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 Chest pain normal?
Occassionally I get really sudden spots of I guess I wouldn't necessarily call them pain but it feels kind of unpleasant in my chest area, usually around my heart area...they always go away ...

 Ugghh, my throat is KILLING me. What will help!?
I have the worst sore throat I've ever had, and I've had strep throat many times in my life.. I just was at the doctor's last night and was strep negative, my doctor said it's ...

 I found some pills my husband was takeing help me to know what they are?
oen is white and round marked 74 on one side and 93 on the other. the other one is a very light orange marked 563 one side and pliva on the other. help me to know what it is that he is taking?...

 OMG my neck help me please?
im in so much pain and all my chiropractor's are closed and my neck is so messed up what do i do i cant even turn my head and it hurt to lay down or i would have just gone to sleep... HELP ME!<...

 Hey guys, I was thinking about getting my tongue pierced this sunday, and I was wondering if it hurts?

 What is the most physical pain you have ever been in?

 Is suicide painful and if so how long does it last?

 Would u lift a fat person from the floor.if it meant you hurting your back.?

 Daughter conplaining of tummy pains for 2 days but now crying in pain?
my husband has now took her to a&e.im sat here worrying.shes been complaining of tummy pains now for 2 days,but all family has had a tummy bug over last couple of weeks and although we all not ...

 What is the best way to end your life but without pain?

Additional Details
how many paracetomels will i have to ...

 Why can't I eat anything with braces?
Well I have taken advil ibuprofen all that stuff and still can't get it to stop hurting. What can I do elsewise to help with the pain. This is only the 2nd day with them and I hate them. They ...

 Chest ache?
ok so today i went skateboarding and i fell on my back and got the wind knocked out of me, now my chest feels like something is pushing up against it is this ...

 My husband keeps getting bad chest pain that goes down his left arm is anyone familar with this?
Hi I was hoping you can give me some info My husband has been getting bad chest pain that sometimes goes down his left arm and even in his neck it statred about a year ago he would get the odd one ...

 My 13 y/o has terrible menstrual cramps - she cannot take Motrin or any other NSAIDS, any ideas on relief?

 Will I die?
If i took an overdose of 8 paracetamol and 8 ibuprofen on the 20th of july and took 11 paracetamol on the 15th July will i die??...

 Appendicitis??? Answer please.?
What is this?? Answers pleaseeee!!!!?
Im a 16 year old girl. I woke up this morning and the right side of my lower stomach as well as the right side of my lower back hurts. It hurts just like ...

 I fell asleep on the beach; and now I'm wicked burned. :(?
It's everywhere, and it really really hurts. I was out there for ay LEAST 5 hours, I didn't use sunblock, I know, stupid, but aloe isn't helping much. Does anyone have any ideas?

 Sore throat question?
i have a sore throat, i think it might be my sinuses or allergies.
should i try gargling with warm salt water?
hellppp pleaseee!
Additional Details

 When you wake up do you like to turn your pillow over so the cold side touches your face?
or is it just me that has this very strange habit?...

 Why is it so painful ?
what can i do/get to make my periods not as painful, if i take like two advil, it still doesn do anything :S...

future porn star
Whats the worst pain u ever been through?
it can be physical or mental or both

I would say a miscarriage naturally, but I'm going to have to say a laparoscopy for endometriosis. They blow your stomach up with Co2. I am allergic to anesthesia so on top of the pain, I was vomitting for 8 hours for an outpatient surgery. SUPER FUN!

Geri M
Watching my husband hit & killed right in front of me by a drunk driver.

collapsed lung

Robin D
jelly fish sting

Outspoken but Honest
Kidney Stone

this one cramp. i thought my... stomache... would explode. ***** pms. i wish guys got it.

Burt C
Lost of a siblin....and break a bone....

Island Hopper
Physical...multiple surgical procedures on feet...bone pain is the pits.

Emotional...the death of a spouse

broken heart :(

Physical - Car crash :/
Mental/Emotional - Grandfather died

dislocated shoulder

tamil..from vellore
my friend and me sat in the doorstep and watching the passers. once a girl from the bank came with a man to take juice in the adjusant shop. i said this girl is coming with him daily..whether they may lovers or otherwise for which my friend said ''she is no one and my sister''. i suffered mentally for injuring my friend by my unwanted comment.. though he doesn't care.

I was bent over in the fetal position and a stainless wire, while I was awake, was run up my vertebrae from the tail bone to the middle of my back to relieve an infection in the spinal canal. I remember the last scream before passing out, after about thirty minutes.
There was pus all over the end of the wire so I knew it worked. There was no other way to do it at the time.

mental: when people think it is ok to ask y my parents are divorced and how my grandpa died
physical: my back and calf muscle spasms especially the ones in my calfs cause i dance sooo it really hurts when i try to dance then

The pain i suffer with everyday of my life for the past 11 yrs suffering from HS

Mental: Mom passing away. But the last thing I said to her was that I loved her. Healthy one day dead the next.

Physical: Herniated disc in L4 and L5 that causes chronic pain in my hips and both legs constantly.

I learned I have a painful bladder disorder back in March called IC. It can feel like a bad bladder infection and can last for days, weeks or months. At the worst the pain is like acid in the bladder. There have been days I can't get out of bed because just walking (causes urine in the bladder to splash around and hit the irritated bladder walls). It is awful.

Also when I was 13 I had to have fluid drained out from under my knee cap. Picture a LONG needle going into your KNEE! Then you can FEEL the needle as it wiggles under the knee cap. It was HORRIBLE. My mom complained she almost passed out just watching.

Mine was getting my gullbladder taken out!! That was the most agonizing, horrific pain Ive ever personally experienced.

When I had knee surgery. ACL torn and had a replacement put in.

Mental: Watching my mother be literally consumed by cancer
Physical: I broke both my feet in February. OUCH!

Weekly Panic/Anxiety Attacks.
Not the best feelings.
All Physical.

California Sunshine
Surgery On my leg....... Just if you want to know they cut a piece open! OUCH!

tj is cool
broke my wrist, so much pain that I could not sleep the whole night.

Physically - a rushed and botched emergency c-section that i never did heal properly from and now can't carry any more children to term. I'd wanted 2 or 3, yet now I'm limited to the one I had then. That is emotionally painful as well knowing I can't have more children, especially when my daughter (now 5) keeps saying she wants a brother or sister and practically BEGGING me to have another one.

induced labor for childbirth

♥Shortstuff ♥
The pain of losing a child. He was my youngest. (15 y/o)

sehr Dang-Fliege

menstrual cramps and back pain
side pain

Mike F
When my Mom passed away. She was my best friend and I didn't have her to talk to anymore. It was hard for the longest time but time heals all things. I still miss her don't get me wrong but I know she is in a much better place now and free of pain. It would be selfish to want to keep her alive just for my own benefit.

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