die... If you die you're gonna die from something else..

yes eventually

Ysabelle M
maybe... it depends...

Not a chance, unless you find a bus to jump under, neither is very toxic. That's why you can buy them like lollies. We all go eventually so YES YOU WILL DIE.

Yes Why? are you sucidal. If no i suggest you get straight down to your doctor!

You run the risk of permanent liver damage if you take too many Paracetamol tablets. You should not take more than the instructions indicate.

If you take a toxic dose, you'll show symptoms within 2-3 days, and the 15th was 11 days ago, so apparently you did not take a toxic dose.

Most people who overdose on Paracetamol survive, but sometimes they need liver transplants, if they took enough to destroy their livers. Drinking alcohol greatly increases the risk of toxicity from Paracetamol, so don't ever do that.

Christopher M
no you will not die if you where to die. it would have been in that day why did you take so much?. overdose is not a nice thing on paracetomol

tom s
you will have damage to your liver

confused & waiting
why did you?!??? you should have asked a doctor before taking up anything. if you are into suicide, gosh girl! love your life. :)

Probably, of old age

Tell me your secrets
Peopel who do that just can't see a way out. There is always a way out. Even if you have to wait a while and fight. You have to be sad in life to know wht happyness is. Just don't be to sad though for to lond because this can be very destructive. I have a saying. If you arre not happy, don't be there.

not that way, get help if you really wanted to die you would hae done it properly this is more a cry for help. there are plenty of places to get help, talk and get advice.
My advice: LIVE nothing is that bad to end it

Please get some help,
and stop damaging your liver now.

Telephone Samaritan (UK) 08547 90 90 90

Even the most -------- of us will die eventually.

not only are you a freak ...........but a dumb one!!!

You can have 8 Paracetamol within a 24 hour period....so no you wont die. I would seek help if you are having suicidal thoughts though hun...if you do take an overdose then have second thoughts there may be no going back.........phone the Samaritans or go see your Doctor/Nurse.....sometimes it helps to just talk to someone....

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