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Why does it hurt to drink pop?
It feels like drinking fire! I can actually feel it going down my esophagus. Then it kind of festers through out my abdomen: stomach, esophagus,etc. I have had it happen since I was little, but in the past couple weeks it has gotten far worse. I am 23.

Maybe you have a throat infection, or have you eating something that could've scratched your throat severely so the soda hurts.

i would talk to a doctor

Maybe it has eaten away your esphogus

i think it's because of the acid in the pop, you know it can interact with the digestive system

see a doctor about that

the acid...you should drink it slower


mf east
Time to switch to tea.

Laura S
I don't feel that way. See a doctor

alicia w
ok, this is your body trying to tell you that you are drinking toxic waste. dont drink pop, drink water. you are probabably wearing away the membranes all the way through.
and if it has happened since you were little, why are you still doing it?

Soda is acidic and some people are more sensitive then others,....you might want to see a doctor though...

Talk to your doctor, it's probably acid problems and you are getting a heartburn. Pop is not good for you anyway, too sugary and ruins your teeth as well as your bones- time to switch to some water or tea.

You probably should see a physician about your problem. Soft drinks lead to all sorts of ailments within the body itself. The sugars in soda causes heart disease, colitis, osteoporosis and etc...

dont ask it here..you should look for a doctor. it is safer. good luck.

um....stop drinking it! Do you have acid reflux? your lining in your esophagus may be damaged.

Welcome to heartburn.

Have you been drinking soda a lot? Some people cannot handle soda and it simply isnt good for them. You might have a sensative throat. Go on webmd.com thats a good website for people to find out whats wrong with them

see a doctor

The P
It like drinking carbonated water with a touch of flavor. Because thats what it is. It hurts because its carbonation. before u drink it try shaking it a little so some of that carbonation evaportes. That should do the trick.

That sounds like heartburn to me. Drinking carbonated soft drinks happens to be one of the most common causes of heartburn. You need to neutralize your stomache acid. Check out these home remedies: http://www.otan.dni.us/webfarm/emailproject/heartburn.htm
I have used 1/2 tsp of Baking Soda in a glass of water for when my husband gets heartburn and it works for him. But you really should see your doctor though. He/she can determine exactly what it is you have.
Hope this helps.

Cora T.
stop drinking pop... it's BAD for you. id you know it hurts then why keep drinking it. Clear pop ruins your teeth and has a lot of sugar. Dark pop has more sugar than clear pop.... I suggest to just get off it... You'll have a healthier, better life. I stopped drinking pop when I found out how much sugar were in it and how it ruins your teeth... I want to have my teeth longer so I got off it and I think you should too...

♥Strength and Perseverance♥
I think you may be drinking it too fast. I know that when I drink it fast it hurts so that may be it.

dead friend
because carbonation can hurt sensitive skin in your throat let it sit for a little bit after you open it.

You need to consult a doctor and stay away from pop.

Sounds to me like you may have an ulcer. Do you get frequent heartburn, or if you get heartburn at all, is it bad. If yuo answered yes to either of these 2 questions, I would consult a doctor. If you answered no, try drinking juice or something else for a while and see if that helps.

It should not hurt to drink pop. It sounds like your entire digestive tract is burned, beyond acid reflux. You need an upper GI so a doctor can see what's going on with your esophagus and perhaps your entire digestive tract.

5th of Tuesday
It's the carbonation and it affects me like that, too. I try to swirl it or lightly shake it in the can to get rid of the carbonation. BUT, if you pour it in a glass,.....no prob!!

Maybe you have some severe heartburn issues that has been eating away at your esophogus and the acid in the pop will make it feel lick knives going down your esophogus.

it should not hurt, and you should see a doctor and explain this. This kind of thing happened to my husband, and he had some real problems with his esophageal tract

Sounds like you have some damage. You need to see your doc and get this checked out.,


It is loaded with acid, and you may be very sensitive to carbonation (I quit for over 2 years and could not believe the pain when I had a soda afterward).

Cut a hot dog in half and put it in a jar. Fill the jar with Coca-Cola and go to bed. See if the hot dog is there in the morning. You would be amazed at what Coke can eat (like an iron nail in less than a week). Imagine what it is doing to your body.

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