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Why can't I eat anything with braces?
Well I have taken advil ibuprofen all that stuff and still can't get it to stop hurting. What can I do elsewise to help with the pain. This is only the 2nd day with them and I hate them. They put top and bottom all on at one time is that why I am hurting so bad. I can't take 2 advils because I don't weigh enough for that please help!!!! Also what can I do about the sores in my mouth I tried wax but it doesn't seem to work!!!!!! It is bleeding and it is swollen. Give me websites please where you got your info. Thanks.......

they won't hurt 4ever. for now, stick 2 yogurt, pudding and mashed potatoes

i have braces they will stop and iam 12

Sadly there is really no way to stop the pain. The only cure is time. Your teeth are not used to having pressure on them and they are shifting. In about of week the pain should stop.

As for the sores,your mouth is just adjusting to having the new material rubbing against it, it will adapt to the materials soon enough.

When I had this problem I just ate soft foods for a week and drank cool water to ease the pain momentarily, thats all I can offer.

Best of luck.

You have to allow your mouth to adjust to the braces. After about a week you should be fine. After every tightening you will be sore all over again. Hang in there....

that guy
lol, you don't

ask ur dentist guy

The first couple days with my braces hurt like hell. I think it lasted on for a week. It wasn't until almost a month until I got used to it because for 1 week it hurt and I couldn't eat much. The 2nd week started to get better, but by the time I started enjoying the food and learning how to eat without scraping the metal on my cheek, I had to go to the orthopedist to get them tightened again.. I've had my braces on for almost a year and I'm very comfortable with them now.

(Additional: I have braces top and bottom too, but didn't take any pills to ease the pain.. My solution was just making the best of the food..even though I was practically using my tongue to eat.. You'll get used to it sooner or later)

Good luck!

i had braces for 3 years.

you can't avoid the aching when they get tightened. you will get used to it though. as for what to do about cuts from them... i play the trumpet so having sharp metal under my lips caused lots of problems... but i found that taking a few strips of waxed paper and placing them over your teeth like those teeth whitening strips... worked very good for easing the sharpness of it. looks kinda funny so you prolly won't do it all the time but it helps when you really need it.

You might have an allergy to the metal. Consult your dentist for information.

hi. i have braces (top and bottom) too. i remember when i first got them on and it will hurt pretty bad for about a week. this might sound funny but don't talk a lot.. :p sleep on your back so you aren't lying on your face, and just eat very soft stuff! rinsing with Listerine or warm salty water will burn a bit but it will help the swelling and the sores. put lots of wax on and make sure it is smooth! brush your teeth a lot because food stuck in your braces will irritate your mouth even more. other then that... you can't do much more then "grin and bare it" so to say.

Good luck!

blah m
well i have braces too ive had them for awhile. the best thing to do is to have a small jar with cotton balls any time it starts to hurt apply a little pressure to it so it wont end up bleeding or whatever then hold it for awhile sometimes you may feel stings in your gums when yo do that but thats normal. Then when you think it dosent hurt that much remove it and there is special creamcalled abreva to put on where you have pain and thats a method i used it is complicated but it is def well worth a try.

Advil and all this other stuff really doesn't help much. i had braces twice. wax sometimes helps but sometimes not... but usually after 2 days it stops and youll be able to eat again. till then stick to your favorite ice cream and kraft mac and cheese and use your pain as a way to get outta homework

hope i helped!

‚ô•Jesus‚ô• ‚ô•Loves‚ô• ‚ô•You‚ô•
it will hurt for a week or two. start out with soup or yogurts so you dont have to chew anything. keep taking Advil/Tylenol/Ibuprofen, just be careful not to OD. try to stick with the wax for a while, eventually your mouth will adapt to the braces and not get cuts in it. i still get sores occasionally though, but not to the severity of when i first got them on. im sorry and good luck with your braces :)

I clearly remember the pain when I first had braces. I had them for four years. I promise within about another week, you will have formed a callous over the skin of your mouth, and there won't be any more sores. I also promise that after about two weeks the pain of having the braces on will go away because the initial shift of your teeth will have happened and you will get used to the new setting of your teeth until it comes time to tighten them again at the ortho. Don't worry, everytime you feel that pain just remind yourself that beauty is sometimes painful...you will have some gorgeous teeth to flash at your friends when all is said and done...hang in there honey!

i have braces 2. dont worry the pain will ease out after the 3rd or 4th day. i took no medicine and got top 1st then after a month bottom. so im pretty sure it will stop hurting. if it still hurting contact your docter.
Good Luck

Umm I can help ya!
I've had Braces for like 4 years now!!!
and I've hated every minute of it!!
but umm.. honestly theres nothin' u can do.
the pain will eventually go away.
=] ok you just gottta be strong!!

homE H
You can do 2 things. One is you could call your orthodontist. Or two, you have to wait a few days for the pain to go away. Sometimes your teeth just need some time.

jamison m
cuz braces suk!!!! =p i dont have braces

i had braces not to long ago. An ice pack helps. just holding up on your mouth. Yeah the wax doesn't always work, but if u put a big chuck of it at the places and leave it for a while it will start to heal up. Soft food is good and cold drinks. Good Luck!

Soft, mushy foods are the best remedy for that for the next few days. Every time you get them tightened (usually once a month), your mouth will hurt for a few days. The wax should help with the sores from scraping your skin. 2 Advil shouldn't hurt you if you are in that much pain.

lil-t crip 4 lyf

Kate S
it'll pass

Eat cold things and use that numbing stuff, like lozenges or throat spray

Well maybe you try putting 2 or more ice cubes in your mouth so it can numb your gums so wont hurt for a while.

That pain is normal whenever braces are put on or adjusted. It generally lasts for anywhere from 2 to 3 days and is worse/better depending on how dramatic the adjustment is. Seeing as how this is your first time with braces, I would imagine that you will start feeling better later today/tomorrow. I'm not sure what kind of sores you have, if they are sores which are the result from your mouth being opened for an extended period of time, there isn't a great deal that you can do about it. If they are small cuts near the anchors (the back teeth where the steel rings are), then you may should run your finger over the braces. If they have a sharp point, you need to go back to your orthodontist and have them fixed or else they will continue to hurt you (they do this free and it is quite a common problem). As for the pain, you should use a pain killing spray (like Tanac Oral pain Reliever or whatever your Dr. recommend). Other than that, simply eat soft foods for a while and you'll be good before you know it.

hey i got them on a month ago, for me it took three days that were really bad, and then they started getting better and were better in a week. you cant get them to stop hurting because they are moving your teeth a ton right now, and the sores... well wax helps a bit just pile it on and if not stick gum on your braces were they are hurting the most it will help while the gum is on, but your mouth will eventualy get used to the braces and get tougher. Eat ice cream, smoothies, soup, yogart, milkshakes, poplsicles, and stuff like that it feels good. Dont worry in a few days it wont bother you as much and soon you wont even realise they are on. OH and also if you go to the dentist or pharmasist you may be able to buy oro- x mouth wash it works amazing it numbs ur gums where they are bleeding or sore and if you ever have a sore throat it works on that too.

You will get used to them, and soon you'll be eating. I would think in a day or two. Everyone is different.

Go see your orthodontist about the sores. He should be able to make adjustments so that your braces don't cause these sores. Make an appointment right away. Most Orthodontists will take you immediately if you are uncomfortable. You shouldn't have to live with that type of pain.

The pain from the straightening of the teeth is temporary and after awhile you'll be fine.

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