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Why is it so painful ?
what can i do/get to make my periods not as painful, if i take like two advil, it still doesn do anything :S

I'm not a girl so I really wouldn't know what kind of pain you're going through but I heard from most girls that when there first couple times hurt..

Ethereal Heretic
ask your doctor for Vicodin, or start taking birth control

justin r
birth control stops periods completely, as well as reducing the risk of cancer. If you can afford that, it is probably the easiest and best solution.

otherwise go to the doctor and try to get a prescription or some other sort of remedy. in fact, if you have health insurance, go to the doctor anyway - it might be covered and you can get it for free.

Jean Valjean
My funny answer is to get pregnant! ;)

My serious answer to to take birth control and perhaps a midol or other over the counter pain relieve specifically designed for menstrual pain.

You might also consider doing some kind of activity that takes your mind off of the pain. Something that is fun and requires a lot of concentration. Video games work for guys so maybe there's a game you can play?

Good luck sister.

Exercise helps alot =D

Alyssa Marie's mom
birth control can help with the cramps...or take midol or pamprin

try taking ibuprofeun 200mg.... that seems to work really good for a lot of people.. If the pain is really severe you may want to go see your doctor to see if they can prescribe you something.. My doctor prescribed me Naproxen...

Sarah J
take some midol because it is specifically designed for menstrual cramps. try putting a hot compress on your stomach or lower back, or take a bath. also walking around or exercising will help if its not too painful. staying in one place will make the pain worse.

Wen *
unfortunately when it comes to that time of month some people get to worse than other I have heard some that cant even get out bed and others that don't get pain at all. I get a lot headaches and sometimes they don't really work and then i use a stronger prescribed tablet which does work. So maybe it might be worth going to the doctor and talking it over with him/her and possible get something stronger. Don't worry its nots if they havent heard it all before. Good luck

I use a hot water bottle. Place it over your abdomen, curl up under a blanket and have a wee nap. If that doesn't make me feel better than I'll get moving.....usually take the dog for a brisk walk. The fresh air, my surrounding and physical activity usually take my mind off my cramps.
Have a Great Day!

caffeine helps... as does going on hormones (pills, patches, injections... whatever). I think they get better with age - I used to be completely incapacitated by them, now I feel absolutely nothing.

i know youre pain. my are so bad i have to take off work. i seriously dont have an answer for you. i know prescription pills arent the way to go.

my doctor said something about it being a hormonal problem. i would talk to your doctor. and i also heard certain types of birth control help too.

start taking Advil like a day before u kno ur gonna get ur period then just keep taking it my doctor told me this and it seems to have a better effect then waiting for the pain and then taking the drugs

try midol.

try drinking lots of water and also 800mg of ibuprophren will do the trick along with slowing the menstral flow. the water will help with flushing and keeping your body hydrated during the menstral cycle.

600 mg ib profin works but it is an rx

midol works

i went to my obgyn and he gave me birth control i havn't gotten my period yet so i havn't tried it but he said that will lessen cramps

i get cramps so baddd, in the middle of the month and the second day of my period. some times i bend over in pain.

p.s. those therma care heat pads help a little bit too

a Percocet really does the job but it's an rx

the first time i got cramps we thought it was my appendix but it's just my period.

good luck finding what works for you!!!

ohhh last thing my doctor said if you take the medacine before you feel the cramps that will lessen them too!!!

drink some hot tea.. also i know it hurts, but walk around a little.. to Loosen the clots.

Ha ha, the men anwswered in such dumb ways! It shows how little they know! I got a kick out of that!

I am past it now, but I always did three things.

1. Hot bath and/or compresses.
2. Exercise.
3. Try to find things to take your mind off it until you can pass some of these clots.

When the cramps were worst, I needed to pass clots, then it subsided.

i usually drink tea and put something warm on my stomache(hot bath shower etc).... i used to roll up into a ball and press my stomache really hard but i heard that just makes its worse..dont eat too much sugar,salt,sour stuff,or caffeine...walk around or swim...massage back..lay down and put pillow under your knees to relax ur legs...i hope this helps im not a doctor but i get really bad cramps too and this is what i usually do

stephanie anna :)
hott bath WILL help

bend over forward sitting criss cross apple saucee

take midol!! worksss way better than Advil

put a heating bag on your low part of your stomach

these will all work for you i PROMISE :):)

♥Sweet Girl♥
tyr midol or pamperin.

For me, it always helped to take the Advil *before* the cramps started.

But the best option is to go to your ob/gyn and get on birth control. Depending on the form of birth control, it can reduce the amount of bleeding (which does affect the pain), shorten the length of your periods, or even prevent them.

The doc can also prescribe something stronger than the Advil.

If you don't have an ob/gyn, go to Planned Parenthood. They'll do exams and birth control pills on a sliding scale fee (free if you're a student, at least back in my day).

If you excersise while you're on your period it will make your cramping less. Also if you take a warm bath or put a warm heating pad over your stomach it helps too , Or midal?

Take 800 mg of Ibuprofen (it usually comes in 200mg tabs so take 4 tabs) every six hours as needed. Your doctor can write a prescription for this but there is no need when you can get it over the counter. Ibuprofen is the generic name, you can also find this as Advil or Motrin. If you have been having your periods for a while, you should be able to tell when it is coming by the way your body is feeling. Once you start feeling these symptoms, start taking the Ibuprofen; don't wait for your period to actually start or you will be way behind on the the pain control. Please don't ask your doctor for prescription painkillers. They are needed in some situations where a woman has other contributing factors, but not for the regular menstrual cramps that we all experience. I know it hurts like hell, I can certainly remember being stuck in bed for 2 or 3 days at a time curled up in a little ball. Another thing that may help is a heating pad if you have one. Good luck.

If your periods are painful it might help to have an examination by an OB-GYN specialist. There are things that can be checked to see if that is causing the pain.

I would recommend trying a heating pad across your abdomen when possible. In addition, take two extra stength Tylenol as directed. Generally I have found that if you can apply some pressure to the abdominal area it helps as well. Try laying on your stomach on your bed and sliding a pillow or two under your abdomen.

If you still don't seem to get much relief, you may want to try calling your physician's office. They may be able to call in a prescription for something a little stronger in order to take the edge off!

Hope this helps, best of luck to you!

SASSY frass�ツ】
Birth control pills and you can also ask your Dr to prescribe you Naproxen (Which is found over the counter in Aleve and Pamprin)

Mrs. Lovett
Try a birth control option, they tend to regulate periods so they are not so bad.

take a nice bath to relax, massage the area. (i didnt mean for that to come across as dirty)

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