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 I smoked last night my throat hurts when i breath and eat and the sides of my neck?
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 My friend's had a pain in the neck ever since he got married, any ideas what could be the cause?

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XOUT, isn't that a condition, usually found in people before marriage?...

What should you do about a really itchy ar$e?
can you sell it on ebay

Jon B
Unfortunately not. You are not allowed to sell human body parts on ebay, so you will have to keep it and scratch it yourself.

Try a wire brush.....available at all good hardware stores! Sounds as if you've got a dose of worms there mate :)

Get some soap and scrub until red and raw...

Bend over and get someone to check you haven't got worms.
If you have go to the doctors and get some worm medicine.

teary chocolate
scratch it

Sheila L
Wash it!

..CONFUCIUS SAY ..........

Man who go to sleep with itchy butt, wake with smelly fingers...

Scratch it and if that don't work let somebody else scratch it.

use cotton under wear, and make sure you give your **** a good clean

Nah!!! just give it a good scratch

Preparation H. or scratch it. Or perhaps go to the nearest library and read a book and stop asking silly questions.


Stuck it in the fridge!

I had this for 17 years and the doctor telling me it was normal.

First make sure you are clean and wash in water only
Two mine was dairy products and once I had not had those it healed and I was getting lots of red bottoms from teh stuff that came out and it was undigested milk fat. So come off diry products for three weeks and see if that is the cause.

Three it may well be worms and if ti is, it is bad at night.

don't scratch but take a piece of cotton wool and gently wipe the area and if it is, there will be some tiny worms on it. Go to a pharmacist and tell them and they will give you soemthing to get rid of them
Four the final cause if haemorroids and if this is so then use Witch Hazel on a piece of cotton wool and wipe your bottom with that after the paper.

A shower held underneath the anus to clean is wise.

Well on a serious note try not to itch it.
You need to wash it with a very mild soap and then pop some soothing cream on it like Savlon. As for the mild soap if you are struggling to find on (maybe Simple or Johnson Baby products) my Mum had my brother use our lady soap like Vagisil. Good luck.

nah just scratch it

louise s
Sounds like you got worms!!

Give it a good scratch!

The Game
sit on a really hot stove... you will soon feel better :)


They make some kind of cream for that, itd be odd to walk in on that though....

try keeping it clean, as for the present moment scratch it!!!

Tell him to keep away from you!

'Deep heat' might be helpful.

Petit Chou
urrrrh....well one thing not to do is scratch it!!! The other obvious thing would be to keep it clean, y'know paper 'stead of fingers.... an after its clean just use a dab of babies petrolium jelly......on the other hand if your talkin about your dogs botty sliding around the carpet.....he needs wormin....funny tho as long as you have a brown carpet!!

Hamza H
no but get up and scratch it .....dude it feels soooooooooo relaxing

sell it on ebay- you could say condition- not scratched.

Take some worming tablets!!

what category would you put it under? waste products or entertainment?

frederic w
Try TCP cream it'll sting like hell for a couple of seconds, the
will soon stop

try keeping it clean

Don't Tickle Elmo
Get a really rough towel and swish your derriere over it

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